Strategies for Marketing Successfully in Social Media
4.4 (11 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Strategies for Marketing Successfully in Social Media

Insights social media strategies for the Busy Small Business Owner to Accelerate YOUR Social Capital
4.4 (11 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
130 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • What is an online marketing strategy, and how to measure if it’s working for you
  • How building social capital will build your bottom line
  • The #1 secret to getting potential customers to know, like, and trust your brand
  • The power and balance of influence and engagement as a strategy
  • Content, content, content! Insights to creating content and repurposing what you ALREADY have
  • The blunders of others and why you don’t want to BE that person
  • What to do, if you can only do one thing
  • How sales and marketing fit into social media
  • And much more!
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Have you been told "social media marketing strategies" is what you MUST do if you want your small business to grow? Are you frustrated with every tip and trick out there and nothing seems to work?

Here is the deal: Marketing has NOTHING to do with social media. Social media is a great place to implement a marketing strategy, if you choose. So learning a marketing strategy, a strategy that brings:

·  leads,

·  referrals,

·  visibility,

·  press

·  and customers

to YOUR business is the key. A strategy you can use anywhere, at any time, based on the platforms (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more) you like or better yet, where you target market shows up.

You don’t have to do everything to be effective in social media, you just need the right social media strategies to attract the right people, engage them, in less time.

We can show you how.

Ann M. Evanston, MA created this Social Media Training program in 2007, and has been named a top marketing consultant by and written up in The Huffington Post for her effective marketing in social media and the results it gets her clients. Now you have access.

Lisa Ann Landry MSM,  is a small business owner, international trainer, facilitator and coach. As an early student of this program, she saw the results for her own business and over the years has taught hundreds of businesses the “SNCC Way” social media marketing system with high praise. Her insights to utilizing the program take it to a new level. And we bring that together - here.

This social media training program is less about how to tweet or build a page or profile, it is more about what marketing strategy will work for your business online. It is about how to create the best compelling content (let’s face it, if you want to be online you need “content”!) that makes people want to be a part of YOUR brand.

That will drive business results!

In this Social Media Training course you will learn social media marketing strategies for small business; also (see course objective to the right):

Who this course is for:
  • small business owners, solo-preneurs, MLN marketers, and non-profits, people with little time needing strategy
Course content
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+ Welcome to SNCC - Our History in Marketing
2 lectures 07:20
SNCC, known lovingly by hundreds of users and fans in countries all over the world, as "The SNCC Way" was founded as an online coaching and training program in October 2008, by Ann M. Evanston, Warrior-Preneur. It has been written up in BizTechday, The Huffington Post, and Named Ann one of the Top Marketing Consultants in 2011.
Preview 03:50

Learn about the co-creator of The SNCC Way - Strategies Networking Customers Capital and meet international trainer and facilitator  Lisa Ann Landry. Gain tips for successfully starting and completing the program.

Preview 03:30
+ Getting Clarity on YOU
1 lecture 01:20
You may be tempted to skip this section, when we coach clients on their struggle for CONTENT, we start here. EVERYTHING builds toward a story and content strategy. Besides, all great leaders of businesses review these questions regularly!
Preview 01:20
+ Understanding Social Media on a STRATEGIC Level
3 lectures 14:36
Get Clients Now  by CJ Hayden, is a book every entrepreneur should read if they are serious about success in their business! This is a blog I wrote to supplement the video about the subject. Please feel free to come over to my facebook page and ask about the BIG THREE ;) 
Preview 04:37

In order to know how well your doing requires that you measure your progress and monitor the conversation taking place about you, your brand, products and services. Learn to use tools such as Google Alerts and Social Mention. Make sure and printout the handout to start tracking your results.

Measuring Success in Your Marketing
Learn the value and importance of creating a content strategy and using an editorial calendar for scheduling social media content. Learn how to build from the foundation of your social media activity the blog and feed from it into all other social platforms which in turn feed back to the blog. The SNCC Way has a very nice editorial calendar tool in Microsoft Excel format that would be great to get started with. Feel free to customize it and tweak it to meet your specific needs. Cool Gift!

