Your ENLIGHTENED GUIDE To Endless Lyric Writing
4.3 (419 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
2,637 students enrolled

Your ENLIGHTENED GUIDE To Endless Lyric Writing

A course dedicated to lyrics & songwriting by tapping into (and writing from) your limitless potential.
4.3 (419 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
2,637 students enrolled
Created by Adam Sweeney
Last updated 2/2019
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What you'll learn
  • Expand beyond yourself through the practice of writing lyrics.
  • Make writing an everyday process you enjoy for its own sake.
  • Tap into a space of allowance within yourself (it's a thing, you'll see).
  • Transform limiting beliefs about yourself/songwriting.
  • Write lyrics from different and multiple points of view to navigate storytelling.
  • Structure lyrics to keep listeners engaged through change and variety.
  • Know when lyrics are and are not necessary in your songs.
  • An open mind and understanding that the work is on yourself and the actual writing.
  • A willingness to be honest with yourself and question your beliefs and expectations.
  • Creating time to write and apply the exercises and lessons.
  • Validate and accept all your lyrics and be willing to take things beyond what you originally planned.
  • Explore new things for their own sake of enjoyment, learning and growth.
  • A pen and paper, recorder or computer to write lyrics.
  • A playable instrument such as a guitar or piano.
  • Write Adam (me) without hesitation if you need further understanding or have questions.

Welcome to Your Enlightened Guide To Endless Lyrics Writing !

My name is Adam, and please allow me to give you a brief intro to my course:-)

This course is from the heart, my practice that I have developed over the years. I realized that writing lyrics is a process of personal growth and your lyrics grow as you grow. There is no magic formula for lyrics, YOU are the magic and you activate it when you take action, accept what comes out and do it for its own sake of enjoyment no matter if it is for fun or professionally.

What does writing endless lyrics mean? It means accessing the part of yourself that is also endless (or limitless).

Why would I want to do that? Then you will have an infinite supply of inspiration to draw upon making writing a fun experience.

How can I do this? Make writing a daily practice while validating everything that comes through you.

What aspects about lyrics & songwriting does your course contain?

(I encourage you to look through the curriculum and watch several preview-able videos in order to get a feel for this course so you know if it is what you need.)

  • Introduction - Learn what it means to write unlimited lyrics and songs in combination with your mind and heart and how to effectively communicate to your audiences.

  • Points of View (POV) - Learn about the 3 different kinds of POV, main and sub POV, as well as using multiple POVs and lyric spurts and how this awareness can make you a more refined songwriter.

  • Golden Keys - Methods/exercises to take action on and can get you into the proper state to connect with your creativity and taking (writing) action from that state.

  • Anatomy of A song - Learn in detail the different parts of a song and get tips on how to use them effectively and keep listeners engaged.

  • Platinum Keys - Techniques you can use to enhance your process of songwriting.

  • Lyric Structure Variations - Learn different lyric structure variations, when lyrics are necessary, and how to create variety among your songs.

  • Titanium Tips - Realizations which have helped me overcome blocks, limiting definitions, beliefs and ways of thinking that prevented me from creating my best work that you can use to your benefit.

    And there is more to come....!

This is a process which you can thoroughly enjoy ever aspect. Writing/creating is an experience that expands you beyond yourself in the moment and when it is finished it has served you in that process, and then that finished song or recording will go on to serve those that listen to it and they can be inspired. So it all starts with you.

I am on this journey with you so reach out to me and chat if you would like to speak with me. I am excited to meet you and honored if you join me on this amazing/challenging/exciting journey.

You can find my personal creations on BandCamp, search Adam Sweeney or The All I Ever Wanted EP.

Who this course is for:
  • Novice songwriters of all ages, nations, beliefs, and music genres.
  • Singer-Songwriters
  • Experienced songwriters who enjoy additional perspectives.
  • Those who are fascinated and enthusiastic about writing song lyrics.
  • Individuals that enjoy exploring within themselves and expressing it through music and writing lyrics.
  • Those who want to surprise themselves with what they are truly capable of.
Course content
Expand all 32 lectures 01:45:26
+ Let's Get Started!
4 lectures 16:00

Who is it you are really writing for?

Preview 03:02

This intro lecture gives you real life examples of lyric-writing machines. You will learn one of the key secrets to being a successful songwriter as well as how to differentiate between your creative inspiration and your brain and reaching the balance of using both tools to your advantage.

Preview 05:36

This is a list of 10 ways to get yourself motivated in positive and productive ways in order to establish your inner connection to your creative flow energy which you need in order to write exceptional lyrics.

10 Easy Ways To Get Into the Flow Zone Before Writing

In this lecture we learn the 3 golden rules for writing lyrics: creating, relating, and communicating and why they are so important. We also answer the question quite literally of "What is the defintion of writing lyrics?" which gives you a holistic view of what is really being accomplished.

Preview 03:03
+ The Golden Keys (1-2): Take Action!
2 lectures 05:38
Let's go over the preliminary intentions/tactics which you MUST have/do in order to succeed and be an effective lyric writing machine.
*Set It In Stone*

In this lecture you will learn the limitations setting goals has on your writing and how creating a daily process will increase productivity 10, 15, or even 25 fold!

