Music Master Plan: From Music Theory to Music Career
3.9 (2 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
401 students enrolled

Music Master Plan: From Music Theory to Music Career

Create a personalized plan and learn music theory that will serve as a foundation to becoming a successful musician.
3.9 (2 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
401 students enrolled
Created by Mimi West
Last updated 6/2015
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What you'll learn
  • Create a personalized master plan and map out specific short and long term goals to achieve your music dreams.
  • Build a support team to help you realize your goals.
  • Select the right music teacher to maximize your potential as a musician.
  • Form powerful habits to maximize your practice and rehearsal times.
  • Make practice, rehearsal and performance times more effective to your overall development as a musician.
  • Eliminate stage fright.
  • Perform professionally as a musician.
  • Understand solid music theory fundamentals.
  • Understand rhythms, meter, counting, and time signatures.
  • Know and recognize important clefs, notes and intervals.
  • Know and recognize important scales and the circle of fifths.
  • Know and recognize important triads, arpeggios, and chords.
  • Read and write music on any staff.
  • Launch a professional career as a musician.
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  • Adobe PDF Reader
  • Printer
  • Piano (recommended, but optional)

Music Master Plan is a beautifully crafted online course encompassing 3 sections: Foundation, Music Theory, and Fulfillment, comprising 8 lessons. Each lesson takes an active role in the formulation of a complete master plan from the foundation up, comparable to the formation of a magnificent building's architecture. The first section introduces the 3 primary steps to success, analogously forming the foundation of any secure structure and the basis of any successful music program. The second section reinforces the structure with 3 pillars of fortitude, providing students with strong, technical and theoretical skills needed to strengthen every musician's master plan. Finally, the last section develops the final 3 elements of a strong roof, enclosing the entire edifice to complete the massive master piece and augment every musician's dreams with fulfillment. Students will learn what it will take to lead a career as a successful musician if he or she chooses or just live a fulfilling life of musical enjoyment. In either case, students will be left weaving a tapestry of solid habits and disciplines as the formulation of an architectural master piece culminates into a pinnacle of success.

Music Master Plan's interactive component is designed to integrate students with teachers and parents, synergistically enabling them to transcend today's competitive musicians. Parents, teachers, and other mentors who consistently play an active role in the student's routines and education create an environment where students can combine hard work, discipline, dedication and persistence into a formula of success. Music Master Plan will not only teach parents and students how this process is accomplished but serve as a catalyst in motivating and inspiring students to propel them beyond typical thresholds of complacency, quintessentially responsible for suppressing most musician's progression.

Music Master Plan's 8 comprehensive lessons are replete with engaging videos, interactive activities, fun quizzes, and ample bonus materials. The curriculum is designed for beginning music students of all ages, but tailored particularly for students ages 8 through 18. The colorful, fun lessons keep students engaged in the learning process with colorful charts, diagrams, concept maps, and quick reference guides. Each lesson is chock-full of helpful tips, how-to's, and activities specifically designed to help students retain valuable information to augment their studies.

Music Master Plan employs a blend of traditional learning techniques with an innovative new approach to education. This is first accomplished by watching several entertaining animated videos for each lesson. The objectives taught in the videos are then reinforced through fun, hands-on activities and interactive worksheets designed to bring students, teachers and parents together, stretch the student's thinking, solidify core curricular subject matter and practice difficult to grasp, key concepts. Each lesson is followed up by a quiz to reinforce and retain relevant information with real life application, leaving students with a feeling of confidence for the skills they have mastered. Finally, ample bonus materials and cheat sheets accompany most lessons to reward hard work and give students valuable, tangible material they will come to rely on for years.

Who this course is for:
  • This course is designed for students from ages 10 to 18, but is also intended for anyone with a desire to start learning music.
  • It is not expected that the student will have any previous knowledge of any music theory.
  • Music teachers and parents/guardians of students are encouraged to follow along and help students with their activities.
Course content
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+ Foundation
6 lectures 51:54

This introduction gives an overview to this comprehensive program that teaches students and parents everything they need to excel in their musical pursuits. This carefully designed program aims to help students achieve their dreams. This is a lofty goal, and one which takes the active cooperation of the parents as well as the child's music teachers. The road to living your dreams can be long and complicated, and Music Master Plan teaches you how to get there.