The SNCC Strategy for Success
+ Social Media, Social Marketing and Social Networking
5 lectures 22:28
Sometimes we are so caught up in $$CAPITAL$$ we forget about our SOCIAL Capital strategy. This concept is very similar to what  Dr. Stephen Covey describes as the   emotional bank account but we apply it to social networking. This video gives you powerful questions to think about when you get online.
Want to Build SOCIAL Capital?
Had you noticed that just as countries have unique cultures so do social networking sites?  It makes sense give the massive demographics of each of the major platforms. Then there is the unique language and cultural norms of various countries. Guess what? The unique language and cultural norms also holds true on the social networking sites. This lecture explores social networking sites and culture to enhance your ability to build a social business network.     
Want to Build a SOCIAL Business Network?
Get raving fans, press, increase your presence these are just a few goals that can be achieved with social media. Explore how to accomplish these goals and more by understanding why the foundation of your social media marketing is your blog. Learn about education based marketing and little pink spoons and what they have to do with your blog and the other social sites.
Want to Build a SOCIAL Marketing Strategy?
Please download the handout and assess yourself on how well you do every statement. Give yourself:
  • a STAR if you do it extremely well;
  • a CHECK MARK if you are good, but could be better;
  • a MINUS if you don't do, or rarely if ever do.

Then, listen to the audio to learn some insights into building influence strategy (which is coming in the next section)

About YOUR Networking Ability

Section 4 Summary Social Media, Social Networking and Social Marketing

Section 4 Summary Social Media, Social Networking and Social Marketing
+ Build an Influential Voice Online
9 lectures 39:12

Influence is how you CALL your tribe! This is the key strategy of SNCC! Get Ann's book, The Influence Factor on Amazon, and take her course on "The Vision of Your Most Influential Self" here on Udemy.

What is Influence and Why do You Need it?

Engagement is taking the time to comment, like, and retweet other people’s thoughts, ideas, tips and stories, without inserting ANYTHING about what you do.

The SNCC Way strategy consists of 70% engagement and 30% influence. That means of 10 posts a day, seven are engaging in the stream, 3 are Education Based Marketing, Little Pink Spoons and links to your blog. Engagement builds influence, not the other way around. Spend time engaging others, then as we build and practice your influence strategy, you will have a real impact on others because your engagement facilitated relationship building and important emotional  deposits for building social capital.

What is engagement and why does it matter?

This is critical to determine where you may participate strategically online - it makes more sense to spend your valuable time WHERE your market is versus "spray and pray". Your Target Market ONLINE is what is important here, that could mean that what you are taught about potential customers might not be the right answer for online strategy.

Remember too- when your voice is clear it helps with the ultimate goal of creating raving fans, referral sources, press, SEO, visibility, credibility and CUSTOMERS! THE SNCC WAY GOAL!

You cannot attract everyone- you only confuse them. Your voice will not be strong and clear online. You will BLEND into the chatter versus STAND OUT. When you write a blog for instance, writing something for gay families one week and conservative rural families the next, just won't work! A gay family will pick you because you get them. They will refer their friends to you- you will be THE resource.

Sometimes being a referral source makes us even more valuable. To be able to say to the wrong customer, I don't know much about your needs in a rural community, but I know the expert who can help! WOW!

The handout gives you a sense of the questions Ann uses when working with customers to help them build a unique brand voice and message to a target market. Take time and answer the questions and increase your clarity about who your brand serves.
Who is your Target Market Anyway?

To effectively engage your online target market you must determine which social sites they use. Its imperative to determine because if you play in places where they are not, it doesn't do you much good – you’ll never reach them. Remember from the previous lecture that your target market ONLINE is what’s critical here, and what you’re taught in traditional marketing about reaching potential customers might not be the right answer for an online strategy. Explore the platforms where your target market is and learn how to start applying the 30X2 model.