*Goals Are Garbage*
+ Versatility Of Lyrics For Effective Storytelling
5 lectures 13:43

This lecture provides an overview of the 3 grammatical points of view (POV) as well as how you can have main and sub POVs. You also learn how this can be a natural, but how bringing awarness to it can make you a better songwriter.

Exploring Various Point of View (POV) Tools

In this lecture we define using the 1st person POV and you learn the advantages of writing lyrics in 1st person. Listen to a sound clip I have chosen and highlighted in pure 1st person POV.

1st Person POV Unlocked
In this lecture we define using the 2nd person POV and you learn the advantages of writing lyrics in 2nd person. Listen to a sound clip I have chosen and highlighted in pure 2nd person POV.
2nd Person POV Unlocked
In this lecture we define using the 3rd person POV and you learn the advantages of writing lyrics in 3rd person. Listen to a sound clip I have chosen and highlighted in pure 3rd person POV.
3rd Person POV Unlocked

Let's explore multiple points of view which can be expressed through multiple vocals via recording or live on stage. You will learn how you can have different voices coming from the same or opposiving POV as well as the use of lyric spurts.

Using Multiple POVs (Expressed Through Multiple Vocals)
+ The Golden Keys (3-4): Take Action!
2 lectures 04:42

Good writing is sometimes behind bad or mediocre writing. I will teach you the importance of following the string of creativity which leads to your best work.

*Abundantly More*
You cannot create something of value if you cannot recognize value itself. You will learn how to focus appreciation on value which will put you in connection with your own creativity and inspiration. A must!!
*Lyrical Admiration*
+ The Anatomy of a Song
5 lectures 16:02

This lecture contains everything you need to know about Intros, Verses, and the Pre-Chorus. You will get tips on how to optimally use each one to keep your listeners full engaged.

Easy Guide To Intros, Verses, & The Pre-Chorus

In this lecture we will go over the subtle differences between a chorus and a refrain. You will get 3 examples of famous refrains and tips on the best use of a chorus or refrain.

Chorus Or Refrain, What Is The Difference?

This lecture contains everything you need to know about bridges, breaks, and interludes. You will learn when it is appropriate to use each one so you can effectively choose the right one for your song.

Bridges, Breaks, & Interludes All Wrapped Into One

This is my favorite lecture of the section where we discuss the importance of outros. I go into detail on 2 different kinds of outros: a Constant Change Outro and Tempo Change Outro with 2 song clip examples.

Secrets For Exceptional Outro Finales (Very Important!)

This is a fun exercise taking what you just learned in the last section and applying it to your favorite songs.

Take Action Now! (Fun Excercise Involving Your Favorite Songs)
+ The Platinum Keys (1-2): Take Action!
2 lectures 08:40

In this lecture, you will learn how to note key words and phrases and have lyrics form around them naturally while diversifying them from your other songs and other artists you may write similarly to. 

Platinum Key #1 :Ideal Key Words and Phrases

Here you will learn my personal method which I use to write almost every one of my songs. It is what I call "The Waterslide Method" for songwriting. This is an actual technique to write your lyrics and you will need your instrument and/or voice to support you. 

Platinum Key #2: The Waterslide Method
+ Lyric Structure Variations
3 lectures 08:46

In this lecture we will discover what parts of a song are necessary to have with the idea in mind that quality is sometimes better than quantity.

You Don't Need To Use Everything (Quality Over Quantity Rule)

In this lecture we are going to cover whether each part of a song is lyric-mandatory or lyric-optional.

Lyric-Optional Or Lyric-Manditory?

In this lecture we will go over using the parts of a song in different orders to create variety among your songs. We will also go over the strategic use of repeats. I will provide examples of song structures.

Arranging Colorful Order
+ The Golden Keys (5-10): Take Action!
6 lectures 13:53
This exercise will help you open cognitive doors in your mind and bring about awareness which can help you break through writer's block and initiate momentum.
*Give Me 10!*
In this lecture you will learn about the writing muscle and the benefits exercising it on a regular basis in 2 simple but different ways.
*The Writing Muscle*
This is a clever warm up exercise to help you get into a state of channelining and flow while at the same time working with the creative part of your brain.
*Lyric Warm Ups*
In this lecture you learn how to provoke your lyrics through melody. I use this for every song I write and lyrics flow out so easily!
*Bating Your Lyrics*
This is a powerful experimental technique on exercising focus, eliminating all distractions, and allowing subconscious themes to surface.
*Escape To Focus*

E-motion is energy-in-motion and in this lecture you will learn how to harness your emotions before they leave you and capture them in your song lyrics.

*E-Motion (Energy In Motion)*
+ Enlightened Tips
3 lectures 18:02

Enjoying the process of songwriting, not as a means to and end.

"Titanium Tip #2" - Enjoying The Process

What does it mean to "nail" lyric writing? I answer a question from a fellow student.

"Titanium Tip #3" - What It Means To "Nail" Songwriting
Meet Me (Adam): This Is My Life (All I Ever Wanted)