Parents are the most important members of the success team, but they can't do it alone. Excellent music teachers are requisite to the student's continued success. Even so, the task of educating a child is huge and daunting. Music Master Plan is a much-needed supplement and survival toolkit for any and every serious music student. You may already have the tools you need to succeed. We will teach you how to use them. If you don't have them yet, we'll help you get them.

Winning with Music Master Plan

Winning isn't magic. It's a habit. Music Master Plan is a carefully designed online course that teaches students how to integrate fundamental success patterns and long term goals into lifelong enduring habits. Music Master Plan's broad curriculum covers everything from setting realistic, fundamental goals, to mastering music theory concepts that will give each student a head start in his or her musical pursuits. While the curriculum covers everything from beginning to advanced topics, Music Master Plan breaks down each concept to progressively build upon earlier concepts, teaching them in ways that make it fun and easy to understand. Music Master Plan is also not exclusively restricted to the procurement of music skills alone, but additionally reinforces indispensable life management skills pertinent to students of all disciplines. In addition to acquiring explicit skills and knowledge, students will also build a personalized winning team of teachers, parents, and mentors who will continue to teach, motivate and inspire throughout their lives. The acquisition of continued education and mentoring is requisite for any victorious candidate of music.

While most private teachers focus solely on building technique, Music Master Plan covers curriculum mostly taught in college programs and in the professional music world. While it is imperative for students to continue their private music lessons, Music Master Plan serves to provide a missing critical component that will accelerate a typical student's progress far beyond trivially attained mediocrity. Without the proper training, structure, and discipline reinforced through Music Master Plan, perspective musicians are left destitute from the essential skills and disciplines found in today's professional musicians. Music Master Plan narrows this disparity by providing each student with a personalized master plan and team uniquely tailored to meet the student's individual needs, ultimately proving crucial to winning the crown of musical achievement.

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Introduction Quiz
5 questions

In this first section, you will get a strong grip on the fundamentals that will make your Music Master Plan strong. Learn how to set goals and track your progress. Identify mental blocks and how to eliminate them. Discover the basic components of success as you begin to sketch your very own Music Master Plan.

You will:

  • Identify your dreams
  • Form specific goals and a timeline of action
  • Start converting dreams into reality
Foundation Introduction

In this inspiring lecture, get a taste of the many delectable possibilities that await you as you pursue your music studies!

This segment includes:

  • A detailed breakdown of the many benefits of studying music
  • A list of opportunities available to you
  • A method to help you search your soul and begin weaving your dreams to the sky and beyond!
Your Music Dreams

Gain awareness of the thoughts you think every day—from one moment to the next. Some of these thoughts are motivating, while others are self-defeating.

In this lecture:

  • Learn what self-defeating habits that hold you captive and get you down
  • Overcome obstacles that prevent you from realizing your deepest desires
  • Gain control over your thoughts—especially the negative ones
  • Identify the origins of your negative thought patterns
  • Discover the whole truth and train yourself to reprogram your inner dialogue

Formulate your own success plan and learn:

  • The essential building blocks to any great master plan
  • Why dreaming is great—but simply not enough
  • How to sketch the outline of your personal music master plan, which will guide you throughout the rest of your music studies—and even your life!
Your Master Plan

Continue building on the powerful program you've started.

More Goals
Foundation Quiz
20 questions
+ Support Team
5 lectures 24:48

No music student is an island. Your success depends on the active involvement of parents, music teachers, friends, and others in your network.

In this section you will:

  • Discover the untapped power of your personal network
  • Start garnering enthusiasm from the members of your support team
  • Learn how to leverage your relationships to pull you in the direction you want to go
Support Team Introduction

In this lecture made especially for parents, learn what it requires of the family for a music student to succeed.

In this lecture you will learn:

  • The surprisingly simple—yet overlooked—things parents can do to ENSURE success in their child's musical pursuits
  • The shocking reasons why many students quit prematurely
  • How the family can communicate consistently and effectively
  • How to set realistic expectations—and keep them
  • Why budgeting is so important, and how to do it
Family Support

Music teachers are an indelible component of a music student's success. Yet few people are informed when it comes to the right selection process.

