Guided Meditation For Falling And Drifting Into Sleep

Plus! Learn how to improve your sleep quality long term!
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How to improve the quality of sleep
Learn how to relax for sleep
Learn the importance of sleeping well


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Are you having trouble sleeping?

Rolling around in bed for hours?

Been there, done that.

Not fun!

When we lack sleep, it can affect our day, and when we have a bad day, it can affect our sleep! Over time, this cycle can worsen the quality of our waking and sleeping life.

In this course, you will be shown ways to improve the quality of your day, which will help you to improve the quality of your sleep at night.

There will also be a guided meditation that you can download and play at night whilst in bed for you to drift off to sleep to!

The goal of this course is to offer you some advice and easy to use resources so that you can sleep better at night.

Just a note: this is not a course to completely address your sleep problems because that can be quite a big course in itself.

My suggestion is for you to try this course to see if it helps.

If it doesn't, then you can try my guided meditation courses that have been designed to take you deep into your Mind so that you can develop ever greater Self-Knowing and Stillness, which will help you to discover the deeper causes of your inability to sleep.

An easy course for people of all ages!


"Short and sweet. A super good course that will help you get to sleep and sleep well. The multitude of free courses by Mr Liu appear to form a unified passage to a better life. Thank you for those, and I will certainly be getting your paid courses too." - Don Stilwell

"Very good job i slept completly with your interesting advice thank you coach i definitely appreciated your training ! sincerly..". -E Dubernard


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-Sleep Journey Loop 1 (End of track) by Mark Purpose @ Fivver

Who this course is for:

  • People with sleeping problems
  • People who are tired throughout the day
  • People who have insomnia


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Jonny John Liu
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Jonny John Liu is the founder of CreationWithinCreation - a website where he teaches people how to address their Sufferings - Fears - Negativities - everything to do with addressing Unhappiness to create greater Happiness. There you will be able to find all of his written work and techniques.

Jonny has an unique way of teaching. Instead of feeding his students truth, he also instructs them to validate the truth from experience. Thus with all information in which he gives he provides the students a Path to actually experience it for themselves, because it is only through this way that one can achieve inner transformation at the deepest level.