Natural Running - Avoid Injuries, Become Efficient, Stay Fit
4.7 (25 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
599 students enrolled

Natural Running - Avoid Injuries, Become Efficient, Stay Fit

Learn how to avoid injuries, become more efficient and fit with Natural Running - the anatomically-correct way to run.
4.7 (25 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
599 students enrolled
Created by Ivan Nikolov
Last updated 2/2016
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What you'll learn
  • 10 Practice Assignments to guide you in your efforts!
  • A runner gets injured once for every 83 hours of running! Learn why and how to avoid!
  • Find out what is the difference between a good and a bad running technique.
  • Learn how to prevent injuries from bad running technique!
  • Learn how to diagnose a bad running technique!
  • Know how to fix a bad running technique.. in no time at all!
  • Set the foundation - proper posture and breathing!
  • Know the correct foot placement on landing - it makes all the difference!
  • Learn the correct movement mechanics of arms and legs!
  • Know the exact frequency of steps that increases efficiency.. and the one that decreases efficiency!
  • Find out how to lower the energy you use. Become more efficient in your running!
  • Learn the difference between Natural and Barefoot running. Yes, there is a difference!
  • Find out why barefoot running is worth trying.
  • Learn how to condition for barefoot running.. if that's what you want to practice!
  • Criteria for the best running shoe! Know how.. and where to look for it!
  • Two legs and a desire to move with speeds faster than walking!
  • Willingness to protect the health of your joints!
  • No previous experience is required! This course is for the beginner and the advanced runner!
  • 30-day full refund - my own personal guarantee!

Today, you can change the way you run from a style that's damaging to your knees and hip joints with every running step you make - literally - to a style that will enable you to practice running for life - injury free!

This style is called Natural Running - and it's based on our anatomical design! Simple as that.

Let me explain..

We humans can move by foot through space in two different ways only - by walking, and by running.

So far so good.. What's the problem?

The problem is this: almost all of us know how to walk correctly, but almost none of us know how to run correctly! I'm serious!

The incorrect running technique - the technique that most runners actually use - is not only inefficient but outright dangerous!

Chances are high that you are one of those people who do NOT know how to run correctly! That's the bad news!

But, there is good news! And, the good news is getting rid of the dangerous unnatural running technique and adopting the anatomically correct running technique requires one amazingly simple change.. and 20-30 steps! That's how many steps you will need to take in order to feel the difference, remember the sensation and learn what you need to do in your next run!

By the way, I don't blame you for possibly being one of these unfortunate runners! I was just like you.

I used to run using a bad and dangerous running technique until about 10 years ago... when things suddenly changed for me (it was a tiny book I read).

And, because of this change I made 10 years ago...

  • I haven't had a single running-related injury at all!
  • I run faster
  • I run better, and
  • I run for longer.. if that's what I want

In this course I will show you the change I made, so you can make the same change yourself!

Every minute you delay learning the Natural Running technique is potentially getting you one step closer to your next running-related injury!

Enroll now!


Hi, I'm Ivan.

I have dedicated my life to studying how the human body works and what makes it work even better. I am a life-long athlete and my athletic endeavors have taught me to easily distinguish between body movements that are good for my health and overall fitness and those that are not. I can easily tell what is outright damaging... I experiment on myself personally - all the time!

In all the years I've been an athlete and in all the sports and movements I've practiced and attempted - some worked, most didn't. From some I suffered injuries, some left me unharmed, some made me better, stronger, faster and healthier.

In this course I am sharing with you the technique of Natural Running - the exact running technique which we all used before civilization took over our lifestyles! And, the exact running technique we (almost) all have conveniently forgotten!

I want to help you go back to what is anatomically the better way for you to run!

Incidentally, this better way will also make you more efficient, and in time - more fit - because you will be able to practice running - as an exercise or sport - for as long as you want to, and not for as long as it takes to get the next knee, hip or lower back injury!

This course is for you regardless of whether you are an absolute beginner or you are a life-long runner! All that is required is two legs, a desire to learn about running and desire to keep the health of your joints!

If you are a beginner - that's great! You will learn what is the right way to run - before you get injured.. And, you will be able to continue injury-free possibly for life - if that's what you want (and I hope that you do want that!).

