the basics of using slack
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the basics of using slack

learn how to wield slack web chat and some of the addons with ease like a total pro!
3.9 (29 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
263 students enrolled
Created by Philip Campbell
Last updated 4/2016
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What you'll learn
  • how to get around inside of slack
  • knowledge of intergrations and bots installation
  • explain the benefits of using an enterprise hosted chat
  • say what slack actually stands for!
  • suggest ways of connecting legacy chat to slack
  • ideally download slack on all of your devices
  • get the native apps for your device will enhance experience

heard a lot about slack?

need to have a quick primer to get you up to speed in why people are raving about it so much then this is the basic slack primer for you. rapid talking head videos showing you around the slack platform and teaching you all you need to know about how powerful this communications platform is.

feel free to ask questions, request additional videos - i'm here to help you make a decision before jumping into a paid subscription with slack.

you should be able to get through the lectures rapidly as they are talking head videos with screencast style cutaways to me actually using slack in a real world situation.

Who this course is for:
  • do not take this if you have used irc (internet relay chat)
  • people that would like to learn slack
  • basic users that want to get more out of slack
  • people looking to improve the communications across a business
Course content
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+ introductions
5 lectures 15:10

so your looking to optimize the communications with a bunch of people, team or group and you heard a few things about slack but your just not certain. this basics course should give you enough to go on to make an informed decisions about using slack.

Preview 01:27

slack is very much like a modern day irc (internet relay chat) in that you have a channels that you join or visit and hold conversations in via text. in todays comms channels you can chat, link, watch videos together, hold video chats and a lot more.

Preview 03:30

wanted to give you a case study of a small size slack channel and how we intend to grow it over the coming years into a place for people with mental health issues to be able to come together and converse.

Preview 04:58

if your looking to reduce the amount of time that you spend inside of your email program and become more productive then something like slack will allow you be more productive with your work. having a one stop location for all your comms, social channels and a place to drag and drop files and share information means that you have a fully searchable location to find those things without trawling through email clients.

Preview 03:19

it's true it's possible to have your own private intergrations of apps (trello, etc) for maintaining groups within slack, even private channels with only a number of people that you want in them but the real power of co-working together is the ability to have the whole team exposed to different areas of the company that they might not have seen before, of course adding extra noise to the mix is unhealthy so micro managing a little is crucial.

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+ the questions
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Slack is a project management term, a synonym for float. It's loosely used to describe how much time a project can absorb delays in tasks or milestones without consequence. "We have a couple of weeks slack so spending a few more days on it won't be a problem" - It implies there's flexiblity in the schedule. It's a good thing to have. Slack is in part a project coordination tool, although it's more favourable to talk about communication and collaboration. The name fits.
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one of the features you need to know about as soon as possible is the fact that you can set a 'do not disturb' on your account between certain hours so you don't get notifications in the middle of the night if someone posts something and mentions your name in it. you only get a notification most of the time if your name is mentioned.

i don’t want to be contactable at all times

having access to all your content in one place means i don't have to do the 'hunt' for bits of content and the digital digging through email to try and piece together things. the search alone in slack is the best and the ability to share and work on documents together makes it even better.

how does it make me more productive (reduction in email etc)

these make slack awesome. you can do a variety of tasks/chores/bot actions using forward slash commands. if you know the command you can just type the command and a keyword to get some data and the results back.

what are slash shortcuts

intergrations are what bring the power of tools and websites from outside into your private and secure slack channel. intergrations can be from scheduling to video chat to just bringing social media information in for others to see. they really enhance your usage of slack.

what are integrations and how do they work

when using enterprise grade web applications (like slack is) you can expect to pay a premium (not free) after a certain number of users. for a web application like chat to have near to little downtime (i.e it's online all the time) you have to pay something towards the upkeep of that product on the internet.

slack seems expensive per user?

bots are a great way of automating things inside of slack. the bots often run on the web, made by companies normally that enable you to do tasks really speedy inside of slack - from checking out hotel prices, booking ubers and even ordering food. you can do so much with bots.

what are bots and why do i need them

slack supports a number of websites where just posting the url to the media will load the content 'inline' which means you can see it straight away without leaving slack. for instance, copy and paste a url to a youtube video and it will allow you to play right there on desktop and mobile thus keeping you inside of chat.

what is inline playback and why is it so useful?

you can find a lot of copies of software that do the same thing as slack but it often means you have to run and maintain the server yourself. if you confident at doing that you'll be ok otherwise consider the time you will have to be productive compared to being a full time admin. does that have a value to you?

why not use (x) instead as it’s free/same

we got asked the question recently in a slack conversation about having a condensed view of what's going on but in slack it's hard to know what's going to be relevant to you unless you join or frequent channels. that's part of the attraction to being social in the chat.

how can i get an update of everything that's going on?
+ third party integrations
3 lectures 13:45

trello is a fantastic system of keeping notes and tasks for different team members, once configured and people understand how to fly it seeing updates from your team members coming in just makes it all worth doing. slack and trello are a perfect combination of knowing when something has been assigned, worked on or finished. no more asking if something is done!

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ever wanted to jump into a video chat without having to worry about software installed or a login, just one click and your in a video chat with someone. sounds awesome right, well now you can do exactly that. and let's be honest that's kinda awesome!

super easy video chat with

how awesome would it be if you could search hotels direct in slack without having to leave your comfy slack home thus removing the internet distraction of firing up the browser (reducing the distraction economy) or how about even ordering food locally for the team or talking to a personal assistant to get something done. those are some of the amazing things that you can now do with slack!

searching hotels, ordering food, personal assistant
+ thanks for dropping by
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we are super open to adding and making custom videos to this course. that's the whole point of making the course to engage with dialog from you guys. drop us a message and we can get that sorted for you.
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in 2016 i want to increase the membership user base of our slack channel to around 100 members by march 2016. this would be awesome. we are currently charging £20 for that per year because of the costs of being a full member on slack, upkeep of the website and the app. we rely on members and these fees to keep us going and a lovely safe enterprise class place for us to converse securely.

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