How to Shine Your Light in the World through Handwriting

How your Handwriting Can Help
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How to identify 9 personality traits from writing that will help them shine their light in the world and how to add them if they don't already have them.


  • Be able to read and write


Discover nine personality traits in your writing that can help you shine your light in the world, making your mark, making a difference.  You will find clear explanations, lots of illustrated examples of each stroke and personality trait. There is also a quiz at the end of each personality trait lesson for you to test out your new skills.

If you do not already have them in your personality and your writing, you will find out how to add them. You will also learn why adding these strokes to your writing can actually add them to your normal behavior.

Of course, you will know, as a result of taking this course, how to identify these traits in other people's writing too, but mostly it's for you. So you can have the confidence to step out, step ahead, do what you want to do and take the world by storm.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in personal development
  • Anyone in Handwriting Analysis/ Graphology
  • Anyone in making the most of their potential

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Graphologist/Personal Development & Career Coach
Fiona MacKay Young
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With 25+ years experience as a Graphologist or Handwriting Analyst, plus 20+ years as a Career Counselor & Personal Development Coach, I am fascinated by everything that helps people become and then be the very best they can be.

My courses are geared towards that end. With handwriting, as well as just identifying personality traits from writing, you can also use it to make changes to your personality and life just as you can with other and various personal development techniques. And your career should bring you happiness and joy as well as a good income. All these things come together to help you find your way to your best life possible. 

I've also trained and worked as both a graphic designer and a fashion designer in my earlier years, so these courses also come from extensive personal experience. I write books which I self publish and love all the "techie-ness" involved in it so I may create courses around that too.

So my courses will have varied topics, but will all come from a solid background of both training and on-the-job experience. 

 And as an adult education instructor, both in person and online, I have been teaching  others for over 25 years.