If you are an advanced runner - you will be able to correct a previous bad running technique in no time! If you have current running-related injuries you will know how to avoid future injuries. You will also find new ways to become better, more efficient in your running - I mean faster while using less energy!

Just like everything in life, this Natural Running course, too, is NOT for everybody!

This course is NOT for you...

  • If you plan to walk all your life and never attempt to run
  • If you are disabled in some way and cannot run

If you don't fall into one of these two categories above then you certainly want to be able to move through space by foot via both ways available to us humans - walking and running.

And, if that's the case you absolutely must use the anatomically proper way of running - Natural Running.

If that's not the case, you may be very close to your first or next running-related injury.. And, not to scare you but one of these might be your last.. And, then you are back to walking only.

So, enroll in this course now!

This knowledge will serve you your entire life and it will forever change the way you move when you run.

The price of this course is a small price to pay for keeping the health of your joints and for becoming a more efficient human animal!

~ Ivan

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who runs - or wants to be able to run - using the safest and anatomically correct form
  • Anyone, young or old, inexperienced or experienced
  • Anyone who wants to quickly improve their running efficiency
  • Anyone who wants to avoid running-related injuries
  • Any runner who wants to achieve better physical fitness through running - Natural Running is for a life-long ability to run!
  • Any runner who wants to adopt the running technique used by our ancestors over the millennia!
Course content
Expand all 52 lectures 02:15:14
+ Who, What and Why!
4 lectures 15:10

Learn why you must absolutely know about Natural Running! I will explain exactly what Natural Running will do for you... The benefits are many!

Preview 04:02

Let me introduce myself! Learn who I am and why you should listen.. carefully.. to what I have to say.

Preview 06:20

I tell you exactly what you will learn. Find out what techniques you can start using immediately!

Preview 03:07
In what ways is Natural Running different than the conventional running technique that almost all runners use today? I list these differences in this very lecture.
Preview 01:41

What are the benefits of Natural Running?

What are the benefits of Natural Running?
1 question
+ Practice Assignments
2 lectures 01:31

A brief explanation about what to expect from your practice assignments.

Preview 01:31

This worksheet is designed to guide you in your practice assignments. Download and print out!

Practice assignments worksheet
5 pages
+ Essential Knowledge and Facts
10 lectures 25:32
Learn what the term "Natural Running" refers to. I give you my personal definition for Natural Running. Find out how I like to run!
Preview 02:35
This lecture picks up where "The top three reasons why runners get injured" lecture left off. It zooms in on the top reason that's the main contributor for the dangerous running technique of most runners today.
Let’s address the real problem - the main reason for a bad running style!

I share with you the main rule for a good running shoe. I also give you all the criteria for a good running shoe - a shoe that emulates barefoot running instead of predisposing the runner to negatively altering his running style.

Criteria for good running shoes
Is the following statement correct about running shoes?
1 question

Assignment #1

Assignment #1

The numbers! This is how bad the situation is and this is why you need to make the change right away!

Disturbing statistics
This is how exactly the most dangerous running technique looks like - so you can recognize it as soon as you see it. And, these are the unfortunate results from it..
Injuries resulting from bad running technique

Find out the top 3 reasons why runners today get injured so often! Learn what other name “natural running” is also popular with.

The top three reasons why runners get injured

Specify at least one reason why runners get injured today?

What is one reason why runners get injured?
1 question
I give you the best and shortest definition for efficiency I've ever heard in my life. Don't ever confuse efficiency with effectiveness any more! I'm also telling how you can become massively more efficient in your running.
What is “efficiency” and what does it mean in Natural Running?

What exactly is movement-specific conditioning? What are some examples of it? I provide the answers in this very lecture! Plus, find out how exactly learning any motor skill really works - the rule!

Movement-specific conditioning & adaptation

Now you have the foundation! You are ready to start working on the Natural Running technique!

