Learn how to Podcast in 2019

get the podcasting pointers you need without the fluff
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what hardware equipment you could use to podcast
web services and local software to record a podcast
where to host your podcast audio on the internet
setting up anchor for storing your podcast
how to make social sharing from your audio
embedding audio snippots onto wordpress blogs


  • basic overview of computing and podcasting
  • understand how to setup hardware and software on a pc/mac


do you want to get a podcast on the web quickly?

don't want to spend time focusing on hardware, software and tools but just want to get pointers and an overview of what to use because you can work out the other details? AWESOME.

this course can be completed in less than an hour.

i made it for the entreprenuers, the do-ers, those who are on a time crunch or constantly on the move, the digital nomads and the van dwellers that understand technology but just need a refresher or discover new tools that have already been battle tested.

that's where i come in.

my GET PODCASTING course is fast, cheap but FULL of content about getting started.

  • i'll give you an overview quickly of what we will look at

  • recommend some hardware choices depending on budgets

  • talk about doing remote interviews in the cloud

  • give you an overview of my favorite mac recording software audio hijack

  • talk about hosting for free on anchor

  • give you the heads up about decentralized hosting on dsound.audio

  • show you a way to get your audio on social media quickly

  • walk you through embedding your latest audio on your website or blog

i mean, it's everything you need without the fluff. . .

.. . best thing is i'm here for any help you need after, happy to do 1-2-1 video chat for thirty minutes with any questions you might have about scheduling, production, hardware, uploading, editing etc.

i mean, it's a no-brainer!


Who this course is for:

  • people who want to learn about podcasting quickly
  • students and existing general workers wanting to learn over lunch
  • rapid fire learners who want just the details fast

Course content

1 section8 lectures47m total length
  • what we will cover in under one hour
  • hardware choices at various budgets
  • record locally on mac using audio hijack
  • zencastr for interviews across the web
  • host centralized for free on anchor.fm
  • host decentralized at dsound.audio
  • headliner.app for social audio snippits
  • embed podcast into your blog easily!


open broadcaster (obs) addict, screenflow ninja and vlogger
Philip Campbell
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I love playing with technology and making it easier for others to understand. 

I've Worked with Digital Agencies over the years as a Video Brand Advocate and Blogger with 1000heads (Nokia) and Crayon (watchtv/verisign) learning the art of Transmedia Storytelling.

My intention is to push to be living off-grid (with on-grid internet!) teaching my daughter about all things sustainable in the process and teaching her and others about data.

Sold the domain name 'medm' to Evan Williams of Twitter fame during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games for a five figure sum and helped out a Tornado hit town with the same name (Phil Campbell, Alabama)

My courses are priced for everyone to afford. Purchasing my courses allows me to live out my dream of working digitally from revenue i make from my creative works.