Options Trading for Rookies: How to become an Options Trader

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Real Life Trading
Various Option Strategies - Verticals & Iron Condors
Trading Management Techniques


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Everyone would love to be able to trade and earn money in the stock market, but very few do because they don't know where to start or what to do.

Trading is a skill just like any other.  Nobody knew how to type first time they sat down at a computer, so why would you think you could just open an account and start making money in the stock market?  But people do.

Trading has 3 critical components to it:

1)  Options:  You need to understand how they make money, how they lose money, and exactly what they are

2)  Strategy:  You don't just throw on a trade without having a reason.  Even if you have a reason, do you know what strategy gives you the best chance to make your reason profitable if it actually happens?

3)  Management:  You don't just throw on trades and hope they make money.  You need to learn how to manage your trades to give you the best chance of making money.

Don't get caught unprepared and lose a bunch of money learning.  WATCH THIS COURSE to know what you're up against.  Learn the challenges and the pitfalls of Options trading so you know what to expect.  Once you know this, you can plan methodically, and you will be well on your way to making Options trading a reliable second income for life.

What you’ll learn

  • Real Options trading

  • A complete roadmap for learning Option trading

  • Understand the various topics to master before you can become an Options trading expert

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Yes, a desire to learn to trade options

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in learning to trade Options and create a second income

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone looking to Learn to Trade Options
  • People looking to generate passive income


Option Trader | Founder of "Option Trading for Rookies"
Kal Zurn
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Kal is a successful options trader, founder of "Option Trading for Rookies" and a co-instructor at SharperTrades .com, an online trading education site that teaches effective and profitable trading strategies to over 100,000 students in 167 countries.

In 2013 Tastylive (formerly "Tastytrade"), the largest online financial network in the world, featured Kal as one of its original Rising Stars.  He remains the only "Rising Star" teaching on the Udemy platform.

Kal has spent over 10 years and thousands of hours learning how to trade options successfully, and has distilled all his knowledge down into simple, easy to understand courses that can get anyone with the desire up and trading options in only a few hours of instruction.

Kal is a passionate instructor whose goal is to teach people to "manage their own money" and achieve financial freedom.

You don’t need to be an expert to make money in the stock market. All you need to learn is how to increase your Probability of Profit and Manage your Winners and Kal will teach you that!

Trading | Investing | Business | Finance | 170,000+ students
SharperTrades LLC
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Dedicated to teaching useful, practical, and profitable trading skills.
Featured on Investopedia, Benzinga, WIkiJob, BitDegree

SharperTrades, LLC, is one of the leading schools in online trading education, with over 170,000 students in 192 countries worldwide.

We offer a comprehensive training program based on technical analysis, options trading, crypto trading, and investing strategies.  Our courses are practical, engaging, and easy to follow.

People working at major companies like Nasdaq, Citi, Volkswagen, PayPal, NetApp, Box, Lyft, and Adidas have completed SharperTrades, LLC trainings.

Topics covered in our courses:

1) Technical Analysis – Technical patterns | Volume/price indicators | Intraday volume analysis | Candlestick charts and patterns | Basic, intermediate and advanced technical strategies | Day trading, swing trading and position trading

2) Options Trading – Probability of profit | Basic, intermediate and advanced options strategies | Covered calls | Iron condor | Naked options |Strangles and straddles

3) Crypto Trading - Blockchain technology | Charts reading | Breakout patterns | Real-time trade examples 

4) Investing – Exchange-Traded Funds | Sector rotation | Liquidity cycle | Investment strategies | Sector, Leveraged and Inverse ETFs

5) Risk and Money Management - Diversification | Account and position size | Risk-reward ratio | Stop losses and profit targets | Trading rules

Our goal is to teach you profitable and effective trading strategies that can help you grow your trading account and build a better financial life.

When you take a SharperTrades course, you are choosing to learn from passionate, experienced, and engaging instructors whose mission is to help you become a successful trader.

If your goal is to become a more confident, successful, and profitable trader, SharperTrades courses are the perfect place to start. 

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