Creating an Online BRAND Presence in 30x2
2 pages

This section focuses on creating influence with education based marketing. You may be thinking this is the section that covers how to sell but you’ve learned from the earlier lectures that you don’t want to be the pushy sales person. Remember nobody wants to be sold to - everyone want to choose to buy. The SNCC Way sales strategy is about understanding what educates people to the degree they want to buy from you versus anybody else.

We want you to avoid sales or push marketing and instead use education based marketing because if you become the pushy sales person you irritate your friends and fans causing them to lose interest and ultimately they walk away. Now you lose. The goal here is figuring out how to educate people and attract them to your content so they think Wow! This person is connecting with and talking to me. I need to know more, they get me, they get what it is I’m up against.

When writing your education based marketing themes think about how to take something that will educate people about your expertise or business and at the same time demonstrate that you get them. That’s the key of education based marketing avoid becoming one long winded sales pitch because you will lose people quickly on social media by taking that approach.

Creating Influence through Education Based Marketing

In this section you will learn where to find content and how to use it to generate education based marketing themes. This lecture also offers an excellent example of how to repurpose potentially boring content to content that engages social audiences. Observe how to apply brainstorming techniques with Concept Draw Mindmap to generate content.

Education Based Marketing Themes - Getting Down to the Nitty gritty
Education based marketing  themes and little pink spoons are the keys to achieving your social media GOALS. They are also the secret sauce for getting it all done in 30x2! Your THEMES keep you focused on marketing your business and they stimulate your thinking when you are stuck for what social media content to write about. This lecture puts it all together.
EBM & LPS Putting it All Together
Download the handout to do the activity. This seems obvious, yet it is a very important section if you want success using social media marketing. The one thing that will hold you YOU. Not the system, not the time, you and how you think and feel about it. This video is Ann Evanston teaching about this is a live presentation, in addition you will hear some great MINDSETS about how you show up online.

Section 5 Summary Build an Influential Voice Online

Section 5 Summary Build an Influential Voice Online
+ Developing a BRAND THAT others Want to be a Part
6 lectures 28:57

Many small business owners and solo-preneurs do not think about HOW they show up online. Ultimately, the social space is 3 dimensional- energy is felt and transferred. You have read others posts and felt it's energy, so just as you energetically connected with the content - remember you want people to energetically connect with your brand too.  Ultimately, their ability to connect starts with you, and the personality you want your company to have.

Building Brand Connection
"There are a million people who do what you do, only you makes it truly unique" ~Ann Evanston This activity and handout will help enhance your ability to uniquely standing out online. We have an advantage as small business owners that most big businesses don't (or maybe they just don't take advantage of, Southwest Airlines is an example of utilizing the PEOPLE who work for them to build brand identity) In addition, I did this live- watch the video after doing the audio assignment, if will give you additional insights about your BRAND Identity online!
Who am I?
YOU create your brand personality and energy! This is how you set yourself apart from the MILLION others that do what you do! Take time to think about and plan the answers to these questions:
  1. What stories can I tell to connect with and draw my tribe?
  2. How will I bring ME and my values online?
  3. What makes me memorable so others want to be a part of what I offer?
  4. How will you share YOU?
When Ann works with clients on building their biggest bestest business MoJo this is key to taking your business to the next level.

  • If you didn't work on the Brand Connection handout, go back!
  • In addition, ALL stories can typically be tied into what you sell, which makes a GREAT blogging strategy!

Here is the Cala Lily Blog
Understanding it's YOU

This is really important-people are too casual about it and from a business and sales strategy it matters! Rather than assume you know, take a listen!

Remember, just rushing through the training isn't the goal, it's implementing the techniques into your Social Media Strategy.

(This is not about biz pages on Facebook, or company pages on LinkedIn, logos are good there).

What did you learn about your avatars? Make sure they energetically represent you.
Avatars and Names for Social Capital

At The SNCC Way we want you to understand the importance of what attracts people to your work. As you build online credibility - what you are about is more important than anything. At The SNCC Way we teach using Law of Attraction techniques so that people are attracted to you and don’t want to strike you out as they might in an elevator pitch. The Pull Statement is designed to attract others to want more! Learn how to create and where to use pull statements.

