HTML, CSS and JavaScript: The Complete Web Developer Course

A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners interested in learning HTML, CSS, & JavaScript to Build Interactive Web Pages.
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Master front-end development using HTML, CSS, & JavaScript
Add Client-Side interactivity to Web Pages using JavaScript
Create stunning, responsive layouts using CSS


  • No coding experience necessary
  • We will use a free online editor
  • Basic computer skills


Do you need to master the art of front-end development?

Look no further. This course is your complete beginners guide to developing cutting-edge web pages that are fully mobile responsive.

The course branches into three sections.

1. Explore HTML5

Learn the composition of a web page and how a web browser interprets html code to display the visual elements of a page. Learn the core fundamental aspects of HTML syntax, to ensure you are well prepared for the remaining sections ahead.

2. Explore CSS3

Learn to add stunning design elements to really make web pages visually aesthetic. Learn a broad range of CSS attributes to make web pages completely mobile responsive, even on the trickiest of devices such as phones and tablets.

3. Explore JavaScript

Dive into adding interactive client-side functionality using JavaScript. JavaScript is an extremely powerful front-end programming language that can really help take web pages to another level. Learn how to add client-side validation to forms, animate images and objects, and manipulate both HTML and CSS.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who needs to learn to code
  • Anyone who needs to build a website

Course content

3 sections22 lectures1h 29m total length
  • Course requirements and format
  • What is JSBIn
  • Setting up the HTML Document
  • Setting up a link
  • More than one style
  • Adding an image
  • Adding a link to the image
  • Submit buttons
  • Script tags and javascript


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