Music Intervals Owned: Recognize intervals like a Beast!

Learn how to recognize musical intervals like a Beast!
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Increase your interval recognition speed and accuracy
Be able to tell the difference between intervals that sound similar
Generally "Own" interval recognition


  • Access to a piano / keyboard / online keyboard / cat painted to resemble a keyboard is recommended, but not required


Recognizing music intervals can be tricky right?... NOT ANYMORE!

Music Intervals Owned is the ultimate solution and guide to recognizing all 11 intervals from the Minor 2nd through to the Perfect Octave.

FREE, Only 25 minutes long, and delivered by the established and engaging music educator Danny Blaker, Music Intervals Owned is an invaluable resource for all music students and musicians alike, and the only one of its kind.

NOTE: Mystery Word Challenge

Throughout this course 3 mystery word messages will appear during the videos. These words allude to musical terminology that relate to the content discussed. If you can guess them correctly, you will receive a free copy of my album - Twilight.

For more details, see the description of the first lecture!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone looking to increase their musicianship and aural skills
  • Students who are about to face any scary interval recognition tests


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Danny is a passionate web developer and growth engineer based in Melbourne, Australia. His language of choice is Python, but he also works in a number of other languages including R and Ruby, Web frameworks such as Django, Ruby on Rails, and ofcourse front-end languages including HTML, CSS, JS. Danny is also an avid spreadsheet and google scripts user, his Udemy courses have amassed over 30,000 students to date.

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