Ask Right, Earn More

How to create an irresistible case for more pay!
Rating: 4.2 out of 5 (232 ratings)
8,340 students
Ask Right, Earn More
Rating: 4.2 out of 5 (232 ratings)
8,341 students
After watching the course you will recognize obstacles to getting a raise and how to avoid strategies that don’t work. You will then learn how to ask in a way that has the best chance of success. You will rehearse so that you gain confidence and ask skillfully. Worst case scenario: your raise is delayed but you know that you did all that you could to go after it.


  • Desire to earn more money; willingness to evaluate your work habits.

This course prepares you to do something good for yourself—to step up and confidently seek a bigger paycheck. The course combines video mini-lectures (you gain knowledge) with activities (that help you use the knowledge) to improve your own circumstances. Along with the video coaching, you will want to invest some time planning, and rehearsing your “ask.” Get more money by asking right. The payback depends on you.

Who this course is for:
  • All employees who have ambition.
5 sections • 14 lectures • 55m total length
  • Introduction: What You Can Get From This Course
  • Let's Get You Ready to Move Forward
  • Common Obstacles to Getting a Raise
  • Adapt the General Rules to Your Circumstances
  • Don't Do What Doesn't Work: Strategies to Avoid
  • BE Worth More: Video and Analysis
  • SHOW that You are Worth More: Preparation Part 1
  • SHOW that you Are Worth More: Preparation Parts 2-5
  • SHOW that you Are Worth More: Preparation Part 6
  • ASK for a Raise: The "Ask Presentation" Part 1
  • ASK for a Raise: The "Ask Presentation" Part 2
  • How to Respond After the "Big Ask"
  • Mini-posters That Will Help You Lock In New Learning
  • "Forever" Truth about Work and Wages
  • Quiz

Human Relations Specialist
Dr. Richard Walters
  • 4.2 Instructor Rating
  • 954 Reviews
  • 27,506 Students
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Rich Walters holds master’s degrees in business and counseling, and the PhD in counseling psychology (University of Georgia). He learned theories about distress such as anger and perfectionism during his training, but he learned the "real, where-the-rubber-meets-the-road" practical help that is in his courses from clinical experience as a licensed psychologist. Every strategy he recommends has worked time and again as a useful answer for a valued person. He has led hundreds of training sessions on anger, conflict management, and human relations skills in businesses and churches, has taught counselor education and psychology at para-professional, undergraduate, and graduate levels, and is the author of 24 books on counseling-related topics and life skills (published in nine countries). He recently retired as Vice-President for Academic Affairs at Oxford Graduate School. He is co-founder (with his wife, Dr Diana Walters) of the Center for Bold Action, a nonprofit that encourages and equips people to live joyfully and effectively for the betterment of their own and others' lives.