Introduction to Logic (Geometry Unit 2)

the first unit for High School Geometry (for students)
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Use inductive reasoning to develop appropriate conjectures
Find counterexamples to false conjectures
Describe the truth values of given statements
Differentiate between conjunctions and disjunctions
Create truth tables of compound statements
Identify the hypothesis and conclusion for conditional statements
Understand the difference between the converse, inverse, and contrapositive
Correctly use the Law of Detachment and the Law of Syllogism to arrive at logical conclusions


  • Computer that plays audio/video files
  • Program to open PDFs


This unit is the first in a High School Geometry curriculum. It teaches basic logical concepts so that they can be applied to geometric concepts later on. It can be taken by traditional high school students as well as High School Equivalency (HSE) students who are learning about geometric topics for their equivalency exams (GED, TASC, and/or HiSET).Topics include:

(1) Conjectures and Counterexamples

(2) Symbolic Logic

(3) Truth Tables

(4) Conditional Statements

(5) Related Conditional Statements

(6) Deductive Reasoning

Each section has at least one related video, a video quiz, and a section quiz. The video quiz is to be taken along with or shortly after watching the video. The section quiz is to be taken after. To supplement the course, you can use any textbook.

This course should take approximately five to ten hours to complete.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is designed for students who are interested in learning the material. I have developed a similar course for instructors looking to use my videos to teach their students, but that course has additional instructor information.
  • High School Geometry Students
  • HSE/GED Students Studying Geometry

Course content

8 sections8 lectures1h 32m total length
  • Introduction


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