Learn To Relax Quickly: A Free Meditation Course

Remove myths and excuses around meditation, and learn the simplest exercise to relax yourself, connect and transform
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How Habits Impact Our Lives
The Most Effective (And Quick) Meditation Exercise
Myths Around Meditation
Short Term Benefits Of Meditation
Long Term Benefits Of Meditation


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On this mini-course, you'll learn:

The most important short and long term benefits of meditation.

The usual excuses that prevent people from implementing a meditation habit

A really simple but effective exercise to stop the overthinking.

My name is Juan Montenegro, and after struggling with 20 years of anxiety, I was able to stop overthinking, quit medication, and manage my emotions as I never could have imagined. Now I am sharing, for free, the same method that I use every day till this day to relax my body and connect with myself, stopping the overthinking in the way.

Who this course is for:

  • People Dealing With Overthinking Or Anxiety
  • People Sitting All Day In The Computer Dealing With Overthinking
  • Young Professionals (20-24) Battling With Overthinking/Anxiety

Course content

1 section5 lectures1h 1m total length
  • Introduction: What We Will Be Learning
  • Benefits Of Meditation
  • Common Excuses Around Meditation
  • The Simplest Meditation Exercise
  • Conclusions


Systems Engineering and Meditation Teacher
Juan Montenegro
  • 4.3 Instructor Rating
  • 10 Reviews
  • 1,585 Students
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In my 24 years, I had an anxiety attack breakdown in one of the most paradisiac places. After that, I promised myself that I would implement the changes I have been neglecting at that time, including implementing a meditation habit.

Most people underrate the practice or ignore the benefits it presents... but I can tell you that this is the most powerful tool that I have learned, and it can be as simple as I teach it in the courses I make.