Free, Uncover and Discover Reiki

A short introduction to Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki with Deborah Casey of Calm Oasis Holistic Therapy.
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Recently updated and renewed.
Students uncover and discover Reiki. learn about their instructor in a nutshell; how Reiki came into her life and how it affected her in a positive way..
She then covers specific questions about Reiki and completes with sharing a brief Reiki practice with students.


  • The only requirements to enrol onto this free course is for students to have an open, love filled mind and heart, and who have a desire to grow and develop their Spiritual nature.
  • Students will need some basic English language skills and require computer equipment and internet access.



Welcome to this free short course in where we uncover and discover Reiki which has been updated. 

Everything in the world has an energetic sequence.  Every one of your thoughts, feelings, intentions, beliefs - they are all energetic in form.  These become manifested into the material world as experiences around us. 

Reiki, Natural healing method, is a Universal Energy healing system that was brought out to the world from Dr Miako Usui and spread far and wide by Reiki Master Teacher Hawayo Takata who is believed to be the first female Reiki Master Teacher. 

Reiki can clear the individual mind, and the Universal and Collective mind.  Reiki can heal self, others and restore wellbeing and balance into daily life when practiced diligently and applied daily.

Reiki is known as a Spiritual Practice, with sacred symbols and attunement to the healing energy.  Sometimes the experience is quite mysterious and mystical.

In this short course students will learn:

About their course instructor who is a Reiki Master Teach and Practitioner

What is Reiki?

Why learn and practice Reiki?

Who can learn Reiki?

Where to do Reiki?

How do I practice Reiki?

Reiki healing meditation

Conclusion and continuing learning

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Who this course is for:

  • Students who would like to learn a little about Reiki, to help decide if this is a healing modality for them. Students who are already therapists in other modalities, who may feel drawn to learn Reiki but feel unsure about what to expect, about the subject and their master teacher.
  • Students anywhere around the world, who love free courses, who love to learn at home in their own time, and can timetable this around their family obligations and work obligations too

Course content

4 sections20 lectures1h 34m total length
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  • Course creator and instructor
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About Deborah, course instructor and creator

Since my childhood I’ve had a profound interest in nature and natural health - my introduction was through my gran and my mother who had a large garden and an allotment and grew our food. My path of learning led to gaining my education and training in holistic and natural therapy and medicines. I then gained my nursing degree but my passion has been holistic and natural therapy and medicines.


From this foundation I opened Calm Oasis Holistic Therapy as a private clinic. Then five years ago expanded into online, multi-media home study education and training course production and provision. These courses gained approval status from the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists.

Where students undergo in person training the IICT will accept your Diploma, however due to the corona virus issue in person training is not possible and many people are unable to travel. And so this led to the development of the two membership groups; British Holistic Therapy Organisation and British Reiki Organisation which welcomes all students from all locales.

It is my life's mission to support as many students around the world to take back their choice about their health, well-being and vitality. Through natural approaches, founded in ancient cultures, therapy modalities can promote good health and well-being, restore vitality, and empower people with options and choices.

Our organisation provides:

1. Education and Training to students globally

2. Some courses are for information only

3. Access to professional membership

4. Access to professional therapist insurance with out partner organisation, however outside the UK and EU students will need to make enquires to make sure this training will allow professional indemnity insurance will be provided

Approved courses;

The Calm Oasis Holistic Therapy diploma courses have pre-requisites and it is the students responsibility to have met these, do not disappoint yourself with failing to complete the requirements.

The requisites include:

1) completion of levels one and two before going onto the diploma courses

2) where indicated completion of other courses in preparation for advanced learning i.e. level one/back massage before body massage, hot stone back massage and body massage before hot stone massage THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS and this is checked out! There are other courses out there offering accreditations/approvals but ask yourself are you gaining a fully comprehensive course? And you may look at the fees and think they are too costly but you can regain your investment when you receive paying clients... investing in your education is of great value.

2) completion of all assignments and case study

3) hands on practical session which students write about, to ensure they have embraced their learning fully.

Classes offered are online and multi-media as this is the most affordable approach for students. I'm also author of various holistic and complementary therapy books.

Note I work British working time and office hours apply. As such if you send me a message or leave a review I may not respond immediately.

When you enrol onto any of the courses you are accessing a fully comprehensive course, where indicated, which has received approval from an international professional organisation. Where indicated courses also offer the option of obtaining a certificate of completion or a Professional Diploma qualification.

When you undertake the professional training programme of learning you will need to consider and obtain student insurance or where you are a qualified therapist find out if your current insurance covers you for liability.

Deborah Casey and Calm Oasis Holistic Therapy, do not accept, any liability whatsoever for your practices. These instructions may change time to time to ensure students are compliant with our training requirements.

Please kindly note, that none of the courses on this platform, are downloadable due to copyright issues, only with exception of supplementary documents, which are downloadable but remain subject to copyright.

Though every care has been taken in compiling these courses and lessons in no way can either the college the instructor, tutors or the author of these lessons be responsible for the content and how you use it and the application of therapy, or their suitability for the use you have put to them to or for any side effects that may result from the herbs use.

And lastly

I, Deborah, am so very grateful to Udemy for hosting our courses and allowing me and my organisation to bring these wonderful lessons to you.  In the present time access to medical care maybe limited or not available for one reason or another, these practices can support healing, though they cannot provide a cure.  But most of healing is assisting the body to do what is designed to do - heal.