In this lecture, I will teach you:

  • Why selecting a music teacher is one of the biggest make-or-break decisions in the course of a child's music studies
  • What NOT to do when selecting a music teacher
  • How to determine YOUR ideal music teacher
  • How to adjust teacher-student relationships that aren't working
The Music Teachers

When it comes to studying and performing music, most parents and students don't even consider the importance of mentors.

  • What makes a great mentor
  • Who are your mentors?
  • How do you find them?
The Mentors

We all like having friends. Our pals can really lift us up and encourage our achievement. However, friendships get complicated when jealousy, rivalry, and even bullying is involved.

Arm yourself with this knowledge:

  • The effects your friends have on you—both positive and negative
  • How to deal with bullying—possibly eliminating the problem for good
  • How to let your friends catapult your growth and development
Friends and Associates
Support Team Quiz
18 questions
+ Habits & Routines
5 lectures 25:01

Winning isn't magic; it's a series of habits you can learn. But learning and doing are two different things. These lectures and activities will compel you to start acting on everything you know, and to start seeing better results right away.

You will learn:

  • The solid routine and the sacred space that make all the difference
  • How to make practice time extremely enjoyable
  • The secret step to eliminating stage fright
Habits & Routines Introduction

First of all, you should have a clean and separate space for practicing every day. Your practice space is sacred—like a temple for the mind, body, and soul.

  • Learn what makes an effective practice space, and what renders a practice space just the opposite: a waste of space
  • Design and create your sacred practice space
  • Equip your space with the proper tools you need to get results
Practice Space

This fancy French word for the sum total of songs you learn is the key to enjoyment and continual development. Learn:

  • Why the repertoire you select spells your success or your demise
  • When it's time to move on to a new song
  • How to select your next songs
  • The give-and take relationship that exists and the delicate balance between submission and autonomy when it comes to selecting your repertoire

Practice makes permanent. You haven't a hope in heck-fire of succeeding unless you can practice on a consistent basis. Just as brushing your teeth saves you from gum disease, practicing preserves you from imminent music death—dun, dun, dun!!!

  • Learn why practicing is such a chore for most students, and why it doesn't have to be
  • Take the monotony out of the practicing process. What?!? That's right. Start actually enjoying your practice sessions!
  • Answer all the questions: Why should you practice? When should you practice, and for how long?
  • Discover what makes practice time effective and what makes it simply a waste of time
  • Get your family and friends to cooperate with you in your efforts
Practice Routines

There's a trick that musicians who have “made it” know, and that has to do with implementing scheduled rehearsal time.

Figure out:

  • Why some people never get over stage fright
  • The Three Steps on the Stairway to Excellence
  • How you're never fully prepared without scheduled rehearsal time
  • How to win instant fans—simply by asking for help
Rehearsal Time
Habits and Routines Quiz
20 questions
+ Music Theory
5 lectures 43:28

No musician should be without this section in music theory essentials. For beginning music students, this is a crucial next step in your development. For intermediate and advanced students, this course provides an excellent review and a systemized method to help you start teaching music theory to beginners.

You will learn:

  • Rhythms, meter, counting, and time signatures
  • How to read music on ANY staff
  • Intervals, the Circle of Fifths, and MUCH MORE!
Music Theory Introduction

Deceptively simple, rhythm is something that has tripped up students throughout the ages. In fact, playing rhythms accurately is something that distinguishes struggling students from truly proficient ones.

Become a rhythmic champion and learn:

  • Note values, their respective representations and what they mean
  • How to count your way through any song
  • The proper way to learn a song
  • Why students tend to mess up rhythms so badly
  • What you need to never mess up the rhythms of a song again!
Rhythm and Meter

Exceptionally helpful and beautiful straight-forward, this lecture teaches you:

  • How to read notes on the bass clef, treble clef, and the grand staff
  • Cute and reliable pneumonic devices to help you remember
  • How intervals can beef up your music theory muscles significantly
  • The grammatical convention of Major, Perfect, Augmented, minor, and diminished structures
  • Charts and helpful resources to help you solidify the material
Clefs, Notes and Intervals

