Scrivener - Effortlessly Publish To Kindle Using Scrivener!

Let Scrivener do the heavy lifting for you as you publish your books to Kindle.
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Develop a book in Scrivener ready for publication
Compile the book in a Kindle Ready Format
Upload the book to Kindle
Start selling your books on Amazon!


  • Ideally you will have a copy of Scrivener so you can act on what you learn.


Let Scrivener do the heavy lifting for you as you publish your books to Kindle.

In just a few clicks of the mouse you can create a perfectly formatted Kindle book, with automatic clickable table of contents, and bypass the technical headaches that so many self-publishers struggle with every day.

Watch as I import, split, format, compile and publish a book to Kindle, all in under 30 minutes.

The 'Publish Effortlessly To Kindle Using Scrivener' course is a completely newbie friendly guide taken from a webinar I ran introducing people to some of the powerful features and benefits of the Scrivener software.

In the included eBook both this, and another webinar, are also included in full. The content of these popular webinars has been used and adapted for these excellent and useful introductory courses on Udemy.

Using the webinar I occasionally refer to my more complete training guides that are both available here on Udemy, but the content of this free course is still highly valuable and actionable in it's own right. I am sure you will love every minute of this action packed walkthrough of Kindle publishing using Scrivener.

This particular course uses the Windows version of Scrivener, but the content and training is relevant to both the Mac and Windows versions of the software.


Includes Free 52 Page Ebook, 'Get Started With Scrivener'


Written especially for people who are completely new to Scrivener, the Get Started With Scrivener ebook is a fast track eCourse to learn the basics of Scrivener and make it really go to work for you in your writing projects. As a primer to get you over that initial terrifying encounter with Scrivener, you will not find a better read. :)

But this is more than just an ebook. Your purchase includes:

  • Two content rich webinars:

  • 1 HOUR: Get Started With Scrivener - How Scrivener Can Revolutionize Your Writing & Publishing

    30 MINS: Effortlessly Publish To Kindle Using Scrivener - Watch As Import, Split, Format, Compile & Publish a Book To Kindle In Real Time - All In Under 30 Minutes

  • 9 downloadable PDFs

  • The easy-to-read (and watch) course material is pulled from the best selling Scrivener training, 'Learn Scrivener' and 'Scrivener For Windows', and includes carefully selected videos, PDFs and other resources that are guaranteed to help you become familiar with the Scrivener writing environment, and grasp the tremendous benefits of using Scrivener for all of your writing needs.

    David Lee Martin is the developer of premium Scrivener video training course for Mac and Windows, and aims to put the right tools and techniques in people's hands to take their ideas and make them a reality!

    Who this course is for:

    • Anyone interested in the best way to publish books quickly and easily to Amazon Kindle.


    Indie author, self publisher, entrepreneur, husband and dad!
    David Lee Martin
    • 4.5 Instructor Rating
    • 1,900 Reviews
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    David Lee Martin has a proven track record of producing training materials that actually get RESULTS for his students.

    The real power is in the fact that what he teaches, he actually does himself in his own flourishing writing and publishing business. His training works in the trenches of real world business building and content creation.

    But he has not always enjoyed the level of success he enjoys today. David has faced the same frustrations and roadblocks that most writers and entrepreneurs encounter as they forge their way forward. This honesty and transparency is apparent in all of his training products.

    He is a no-fluff teacher with years of experience, who loves helping others move swiftly down their own unique pathway to success.

    David is married to Larna, and they are blessed with four flourishing children. His greatest weakness is good coffee and a tendency to get carried away with his creative ideas!



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