A Better Reflection in Autodesk Softimage

A Study on reflection and how to gain better control of the reflection process for more realism in rendering.
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Learn the basics of Reflection
Learn that the default look is not always good
Learn how to blend reflections to get a life like results
Texture your reflection for increased realism
Gain full control of the reflection process


  • Basic understanding of shading and how it works
  • Basic understanding of blending modes
  • Basic understanding of texture manipulation
  • Autodesk Softiamge 2010 and above


Rendering engines have given us better control of the look we desire in our rendering in recent years, but like any managed software, the default look and options are not always appropriate. This course goes in detail over the reflection process in DCC application and how to tweak the results to get a life like results.

The course will go over how to achieve textured reflections, reflection blending to simulate life like materials like ceramic, porcelain and metal and ultimately have full control of the desired look of your rendering.

The course is only an hour long and requires no assets beside two spheres and a grid.

Happy rendering!

Who this course is for:

  • This course is describing the reflection process in Softimage, but any node based shading software can make use of this, especially Max and Maya artists who use the Architectural Node for their work.


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