This lecture helps you crack the mysterious code behind tonal music as you learn:

  • The secret code every great musician understands, and what it means
  • The sequence of steps in both major and natural minor scales
  • How to play ANY major or natural minor scale
  • How to determine the key signature of any piece of tonal music
Scales and The Circle of Fifths

Learn the basic building blocks of harmonic structures, as well as:

  • The distinction between a triad and a chord
  • How to build a Major, minor, Augmented and diminished triad starting on any note
  • How Incorporating arpeggios into your daily practice routine can boost your most basic technical skills
  • Touch up on the functions of chords in Major and minor songs
Triads, Arpeggios, and Chords
Music Theory Quiz
20 questions
+ Techspression
5 lectures 32:56

One of the most rare and valuable sections of this entire course, this section will teach you how on earth to balance technical skills with expressiveness. Hence, the name—get it? Technique + Expression = Tech-spression? So clever!

You will learn all about:

  • The two different approaches to learning music, the pros and cons of each
  • The specific technical skills you must develop
  • How to be expressive and really move people
Techspression Introduction

Solid technique is the lifeblood of good playing or singing.

  • Identify the specific technical skills that apply to your instrument(s)
  • Rank your level of advancement and proficiency in each technical category
  • Devise a hardcore action plan to improve your skills one by one
Technical Skills

Being an expressive musician gives people a reason to watch you perform—and maybe even pay for it!


  • How to be a powerful performer
  • How to connect with your audience and truly move them
  • The proper way to learn a song
  • Why students tend to mess up rhythms so badly
  • What you need to never mess up the rhythms of a song again!

Most people are either naturally more technical or expressive. You may already be aware of your tendencies, but this lecture and its accompanying activity will likely surprise you.

  • Understand what the two approaches are—their respective drawbacks as well as their benefits
  • Realize your tendencies: Are you naturally more technical or expressive?
  • Take our customized quiz and increase your self-awareness
  • Discover what your natural strengths are and what particular pitfalls you need to avoid in your learning, practicing, and performing
Two Approaches

As an avid teacher of expressiveness, I equip you with five specific tools to infuse your musical performance with more authentic expression.

As you try these on for size, you will:

  • Find invigorating new hobbies!
  • Learn how the audience can actually help or harm your performance
  • Use analytical tools and skills to your expressive advantage
  • Appreciate and connect more meaningfully with strangers and the fascinating world around you
5 Expressive Tools
Techspression Quiz
20 questions
+ Fulfillment
5 lectures 31:13

Take a moment to smell the wisteria. Search the depths of your soul for the things that keep you going every day. This rejuvenating section is the most enjoyable of all the sections in the Music Master Plan course.


  • Your purpose for studying music and how that can supercharge everything you do
  • The natural flow of motivation
  • How to write songs
  • How connecting with the world around you will enhance your performance and change your life
Fulfillment Introduction

In this inspiring lecture, come to understand:

  • Why YOU study music
  • The natural Flow of Motivation
  • How to stay motivated and avoid burnout
  • How gratitude helps to sustain lifelong happiness
  • How to connect your past, present, and future to make even the most mundane elements of studying music—FUN!
Purpose and Motivation

Learn how to listen to music with more mindfulness, and create music with greater ease than ever before!

You will learn:

  • The many benefits of listening to music
  • The sometimes scary, subliminal effects music has on us—and we don't even realize them!
  • How to cultivate a rich sense of awareness through listening that will improve the quality of your life for good
  • How to write songs
  • Uncover hidden talents you didn't even know you had!
Listen and Create

Tap into the healing powers of music.

  • Connect meaningfully with the world around you
  • See and feel your life as more whole and complete
  • Find viable ways to support and promote causes you believe in
  • Become a healer of others through your craft
Service and Healing

In this comprehensive lecture, you get to look at many different musical styles from close-up and far away. Put on your safari hat to explore a wide range of musical styles. Then whip out your microscope to dissect your favorite ones and extrapolate the essence of their deepest meaning.

