The Basics of Paganism and Witchcraft

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At the end of this course, students will be able to discern the differences and similarities between Witches, Pagans, and Wiccans.
Students will also have aquired knowledge of the basic Quantum Mechanical/Scientific Theory behind casting spells and manifestation.


  • This course is ideal for anyone curious or new to paganism, spell crafting, religious studies, or witchcraft.
  • Please have a dedicated journal/notebook to keep notes in as well as journal entries.


Learn the basic definitions, descriptions, and identifiers and develop a strong foundation to understanding the basics of Paganism, and the science behind Spells and Witchcraft, or "Spellcraft".

Build a strong foundation on which to begin your journey into the path of Paganism and casting spells.
You will discover...

  • How to differentiate between pagans and witches, as well as the similarities between the two
  • Types of Witches and Types of Pagans
  • Why Paganism is considered an Earth Centered Religion
  • How your beliefs and the beliefs of the world tie in to creating and following your own spiritual path

Everyone is doing it, even if they don't know that they are...
Everyone is using their beliefs to shape the world around them. That is one of the most important factors of witchcraft: Your mindset. The power of your mind is always available at no cost to you, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Harnessing it is easy to learn no matter which path you decide to take, and this course has been designed to give you an informed starting point to make making your future spiritual decisions that much easier.

Unlike most other online courses featuring Witchcraft, Spellcraft, or similar subjects, this course is 100% free of indoctrination or initiation of any kind. When you've completed these lectures and quizzes, you will not be a devout Wiccan, nor will you be of any specific pagan pantheon. Instead, you will be prepared and well-informed enough to know what kind of witch or pagan ( or pagan witch) that you would truly like to be.

This course exists only as an essential stepping stone to keep you informed of the facts and lessen your likelihood of being bamboozled by spiritual 'gurus' of most any kind.

The Content is Simple and Expanding
This course is ideal for anyone and everyone that is just beginning their path into paganism, as well as anyone that might be curious to the gist or nature of pagan beliefs. So far, the course covers topics such as...

  • The Power of Belief
    Explaining the current mindset of the majority of society today and how it has impacted the world spiritually.
  • Who is Pagan and Who is a Witch
    To help you discern between the two when need be.
  • The Wheel of the Year
    A crucial part of most every pagan belief system, and...
  • Myths and Groups of Satan
    To help you understand why the devil is almost never a part of pagan beliefs systems.

This course will have additional content added as feedback is gained. Additional content in preparation includes...

  • Exploring Pagan Religions
    Touching the basics and tenants of pagan religions to clarify and expand your knowledge on paganism, and...
  • Exploring Divination Options
    We'll take a look at a multitude of divination practices in order to familiarize you with more options.

Who this course is for:

  • Those looking to discover thier spiritual path
  • Anyone curious about Paganism or Non-Abrahamic Religions
  • Aspiring Witches, Pagans, Wiccans, Mages, Magicians, or Sorcerers
  • Those looking to understand and learn about pagan religions or spell casting
  • Anyone who wants to begin learning about witchcraft or spell-casting


Rashida Blackfeather
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Mage. Priestess. Reiki Master. Hypnotherapist. Officiant. Tarot Reader. Creatrix. Coach. Author. Student. Pagan. Wife. Mother.

I live in beautiful and sunny California, with my wonderful husband and precious little girl. From an early age, I've studied metaphysics and spiritualities of all kinds. Those studies are what led me to my passion for healing, symbolism, occult knowledge, and spiritual exploration.

My services aren't about never being sad, upset, disappointed, or angry. They are about using those emotions to your benefit. I'm not one of those charlatans that is going to promise you things that are purely impossible. I'm not going to waste your time telling you exactly what you want to hear, either. My goal is to show you how to take hold of the power that you already possess. My goal is make YOUR life work for YOU, by providing you with clarity, confidence, and certainty.

I help people reclaim their worth and give them the knowledge and support that need to utilize their own personal version of spirituality and create the lives they desire and deserve.

This is done by transforming spiritual hopefuls into Mages of Manifestation
and Attainment by utilizing hypnotherapy methods and combining them with
coaching as well as ancient and modern metaphysical practices.

It is important to me that people everywhere can reclaim their right to
attainment and satisfaction in life, so I provide them with coaching and
other services to help them move mountains with their 'magick'.

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