Learn Programming for App Development on the Apple Watch

Learn how to make watchOS apps and learn to code in Swift. Learn the secrets of HealthKit.
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Code in Swift.
Build a simple watchOS app.
Recognize the differences between coding for iOS and watchOS.


  • To follow along with these tutorials, you will need to have a Mac computer with Xcode 8 installed.
  • The tutorials were recorded on a Mac.


Do you want to build your own apps for the Apple Watch? Even if you have never coded before, you can build a watchOS app!

You do not need any prior knowledge to take this course – it is perfect for beginners! We cover basic programming concepts of Swift in Xcode.

If you do have experience developing for iOS, with this course you can learn the fundamentals of developing for watchOS. You will learn the notables differences between coding for iOS and watchOS.

To learn how to build the design and functionality of a watchOS app, we will create a simple app of our own in Xcode.

Moreover, you will learn how to add images and movies into your Apple Watch apps. We will even enable notifications!

You will be able to test the app like a user would. By the end of this course, you will have a functioning app that you can expand on to add your own ideas.

Who this course is for:

  • Even if you have never coded before, you can learn to make a watchOS app. This course introduces basic concepts of coding in Swift and coding in general.
  • If you have experience developing for iOS or macOS, with this course you can learn the foundations of developing on watchOS.

Course content

6 sections16 lectures5h 36m total length
  • Images - Part 1
  • Images - Part 2
  • Source Code - WatchOS


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