Skill 2 Chill: Essentials of Stress Management

Learn and practise the key self-regulation skills that will help you manage stress effectively and build resilience
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2,922 students
Learn to recognise your own early signs of stress.
Be able to employ self-regulation skills to help minimise a stress response.
Learn a range of techniques to help achieve a relaxation response.


  • The course is open to everyone.


Self-regulations skills are key to our performance (at work, in sports, at school etc.) and our overall wellbeing. Do not leave it to future self to deal with stress once it becomes overwhelming. Be proactive and build the skills that will help you notice and regulate your body's and mind's stress response.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone wanting to enhance their wellbeing and performance.

Course content

3 sections6 lectures38m total length
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Performance Psychology Consultant & Mental Skills Trainer
Rita Dekšnytė
  • 4.3 Instructor Rating
  • 115 Reviews
  • 2,922 Students
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Rita has been working as Performance Consultant and Mental Skills Trainer since 2013, providing consulting and training to individuals and groups in sports, school and business settings. Rita's focus is on clients’ personal growth with a view to improving abilities to successfully cope with everyday challenges. She sees mental skills as any other skills that need to be learnt and practised regularly and emphasises the transferability of these skills into different life situations. Rita’s definition of success is a journey towards excellence and striving to fulfil personal or team goals with commitment and integrity.