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Tools to empower Christian girls 14-20 to make wise decisions in the "BIG 6" life categories!
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student will learn that true success is measured differently by God than by man
student will understand that her identity and worth come from God
student will discover her talents, spiritual gifts and passions and craft a life-purpose statement
student will learn the top 15 tips of successful people and how to apply them for immediate results
student will understand the purpose of relationships and how to discern and be ready for a Godly one
student will plan, carry out and review a one-day service project in her community


  • access to a printer for the supplementary material
  • access to a phone for some interview exercises and the service project


Welcome to Rock Your Life!

What topics does the course cover, exactly?

Here are the sections we'll cover and their corresponding descriptions.

I. What is Success?

We'll explore success as the world sees it and compare and contrast to the Bible's version in order to learn a better method of self-measurement.

II. Who are you?

Section two explores the stuff that makes you, YOU. We'll look at our world view, character traits, self-worth and get the answer to why girls especially are on Satan's hit list.

III. Where are you going?

Alright, section three is all about YOU! We'll take the time to talk about your purpose in life, take inventory of your unique gifts, skills and interests and learn how to turn those things into a purpose statement and Godly goals that will guide your life choices! God's will for your life gets easier to define in this session!

IV. How do you get there?

Did you know that there are success principles that will ALWAYS WORK when you use them? Totally true– and I'm going to teach you my favorite 15 success tips to get you well on your way to achieving the life of adventure that God has planned for you.

V. What about Relationships?

There is no way I could have a class for young women and NOT talk about romantic relationships, so we'll answer questions about the purpose of relationships, the curse of Genesis 3, brain chemistry, how to break up well, what to do with guilt, and much more in this section.

VI. Why service makes a difference! 

Many young women get signed up for service projects like singing in nursing homes or collecting canned food but they never see how it connects to the life of Christ, or how it can benefit them. In the course I line it all up and give them a template to complete their own projects!

What benefits can I expect from “Rock Your Life"?

1. Confidence–there is an incredible confidence and attractiveness that comes when you learn about who God made you to be.

2. Better understanding of God's will for your life–we'll look deeply into your particular spiritual gifts, talents and passions and combine them with time tested success principles to map out your life purpose.

3. Money–no, it won't fall from the sky, but I have never known a college that didn't offer some form of scholarship to a young person involved in exceptional service. Since you'll have initiated your own project (don't worry, there is a step-by-step guide) you'll be in the running for these types of scholarships.

4. Great resumé builders–when you apply for a job, employers are looking at character and experience, and of those two character is infinitely more important. When you are able to put this course on your resume and list your service project as “volunteer work" you're gonna look like a great potential employee!

5. A support system–"A life of excellence is never built alone"–Me. Yep, I just quoted myself. Its true though! One of the benefits of “Rock Your Life" is that you're going to connect with excellent young women in other parts of the world. You'll be able to support and encourage and pray for each other long after you graduate the course.

6. A job or grad school reference–It would be a great pleasure to write you a letter of recommendation! I don't want to intimidate you, but I'll definitely be keeping track of your classwork. If you do excellent work, you can BANK on me writing a great letter on your behalf.

What are the details?

You can work on the course at your own pace, but it is designed to take about 6 weeks, plus a special project. There is a downloadable workbook for each section of the course with daily activities ranging from journaling, to listening and summarizing a song, to Bible Study, to craft projects.

Rock Your Life is designed with mostly video segment introductions, personal reactions and hands-on exercises. There will also be some live sessions and there is a DIY service project requirement.

Will I have anything to show for my hard work?

Of course! Upon completion of the program you'll be sent a well-designed certificate of completion!

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Who this course is for:

  • girls 14-20ish with a desire to live their most successful life possible
  • Scholarships available! Apply at http://greaterthanrubies.org/contact-us/rock-your-life-scholarship-application-form/


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   Amie spent her public high school years in central Arkansas where her parents live. After getting a degree in Corporate Communication she dabbled in sales jobs and as the director of a small town chamber of commerce.  After attending ARISE Bible school in Australia, Amie decided she wanted to be on the front lines of ministry. She now answers faith based questions with her tiny YouTube channel, Ask A Christian, and loves to speak at conferences. She digs picking garden produce with her husband Brian and baby daughter, Shiloh, and eating Brian's cooking.

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