You will learn:

  • The scientific spectrum and how it applies to musical styles
  • Why exploring different musical styles will keep you endlessly happy
  • My binomial nomenclature classification of nearly every major musical style in existence
  • Resolve the mysterious disconnect between classical music and pop music
Exploring Different Styles
Fulfillment Quiz
17 questions
+ Performance
6 lectures 34:20

Since performing is such a large part of what musicians do, it's only fitting to devote an entire lesson on the subject. As a professional performer, I share what I've learned from my own experience as well as wisdom from world-class music performers, teachers, and institutions.

  • Make your next concert a smash hit
  • Learn and teach the rules of concert etiquette
  • Build your professional portfolio
  • Discover the secret weapon that can launch you into the professional performance realm faster
Performance Introduction

Most students just get through concerts in a rather hum-drum, autopilot manner. But do you know how to make it a truly meaningful experience for you, your guests, and even strangers in the audience? In this lecture, I lay down once and for all:

  • The rules of concert-going etiquette to ensure that everyone present has a good time
  • How to get excited for an upcoming concert and improve your performance when it happens
  • The secret to making your next concert a smash-hit
  • What to wear in order to look fabulous and perform your best

Another work of drudgery for most students, recitals can actually be even more fun, exciting, and motivating than concerts.


  • The secret to increasing your confidence as a solo performing artist
  • How to change your entire concept of what the recital is to start seeing better results in your performance
  • The foolproof way to prepare for your next big recital
  • How to take the recital one major step further to create the best memories of your entire life!


They're not for everyone, but summer camps can provide unparalleled growth and entertainment after school is out.

In this lecture, you will:

  • Rank various summer camps of interest with your personal Summer Camp Scorecard
  • Learn how to create fond memories to last a lifetime
  • Develop your list of priorities—whether you are a seeker of good social experiences or a more career-enhancing program
Summer Camps

This little technique can launch your status from amateur to professional in the music world.


  • How professional performers get their start
  • The best way to nurture your budding talent in a way that mimics the professional setting
  • How to gain greater exposure and test-drive the professional life
Secret Weapon

You want to represent yourself well at auditions, in programs, playbills, and advertisements. That is why I've created this bonus lecture and activity to propel you into the world of professionalism.

  • Start building your professional portfolio to represent you and your work as an artist wherever you go
  • Increase your credibility and rapport as a performer
  • Tips on how to look great, sound great, and perform your best
  • Select the perfect songs and know exactly what to bring with you to ensure that your next audition is a knock-out success
  • Give the judges precisely what they want to see
Your Professional Portfolio
Performing Quiz
20 questions
+ Career
5 lectures 28:39

Do you wonder about how to make money as a musician? It's not for everybody, but it's great to educate yourself on what opportunities exist for you to consider. This section explores the kind of music careers that are out there and helps you decide if they're right for you.

Zoom in on:

  • Performance and teaching careers
  • Music jobs in the medical field
  • Business and entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Setting your priorities to determine how much you can realistically perform throughout your life
Career Introduction

Learn about careers and music performance and explore:

  • The many creative career paths available to you as a musical performer
  • Real-life case studies of success in these careers
  • How much performing you can handle right now and throughout the different phases of your lifetime
Lifelong Performing

See firsthand what it's like to be a music teacher.

I'll help you:

  • Gain exposure to the different types of music teaching careers
  • Realize what appeals to you and what doesn't
  • Give the private teaching experience an exciting test-run!
  • Start making money NOW—if you choose—and see some serious return on your musical investment
Teaching Music

Learn all about this highly satisfying, rapidly-growing field of work and ascertain:

  • How to help people cope with serious diseases, addictions, illnesses and injuries—through the power of music!
  • What being a board certified music therapist entails
  • Watch incredible, moving videos of music therapists in action
  • Shadow a professional music therapist in your area
Music Therapy

It doesn't stop there. Many other exhilarating careers in music exist.

In this lecture, I'll help you:

  • Unearth your most valuable gifts as a musician and a human being
  • Catch a whiff of the infectiously thrilling entrepreneurial spirit
  • Use other inspiring, successful companies as models to help you get started
  • Stop dreaming and start living your dreams TODAY!
Other Career Options
Career Options Quiz
20 questions
Music Master Plan Final Exam
39 questions