Managing Projects in Healthcare (1 of 3), Plain & Simple

In Part 1 of this series, learn what project management is, why its is important in healthcare, and why projects fail.
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Learn the importance of project management in healthcare
Describe why projects fail
Understand the core components of project management
Apply the core concepts of project management to healthcare applications


  • There are no course requirements or prerequisites. This course is a foundation course.


This is the 1st in a series of 3 courses on Project Management in Healthcare.

Did you ever wonder why so many projects fail even though well intentioned?    Did you ever want someone to explain to you in non technical terms the various forms of project management and how to choose the best for your situation?  Were you ever curious about the difference between project management, product management and portfolio management?   If so, this is the course for you.

These technologies if implemented correctly have the potential of making healthcare processes more efficient and maximizing patient and user experience. If implemented incorrectly, they can wreak havoc.

Healthcare is unique from other businesses in that its payment models, complexity and its real "life and death" experiences are all very unique. The continuum of care from one healthcare provider to another often seems to be disconnected, resulting in confusing processes and reduced patient experience. This is where effective project management techniques can bring structure, discipline and control into this ever changing world.

Learn the history of project management, the various project management tools and the core building blocks for a successful project.

     · The complexities unique to healthcare

     · The spiraling healthcare costs

     · What effective project management techniques can bring to the solution

     · Examples of failed healthcare projects

     · The 10 reasons why projects fail

     · The history of project management

     · The core building blocks of effective project management

     · Overview of the project management process

     · The difference between project, product and portfolio management

This course includes:

  • Video lectures walking you through the various aspects of wireless

  • Quiz to test your retention

  • Significant number of resources to do a deeper dive into his topic.

Whether you are new to the healthcare profession or looking to advance your career in healthcare or are an established healthcare professional eager to learn more about the potential of this new technology, this course is perfect for you. The course is targeted for those unfamiliar with technical jargon but still wanting to learn about this new technology and its application to healthcare organizations.

My approach to teaching is a very pragmatic one explaining difficult concepts in an “easy to understand” format.  This and my other courses are founded on my 35 years experience in the healthcare industry growing my career from development engineer through president.  It is also based on my 15 years teaching business and healthcare at the graduate level at 2 Universities.

Who this course is for:

  • Those currently in a healthcare position, wanting to learn more about project management and the role it plays in healthcare.
  • Those considering a career change and wanting to learn more about healthcare and its processes
  • Those entering the healthcare industry and wanting to learn how good project management skills can make a difference
  • The eternally curious


A Practical Approach to Learning ... Plain and Simple
Thomas Giordano
  • 4.5 Instructor Rating
  • 627 Reviews
  • 2,469 Students
  • 28 Courses

Tom Giordano is a 28 year veteran of Philips Healthcare. He retired in 2005 as Vice President of Marketing, where he was responsible for 240 marketing professionals and several billion dollars in product. Through his career, Tom held a wide variety of positions of increasing responsibility at Philips, starting in engineering, progressing to product management, then marketing management and finally senior level business leadership. In 2004, he was awarded the prestigious Presidential Award from Philips for forming a new entrepreneurial business unit that tripled sales in 18 months. Tom played a key role as a course developer and instructor in the management development and executive training efforts with the Philips High Potential Development Center.

Following his retirement from Philips, Tom joined the adjunct faculty of the graduate business schools of the University of New Haven in Connecticut and the University of Washington in Seattle.  He currently holds a positiion as "Executive in Residence" at the University of New Haven and continues to teach there with exceptionally high student reviews.

In 2009, while teaching at UW and UNH, he became President of Sectra Healthcare North America for 2 years to lead a very successful turnaround effort.

Tom built a very successful internship program between Philips and the University of Washington and served as a mentor there for 15 years.  He also served as a mentor in the University of Washington mentor program and was featured in the book "Mentoring Moments" by Susan Canfield.

Tom serves as chairman of the  Patient Advisory Council of Saint Vincent's Hospital in Bridgeport, CT

Tom holds executive coaching certifications with both Lore International and Tilt 360.   He holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Drexel University in Philadelphia and a MS degree in Engineering from the University of Florida.

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