HSE/GED/TASC/HiSET Prep: Math (Unit 1 - Arithmetic)

The first unit to help you pass your Math High School Equivalency test (GED, TASC, HiSET)
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Write numbers from words
Write words from numbers
Identify place value
Round to any whole number or decimal point
Add, subtract, multiply, and divide whole numbers
Add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals


  • Students will need access to a computer and possibly a printer
  • They will need headphones or speakers for the videos' audio


This is the First Unit in a series of courses on High School Equivalency Math Prep. The HSE can be obtained by taking the GED, TASC, or HiSET tests depending on the state you live in. All information pertaining to the GED, TASC, HiSET, HSE can be found in the introductory video.

In this course specifically, we will be discussing Place Value, Rounding, and basic Arithmetic. You will learn how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide whole numbers as well as decimals.

By the end of the unit, you should feel comfortable with all basic arithmetic functions. You should able be able to identify different place values and write numbers from words.

Who this course is for:

  • HSE students should take this course
  • HSE teachers should take this course for additional/supplemental material

Course content

8 sections9 lectures1h 55m total length
  • HSE Prep Course Introduction
  • Unit 1 Overview


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