Mastering Podcast - Easy Guide To Starting Your Podcast

Learn Podcasting From Someone Who Has Actually Helped Thousands Of Students Worldwide create and monetize their Podcast
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How to start a podcast as beginner
Picking topic/niche
Finding CO-Host
Equipment setup
Cover Art/Jingle/Time
Submitting to iTunes, Spotify, Google tc
Promoting Podcast
Getting More Downloads


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Ever wanted to start a Podcast but was confused with information overload?  In this course, You will go from knowing nothing about podcasting to a master podcaster!

See the issue is,  a lot of people learn podcasting from various "random" sources with contradicting information which leads to people creating a podcast that usually doesn't take them to the next level... & Usually, they end up crafting something that no one wants to listen to.     

This course is different,   We teach you HANDS on Podcasting by not just telling you in theory but also showing you exactly step by step.

In this course,  You will learn Podcasting from one of the world's best podcast consultant.  Satish Gaire has been a podcaster for almost 7 years & has consulted thousands of students worldwide.   His course simple, yet powerful.   He doesn't waste time telling you his life stories, instead,  he will craft YOU into a MASTER podcaster!    Let's start this journey Now!  Enroll Now!

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  • Anyone who wants to start a Podcast

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Satish Gaire
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               Satish Gaire is a CEO of LogicXY Media. LogicXY operates over 22 magazines in United States .Satish has has a bachelors degree in BioChemistry and Computer science.  He is currently pursuing MBA at University of North Texas.
            Before starting his own company, Satish worked for Vonage Corporation for 2 years, which sells VOIP phones for home and business.  He travelled all over United States motivating and training sales associates.    He also worked for T-Mobile USA at Dallas Texas with booth design setup, which was implemented in over 20 malls in Texas.
             Currently, He is a founder of over a dozen of magazine publications around United States, with his most popular being , inDallas Magazine,  Dallas's premium magazine. 

             He is also a savvy Internet Marketer with over  7 years experience..   He has created many innovative products such as:OwlHQ,  VideoAdPlugin, iOS native app builder and dental softwares.