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Students will learn how to share foot massage to reduce stress, tension, and to promote warm caring relationships with their loved ones.


  • Students simply need space, time, a few items for massage and a loved one to share foot massage with.


Over the past year stress and tension have become endemic. Helplessness, worry, anxiety and fear play a huge part in the experience of stress and tension, so too feelings of frustration, irritation, anger, and possibly rage can also become an unwanted experience.

Foot massage is one wonderful way in which to help the body begin to relax, this effects the mind emotions, bringing calm and peace. In this state of relaxation we can begin to let go of the causes of tension and begin to see a way in being able to adapt to current matters.

Hi I'm Deborah and I've been a professional massage therapist for the last 2 decades and I've received messages from clients about how to help loved ones to relax and unwind from built up stress and tension. I recorded some videos to show how to share a relaxing massage, taking them through what items they need, some simple foot anatomy and demonstrated how to apply foot massage.

My clients found this a great way to help themselves and their loved one and passed this along to their friends. The feedback was amazing so I got to thinking maybe this could be something to share people far and wide and so I began to create this class, and now it is here, ready to share with you.

In this class I show you how I provide foot massage to my loved ones in easy to follow instructions. I've created a supplementary booklet for you to download to support your goal of sharing relaxation foot massage with your loved ones.

I suggest you watch through the demonstration videos a few times and then you can practice on your loved one, friends and family. They can learn along with you and return the favour so you too can experience great relaxation, peace and calm.

At the end I have shared my personal mantra meditation that I listen to each day and supports a sense of freedom in a time of great restriction.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is a great short course for anyone looking to relieve stress and tension with their loved ones, family and friends.


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