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Marketing Mix Modeling with Excel: Learn the Science behind Advertising Investment
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Learn what Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) are
How to explore Marketing Data
How to deploy a Learning Algorithm on EXCEL
Diminishing Return with Excel: How much can I spend before CPA increases?
Adstock with Excel: What's the lagged effect of your ads?


  • Course will teach how to create Marketing Mix Modeling with Excel
  • Students should know and be familiar with Excel or Google Spreadsheet


I present to you the first Masterclass on Marketing Mix Modeling on Excel.

The science behind advertising investment.

Within the Masterclass you will discover:

- Ep 1: What are MMMs and how to exploit them to generate business growth

- Ep2: How to explore marketing data and deduce analysis hypotheses

- Ep3: How to use a learning algorithm on your data with EXCEL

- Ep4: How to simulate Diminishing Returns and AdStocks EXCEL

- Ep 5: How to create a predictive simulator on excel

- Ep 6: How to create an automatic advertising budget allocator with Excel.

This methodology has not been effected by cookie's restrictions and IOS14, for this reason MMM has becoming one of the most adopted methodology for Marketing Analytics in 2022.

The course has been designed to be extremely practical, and above all, suitable for beginners.

I chose excel, because it is a very powerful tool, usable by everyone.

I created it with the idea of ​​sharing everything I wanted to know when I started this path of analysis.

Everything will be FREE and public

For the moment I have created the first 5 lessons.

If you like this format, I will continue to share the entire Marsterclass.

This masterclass has already helped 100 students to implement marketing mix modeling inside their organization

Who this course is for:

  • Learn the foundation of Marketing Mix Modeling, Adstock and Diminishing Return using statistical modeling with Excel. Find out the correlation between each variable or channel and your sales


CEO at Cassandra.App
Gabriele Franco
  • 4.5 Instructor Rating
  • 255 Reviews
  • 6,423 Students
  • 3 Courses

Thank you for taking your time to read my Bio.

I am the founder of Cassandra and Hybrida

Cassandra is a Saas that uses AI to predict how much to spend on each marketing channel to maximize ROI

A technological service that allows you to have control over all your data under a single dashboard, and thanks to AI you can unlock predictive information on the allocation of the investment to maximize the return.

The first customers who apply Cassandra have obtained a 29% increase in profit in the first 3 months of activity.

Hybrida: is a growth agency for Direct to Consumer Brands.

Thanks to a Data Driven method of continuous experimentation, and the use of Cassandra we have contributed to the growth of:

- Bialetti Peru: 2x Turnover compared to 2020

- Glimmed: from 2500 € / month to 40.000 € / month

- Ecom luxury clothing: from € 0 to € 25,000 / month

- SkinCare brand on Amazon: from € 0 to € 100,000 / month

- eComm wallets: from 0 to 36,000 € / month

- Discoclock: + 27% on turnover

- Aurora Fellows: from a CAC of € 50 to € 6 in a month

// Since 2016 I have been involved in online marketing.

// In 2018 I became the marketing manager of some events of Elettra Lamborghini, Alberto Urso, Cristina D'Avena, Guinness World Record, bringing to these twenty more than 30 thousand people.

// In 2019 I launch my first product in the e-cigarette industry achieving an MRR of 10k after 3 months of launch.

// In 2019 Fondo Hybrida, the growth agency for D2C Brands, which in a year and a half manages to grow up to 10 people

// In April 2021, after the arrival of IOS 14, advertising changed and I started the search for a solution by discovering the Marketing Mix Modeling

// In September 2021 I learn to program in Python and create the first machine learning models for marketing

// In November 2021 together with 2 of my colleagues we develop the first AI platform for the optimization of advertising investments that we call Cassandra

// In January 2022 I create the first free Masterclass to learn how to do Marketing Mix Modeling with excel - (Find the post with the link above) -

I am a pragmatic person straight to the point.

I believe everything shown.

If you have come this far, I thank you from my heart, I hope it was a pleasant read

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