How Germany won the World Cup of Nation Branding

How Germany reinvented her Country Brand during the FIFA World Cup through Experiential Marketing and Brand Advocacy
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To understand the key drivers of national Brand Image
To identify the primary Archetype of the Country Brand
To coin a Brand Promise that is genuine and authentic


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In depth analysis of how Germany managed to rebrand the entire country through the 2006 FIFA World Cup - and how country brands might apply this formula to rebrand their national image. This case study is the first ever detailed analysis of the newly emerging discipline of Destination Branding through Movement Marketing and has had significant impact on Germany's tourism brand, yielding a 31% increase in international leisure tourism year-on-year and a 47% increase in business tourism for the host city of Berlin (which has also doubled the number of hotel bookings over the past five years)

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  • Destination Branding Executives
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  • Government Communicators
  • Heads of State


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