+ Natural running: The technique
33 lectures 01:23:43
I can almost guarantee you that what you think running is it is not! I will give you a 3-word definition that will forever change how you perceive this innate for humans complex mechanical movement.
What is running? It is not what you always though it is!
What is running?
1 question
Learn what are the different parts of the mechanical movement, which when assembled together make for what we call the "Natural Running" technique. Each one of these parts is crucially important! The technique suffers tremendously if any of them is not mastered!
Deconstructing the process of Natural Running
Learn why posture is crucially important in Natural Running. Find out what the true standing posture is like - the posture that we initiate the running motion from.
I take you to the running field to demonstrate proper posture.
Posture demo

Assignment #2

Assignment #2
Breathing along with posture form the solid foundation upon which we build the Natural Running technique. There is a type of breathing that can support your running technique and efforts and there is a type that will work against you.

Two great resources that demonstrate the breathing technique used in Natural Running - for practicing at home - step by step.

Breathing technique tutorials

I demonstrate the correct breathing technique.

Breathing demo
Assignment #3
Assignment #3

The arms positioning and movement can add or subtract from the efficiency of the Natural Running technique. In this lecture I cover the correct arms positioning and movement. I also point out the wrong/bad arms positioning and movement styles - the ones you want to avoid.

Arms positioning and movement
In this video lecture I demonstrate the correct arms positioning and movement mechanics.
Arms positioning and movement demo
Assignment #4
Assignment #4
Learn how to apply and take advantage of the rules of Physics instead of using brute force to generate forward movement. This is the core of the philosophy behind the Natural Running technique. Without it you don't do Natural Running - you do something else!
Initiation of running motion
In this video lecture I demonstrate how to initiate the running motion.
Initiation of running motion demo

Assignment #5

Assignment #5
What movement of the body initiates the running motion?
1 question
The foot placement on landing is about the biggest mechanical difference between Natural Running and conventional and dangerous running styles. Once you master this part of the movement you will be steadily on your way toward avoiding running-related injuries!
Landing - proper foot placement

Assignment #6

Assignment #6
About proprioception

Learn the mechanics of the trailing leg pull. Find out where the force for the pulling of the trailing leg should come from in order to increase efficiency.

Trailing leg pull

In this lecture we discuss cadence - a very important concept in the Natural Running technique. The right cadence dramatically increases efficiency and decreases the loss of energy. The wrong cadence does the opposite.

Watch me as I demonstrate the correct for Natural Running frequency of landings - or cadence.
Cadence demo
Assignment #7
Assignment #7
What is the optimal cadence in Natural Running?
2 questions

You can almost immediately correct your running technique using one of these two methods! And, it works every time!

The two quickest ways to fix a bad running technique!
Assignment #8
Assignment #8

There is a right way and wrong way to increase or decrease running speeds... and most runners use the wrong way!

Running speed - how to alter it effortlessly!
Assignment #9
Assignment #9
In this lecture I teach four different ways to diagnose a bad running technique and style. Use them to diagnose bad habits in your running or use them to help diagnose problems in other runners.
Diagnosing deficiencies in the running technique
True barefoot running has its own advantages even over minimal shoe running. Learn what these advantages are. Make an informed decision whether you will use running shoes or will try barefoot running. Know why you've decided what you've decided.
Barefoot running: Why you may want to try it
Follow these three steps to easily condition yourself for barefoot running.
Barefoot running: How to condition for it
Assignment #10
Assignment #10

The 12 laws of running - in a downloadable PDF file format for easy reference. Everything is covered in the course and it's condensed here into a one page downloadable file - without the explanations. The link to the original source (the e-book) I borrowed "the laws" from is also in the PDF. This way you can grab the entire e-book - it's a highly recommended read!

The 12 laws of running
1 page
A concise summary of what you've learned in this very important section of the course.
Putting it all together

Let me know what you thought about this course. Help me improve it.

Feed back
+ Good to Know and Good-To-Have
2 lectures 01:00

This is a good (really good) resource, which includes the most popular, well-known and not-too-well-known but great minimalistic running shoes and sandals - the links to their respective companies are in there as well.

Some good examples of “minimal” shoes + where to find

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android here is a list of several cadence metronomes - these give out sound to sync your steps to, and cadence trackers - no sound, but real tracking of your cadence based on GPS data and time lapsed... plus much more. Check them out - both for iPhone and Android.

Cadence-timing tools for Smartphones
+ Habit-forming Drills & Practice
1 lecture 02:17

This perceptual drill will help the body to "remember" the position of its own body parts in relation to each other for the movement that initiates the running motion - the forward lean.

Drill #1: Forward Lean