Service Cloud Exam: Contact Center Industry Knowledge

A course to prepare for the Industry Knowledge section of the Service Cloud Consultant Certification Exam
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Pass the Industry Knowledge section of the Service Cloud Consultant exam
Discuss key topics related to customer service and support operations


  • No software is required for this course. It is purely focused on contact center industry concepts.
  • It will help if you have some familiarity with Salesforce, but it is not required.


Service Cloud Consultant Certification is one of the trickiest Salesforce certifications to complete. The exam includes questions on Contact Center Industry Knowledge, for which there is no help or training provided by Salesforce!  This course solves that problem.

This 30 minute mini-course dives into the concepts you need to understand to ace the Industry Knowledge section of the Service Cloud Certification, by explaining the key concepts of Contact Center operations and technology.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Explain the factors that influence key contact center metrics, KPIs, and business challenges.
  2. Explain the uses cases, costs and benefits for different interaction channels.
  3. Identify challenges and considerations for business continuity in the contact center.
  4. Compare and contrast the different types of contact centers and their business drivers.
  5. Identify the core tenets of KCS.
  6. Describe how various components of a contact center can solve different business challenges.

This course includes a combination of video lectures and realistic practice exam questions specific to Contact Center Industry Knowledge, to test your understanding and shore up any weak areas.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for certified Salesforce Administrators who are preparing to take the Service Cloud Consultant Exam. No prior knowledge of contact centers is required.
  • This course can also be useful to anyone interested in contact center operations.

Course content

3 sections12 lectures44m total length
  • Introduction
  • Key contact center metrics, KPIs, and business challenges
  • Activity: Test what you learned about metrics, KPIs and business challenges
    3 questions
  • Interaction channels
  • Activity: Test your knowledge of Interaction Channels
    2 questions
  • Business continuity in the contact center
  • Activity: Confirm your understanding of Business Continuity
    1 question
  • Different types of contact centers
  • Activity: Test what you remember about contact center types
    3 questions
  • Core tenets of KCS
  • Activity: What did you learn about KCS?
    1 question
  • Components of a contact center
  • Activity: Test your knowledge of Contact Center Components
    3 questions


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Bobby Buntin
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I am a Customer Service Operations consultant with more than 14 years experience implementing CRM and contact center software with one of the largest consulting firms in the world. I am an expert in Salesforce, ServiceMax, and Knowledge Centered Support.

I have architected and implemented some of the most complex Salesforce implementations globally for companies in the Fortune 50.

I have guided more than 9,000 students through Salesforce certifications, and I have trained thousands of end users on Salesforce.

I hold the following certifications: Salesforce Administrator, Service Cloud Consultant, Sales Cloud Consultant, Platform Developer, Platform App Builder, ServiceMax Consultant and KCS Practices Consultant.

As a strategic Salesforce consulting partner, for several years I helped to write and review new questions for Salesforce certification exams.

In 2015, I founded Learn SFDC, a Salesforce training and consulting company.  I provide in-person training for consulting firms and Salesforce support teams.  I still do some occasional implementation work as well.  Gotta keep my skills sharp!