Secret Reveals: Create Big Business Through Small Talk

How to manage any small talk, form authentic connection and get others to want to help you!
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Learn what are the 4 words that can get people to want to help you!
Discover how to create an immediate Bond with anyone!
Find out how to leave a memorable and positive impression


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Hi there,

If you feel awkward talking to new people - you are in a good company...

Many people, among them startups and business owners, are not sure how to turn a stranger into a supportive acquaintance that can help their business goals.

The key to that is small talk.

In this course I will show you how to structure and manage any talk towards forming authentic connections with almost anybody.

You will learn how to build authentic relationships with people that can be significant to your success and goals achievement.

Whether you are a startup or business owner, salesperson, or corporate employee- small talk is the way to start forming a connection with people, build likability, trust and not far after - sale, investment, advice, support, and anything you need.

That being said, small talk is only the beginning- but it's important to do it right!

This course will guide you to structure your small talk well, manage it and ensure to build connection, rapport, trust and even enjoy while doing so.

Effective Small Talk is divided to 3 parts:

1. Introduction - the time to create good first impression and be likable!

2- Connection - the body of each talk gives us many opportunities to act in a way that will form real connection between us. This is where the real magic happen and I can't wait for you to watch this part!

3- Continuity - After the chit chat you need to have a reason to contact again, this last part will teach you how to do it right.

Ready? Let's start!

P.S.- Feel free to contact me through this course Q&A section!

Dedicated to your success,

Lirone Glikman

Global business development consultant & Business Relationship STrategist

Who this course is for:

  • Entrepreneurs, start-up founders
  • Business owners
  • Career oriented people
  • Sales / marketing teams


Business Relationships Strategist
Lirone Glikman
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It's All About People....

        Hi, I'm Lirone Glikman, a business relationship strategist, and a global business development expert.

        I combined my passion for people, marketing and travelling to one exciting business where I get to guide business owners, entrepreneurs, start-up founders and career-oriented people around the world to achieve their goals through business development strategies, with strong emphasis on relationship building and improvement of their communication skills. 

    My teaching is based on the my method I have developed, which I was fortunate to spread to thousands of people in over 12 countries to date.

    In my talks, workshops and writings, I provide practical tools and techniques that include
- creating relationships face-to-face and online
- managing and maintaining relationships
- improving interpersonal skills
- personal branding
- personal brand management
- networking strategy, and more...
with dedication to your success and a big smile! 

        I share my networking knowledge and philosophy based on 20 years of global experience in marketing, productions, sales and PR for leading bodies in the USA, Australia and Israel. In addition I co-founded a networking group in Tel Aviv, Israel and took active part in different networking communities.
   Among my clients are: Microsoft, Google, Cornell University, eBay, Frankfurt Accelerator, Tel Aviv University and am an honorary adviser at an external UN committee on Sustainable Development.

    I look forward to seeing you "in class" and feel free to drop me a line at any point in time!

Dedicated to your success,

    Lirone  Glikman

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