The Conscious Composter Certification Course

Learning how to make compost correctly and consciously contribute to saving our planet
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911 students
1hr 52min of on-demand video
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To know how to define what compost is and is not
Know how to build and manage a Compost pile
Will be able to produce safe to use compost
Shall be capable of designing and building a compost toilet
Will be able to compost humanure and just about any other organic matter safely
Learn the benefits of composting correctly
Discover how to build biodiversity and increase the water retention in the soil.


  • No experience needed
  • A desire to Learn
  • Basic understanding of English language
  • A willingness to put your current compost knowledge to one side while you learn


The only composting course you will ever need

No matter where you live on the planet, no matter if you live in a highrise, a town or city or off grid in the middle of nowhere .. Our course will help you start to consciously create compost.

We teach you the basics of building a compost toilet and compost pile and how to make humanure compost.

We teach you the truth about composting and how to compost any organic matter safely too. So cast aside what anyone may have told you and anything you may have learnt before. Here we look at the science and the facts on creating highly nutritious soil, which retains way more water and holds way more carbon from the atmosphere. Enabling you to do your bit to consciously creating a new earth friendly future.

You do not need any prior experience whatsoever. You do however need a desire to learn.

We designed this course especially to suit people who have less data, struggle streaming and downloads. We use clear easy to read slides, minimal downloads and printouts Even having an eco manual which is cheaper to print out and uses less paper than in the coloured digital version. That features a yellow background especially to assist those who may be dyslexic.

There is also an opportunity to get yourself a separate Homa Bay Grassroots Community Certificate when you have completed your course. Homa Bay Grassroots Community Project is all about developing sustainable communities and businesses globally consciously creating a new happier and healthier way of life for you and our planet.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wishes to be more conscious about what they do with their waste
  • Permaculturists, Eco Warriors, Off Gridders, People who live remotely,
  • Anyone with a space for a 1m square compost pile who wants excellent quality compost
  • People who would like to build biodiversity and greatly improve soil water retention
  • Communities who would like to compost together
  • People who want to build a compost toilet
  • Anyone interested in Humanure


Metaphysical Priestess, Medicine Woman & Earthkeeper
Rev. Em McGowan B.Msc
  • 3.6 Instructor Rating
  • 17 Reviews
  • 911 Students
  • 1 Course

I turned my life around and I believe you can consciously create yourself a new life too.

Metaphysical Minister, Medicine Woman & Earthkeeper, Rev Em, aka Mama Bear and shares her healing, love of life, adventures and inspiration with all at Ahimsa Permaculture Project.

Deeply passionate about holistic healing, humanure compost, and living close to nature Rev. Em is a Minister of Metaphysical Science who practices medicines which unite the mind, body and soul through alternative practices.

Em can help you turn your life around through The Peace Of I Coaching, empowering you to heal holistically through the integration of Mama Bear Medicine - talking therapies, ecotherapy's, mindfulness and energy medicine.

Mama Bear received the Shamanic Earth Keepers Rite in 2018 and has taken a vow to live closely to and protect the Earth, Pachamama. Living completely off grid in a forest in Central Portugal where she teaches;

* How To Heal Through Nature; tuning into your true you.

* How to live sustainably, including Humanure Composting and Permaculture

* How to Live A Mindfully Creative Life

Dear Reader,

Here is my story;

I have studied the Law Of Attraction for 12 years as part of a self healing process. Using the tools of positivity and manifestation I healed my health, wealth and wellbeing.

I went from a life of debt, pain and suffering to living a life of abundance. I now live the life of my dreams, living a low impact lifestyle, with my beautiful partner and best friend, on our own land, a Permaculture Project, surrounded by our animals which is something I manifested a few years ago.

It has been my life goal to help others help themselves. A few years ago I created a hub on Self Help By The Spoonful to begin doing just that!

I believe that everyone has the power and ability to change, to turn their life around and return to their natural state of peace and happiness where they can live their dreams.

When Reiki came into my life, I was trying to recover from a stroke. I had just lost my dream job and was physically and mentally in a bad way, I also lost my sight not long after the stroke. Reiki helped me to heal myself.

In 3 years, I have healed my mind, my body and reignited my spirit using a combination of techniques I had studied. I can now see, read, write and draw. I can walk. I can run. I can drive.

I wanted to teach others the tools I had discovered to help them heal themselves.

I studied so many things, Aromatherapy, Assertiveness, Body Language, Body Scans, CBT, Coaching, Conflict Management, Crystals, EFT, Ho'oponopono, Innsaei,  Law Of Attraction, Meditation, Mindfulness, Neurochemistry,  Reiki, Religion, Sacred Freedom Protocol, Service To Others, Shamanism, Spirituality, Visualisation, Yoga, to name a few.

I have many other qualifications and had so much more training which empowered me to self-heal. We humans are so powerful. We hold the key to creating the life we deserve.

It would be an honour for me to join you and support you in your healing journey, as Ram Dass says " we are all just walking one another home"

Much love

Mama Bear

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