Fresh Graduates: How To Get Hired? A Job Search Crash Course

Understand How Recruitment Works, Learn Resume and Interview Hacks, and Discover Your Purpose
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12 Questions To Uncover Your Career Purpose
Best Answers to the TOP 15 Job Interview Questions for Graduates
How to Job Search in Smarter Ways
How to Find & Narrow Down Potential Career Options
How to Adapt Your Resume to Your Unique Scenario
How to Prepare for Various Types of Job Interviews
Understand What Recruiters are Really Thinking


  • An open mind to new ideas and techniques
  • Basic knowledge in using Microsoft Office Word & Excel


All heroes start somewhere. 

I know how frustrating it could be in finding your first job to leave your mark on the world.

This Job Hunt Crush Course For Graduates aims to give you a quick overview of the key steps you need to take in launching your first career right after college.

Job Winning is a skill everyone can learn and master!

Within this ~2 hours, you'll grasp all the major concepts on How To Win the Job Hunt Game. Having this understanding will allow you to save tons of time & frustrations in learning through trials and errors in the job market.

You 'll Learn:

  1. Quiz: 12 Questions To Uncover Your Career Purpose

  2. How to Find & Narrow Down Potential Career Options

  3. What Recruiters are Really Thinking

  4. How to Job Search in Smarter Ways

  5. How to Adapt Your Resume to Your Unique Scenario

  6. How to Prepare for Various Types of Job Interviews

  7. Download my Best Answers to the TOP 15 Job Interview Questions for Graduates

Let's kick start your career with a stronger foundation together with Ponny!

Who this course is for:

  • Recent Graduates, Final Year Students, Anyone Fresh to the Workplace


Career Educator & Purpose Coach
Ponny SH Lam
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>>>All heroes start somewhere. Let me empower you on your journey!

Hi, my name is Ponny. I believe that each of us has a calling as unique as a fingerprint. 

***My mission is to empower job seekers with strategy and insights so together, we can have more bargaining power in choosing and creating jobs we love.***

As a former corporate recruiter and university career advisor in the past decade, I deeply understand the hopes and fears of both the hiring side and the job seeking side. My holistic perspective of the job scene empowers me to create effective and target-oriented career training and interview skills training to help you achieve your career goals.

I would love to hear from you! Write to me if you have any questions, stories or insights about career development.

You might also like to check out my latest Amazon Kindle eBook: 
First Job Bible: Strategies and Answers to Top Job Interview Questions

Let's build a career and life we all love with confidence.

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