It's Not Rocket Science: Working With Thought & Feelings

Our brains develop in response to experience. Learn effective mindfulness tools and practices to reduce suffering.
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You will understand the basics of your mind, feelings and the brain
You will be able to use simple, mindfulness practices to stay in the present moment and make friends with your own inner experience


  • You have a mind and body. That, and a willingness to learn and practice mindfulness are all you need to begin.


It's not rocket science! We are all capable of becoming friendly and kind with ourselves. Experience the freedom that comes with letting go of old habits and fears. This is possible for you. 

Lynn Fraser has taught thousands of people to meditate, and to learn about and become friends with their mind. We begin by learning how our mind works and practice simple mindfulness tools. We have all had troubling experiences causing disconnect from ourselves, our sense of value and the present moment. We learn about the brain's negativity bias and survival level drive for connection. We learn tools that allow us to welcome all of the energy and sensations in our body, as we realize through direct experience that they are not here to hurt us. Breathing and relaxation are highlighted as superstars in reducing stress calming our nervous system. 

Who this course is for:

  • Take this course to learn simple, effective tools to calm anxiety and connect with yourself and your body


Senior Meditation Teacher and Living Inquiries Facilitator
Lynn Fraser
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Lynn Fraser brings the depth of twenty two years experience teaching meditation. She specializes in holding a safe, trusted space for healing trauma in her private online sessions. Lynn lives near family, ocean and forest in Nova Scotia Canada. She is a senior teacher in the Himalayan Yoga Meditation tradition; and an experienced Facilitator of Scott Kiloby’s Living Inquiries and Natural Rest.

“Fast forward 25 years from when I first learned meditation in the early nineties. I see and love myself. I am authentic and connect deeply. My body is relaxed and a known space. Trauma is largely healed and resolved. I am mostly free of reactivity and I have skills to work with thoughts and sensation. I know from experience I can be with whatever is arising in this space and time. I feel, at 65, that I am now an emotionally mature adult.”

“Lynn has experienced a profound recognition of present moment awareness and embodies it naturally.  That’s the kind of teacher anyone would want, for if one’s teacher does not have the direct experience of what is being taught, true transformation just cannot happen.” Scott Kiloby

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