Attraction Marketing Strategically Placed

Section 6 Summary Developing Brand Connection

Section 6 Summary Developing Brand Connection
+ Learning from the Mistakes of Others
5 lectures 08:32
If you've been involved in social media for awhile it is highly likely that you've experienced something REGULARLY that you just hate? What are some of those things? Does your list of turn off include getting spammed, or auto-magically subscribed to a newsletter. That's not the worst of it there are more take a look at the video.
What People Compain that they HATE Most
Interesting Private Message on Facebook....
Don't Just Jump and Buy that URL!
Would you feel Attracted to THIS?
Confusion Says: You LOSE Business This Way
1 page
+ Personal Privacy/Legal Awareness
2 lectures 02:55

Have you thought about how you will show up and be real online? I mean what boundaries have you set for your online conversations? Have you decided the boundaries you will set for yourself in terms of what you are willing to share on the social sites? Planning for what you will and won’t discuss online are important questions to answer before getting out there and  posting potentially damaging content both personally or professionally. I mean content that could impact your safety, career, and business in negative ways. A well thought out consideration of the topics you will avoid will ensure you make smart choices online.

Making Smart Choices Online

If you are going to participate on the social sites you should know that each site has its own terms of service and rules relative to the activities you do on the platform. For instance Facebook rules for contests and sweepstakes say you must run it on a Canvas Page or a Page App. You cannot run the promotion on your timeline or profile page.

Another example is per the Twitter Rules, "get followers fast" applications and services are not allowed. Surrendering your username and password to them, or otherwise grant access to or control of your account to any third party apps that claim to provide such services can cause your account to be excluded from search.

Be aware there are consequence for breaking the rules that could cause you to lose your accounts or suffer fines. So you can see the important of understanding and abiding by the terms of service. It’s one thing to be unaware of the rules and quite another to know the rules yet break them anyway because you feel no one is monitoring. At The SNCC Way, we feel that lacks integrity and wonder if that’s the message you really want to send about your business. See the attachments for terms of service for the major platforms for a quick peak of the rules.

Another consideration for businesses is to create a social media policy for your organization and to make sure to stay in compliance with FTC Guidelines for Endorsements.

Respecting TOS for YOUR Integrity
4 pages
+ Completing the Sales Cycle The SNCC Way
7 lectures 36:54

It's imperative to have a complete and COMPELLING bio that shares enough of your story to ENGAGE, and energetically create a picture of why you do what you do. It also needs to clearly connect to what you sell.

One school of thought says, “Typically, your bio should be written in the third person, using “he/she” instead of “I.” Presenting your bio as if someone else wrote it for you provides a distinction from you and the writer (even if it is understood that it is the same person). The third person also enhances the professionalism and makes people more willing to trust what is being said.” Alyssa Gregory.  For more help on writing your bio here is an excellent resource writing a bio like a pro.  More recent schools of thought argue it’s better to use first person and write your bio like you are telling a story about yourself. Another tip is to keyword optimize your bio and include the hyperlink to your other valuable social sites. Decide what works best for you using the following tips in this lecture.

An often overlooked aspect of the bio page is the notion of including testimonials. Customer testimonials matter for sales especially if you use your testimonials in places where people have fear & anxiety for instance, landing pages, opt-in forms and shopping cart pages. Its key to make sure the testimonial is relevant. For example: 

I have been to about a dozen seminars in my work career. The last one was pretty good as far as information I can actually use in my work. This one I would say 95% of the material, I will be able to use to make me a better secretary and Facebook user. The training was absolutely excellent!

Carolyn Ortiz – Secretary, City of Lake Forest,

Would you agree this is a great testimonial but not so much for advertising Google+ training program? Identify 2-3 people right now who you could ask for a testimonial from. Start now collect testimonials to add to your bio!

Note: Links displayed in slide show can be found in the supplementary materials.

Sources on using Testimonials

·  Ensuring Your Testimonials Comply With the Law

·  Customer Testimonials Gets Results

·  Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising

Your BIO and Testimonials Matter for Sales
5 pages
When you embrace the idea that the strategy we are teaching you makes people want to BUY, versus "when do I SELL" life becomes much easier for you as a small business owner. Keep in mind that EVERYTHING you are doing encourages a buying mindset when you practice the SNCC Way strategy.
BUYology, not Salesology is the Goal
Section 9 Summary Completing the Sales Cycle the SNCC Way
Section 9 Summary Completing the Sales Cycle The SNCC Way
Many small business owners skip this crucial step, in the next lecture you will hear some reason why it's important not to skip this step, more sales being one of them! Another critical mistake I see? "Just signing up" for a newsletter and not strategically thinking through WHY you want it, and HOW aggressively you want it to grow! (I hope you want it BIG!)

A newsletter is imperative to complete the radial. Yes, inbound marketing is great, but if you never capture data LEGALLY based on ICANN and FTC guidelines and rules you have no way to keep in touch on a deeper level. A newsletter will do that.

There are systems called "autoresponders" and they make sure you are in compliance with the law, but they also allow a level of automation, which is critical, in my mind, for success. In the next lecture I will talk about the difference and how to use the newsletter and the autoresponder portion of this tool.

We personally recommend this system because you can GROW your business with the shopping cart options long term. It will integrate with ANY payment gateway, but also makes management of your freebie legal (Did you know that the FTC made it illegal to email an attachment to a list this fall? These kinds of systems make it legal) and at $20 a month for the newsletter portion up to 15,000 it is a steal.
Completing the Radial: Your Newsletter/AutoResponder
Completing the SNCC Radial without a blogging strategy will dramatically slow down your sales success. So will NOT having a newsletter. Yes, this takes some time initially, but it will pay off. If you haven't heard any of the coaches' stories about how social media has saved them financially, ask them, including our founder, Ann.

Your newsletter strategy is the cornerstone of sales success using social media. If you plan correctly, those optins to your list are one step closer to becoming a customer!
Using the Newsletter to Increase Sales

Sales landing pages, a beast of burden! BUT about 50% of the buying population needs MORE INFO (Ann teaches this in her Warrior Codes for Sales) to buy from you. And that number is even higher if they are not already familiar with what you offer.

Several years ago I REFUSED to use them, but my online sales have increased 60% using sales landing pages for my products and services. Now, the CopyBlogger extraordinaire has created a program that works with your WordPress site, maximizes SEO, and makes the buttons and graphics EASY! In addition is all plug into your wordpress site, AND has a membership component. I use this program all the time now for my marketing and opt-ins because the forms are easy to use:

Premise for WordPress
Advanced Strategy: Sales Pages and Membership
In this lecture learn about time management through the use of aggregators and explore some of the most popular social media dashboards. Have you wondered how often you should post content to the platforms? That is addressed in this lecture too.
The Pros and Cons of Integration Tools
+ Next Steps for Success
1 lecture 07:33

Are you there yet? If not here is your 30 day plan in order of priority. If you have questions on strategy, your voice, influence and engagement, the 30x2 model, LPS, EBMs, newsletters, integration tools, or the sales radial, revisit the appropriate section in Strategies for Marketing Successfully in Social Media program on  This program is based on the 10 week Social Networking Coaching Club. Look for our other social media programs based on our popular Social Networking Coaching Club which are soon coming on Udemy. They will introduce you to the social media platforms mentioned throughout this program and guide you with incorporating the strategies you learned here. The best way for you to stay informed about our offerings is to sign up for our newsletter. For those of you who wan’t some coaching, hand holding or one-on-one time, we are also available for consulting and coaching feel free to contact Lisa Ann Landry or Ann Evanston.

In this final section review what a social media strategy can do for your business. If the vision of your social media success is not yet a reality use the step by step guide in the 30 day plan for success.
Where do we go from here