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Beginner Fiddle Course - Start the Fiddle - Online Beginner Fiddle Course - Fiddle Primer to start
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Beginning to make the shift from Violin to Fiddle
A Minor Pentatonic Scale
Fiddle Movements in A Minor Pentatonic
Ascending and Descending fiddle modes in A Minor Pentatonic
Learning how to make your Violin sound Fiddly
Play Along Exercises to help you learn faster


  • Basic Violin Skills are required
  • You will need a violin/fiddle and a bow
  • Practice is key - the more you practice the better you will be


Beginner Fiddle - Fiddle Basics Primer - Fiddle Lessons - FREE Fiddle BEGINNER Starter Course - Learn a few Basics

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You'll want to have some basic beginner violin skills to start this course.


My passion is inspiring others to feel more confident in themselves and their playing. I feel like playing the fiddle can do that. After years of performing and teaching all over the US. at workshops, out of my home, and through multiple schools, I was asked by many of my students to make fiddle course videos of my lessons.  So here is the result.

I hope you will join me on the inside of this fiddle course where you will learn some amazing fiddle tricks.


  • For the beginner players who would like to learn fiddle skills

  • Learn your basics - Every detail will be broken down and explained in easy to understand parts to help you succeed. 


  • Anyone interested in learning the fiddle

  • Anyone who wants to play fiddle for enjoyment

  • Anyone who wants to be a performer or a musician

  • Great for all ages


  • All these fiddle videos are all broken down to the smallest detail. It's assumed that a person who has never attempted to play fiddle is watching this course.


Feel free to send me any questions you might have on this course. I want to make your learning experience the best that it can be.


Thanks for taking the time to look at this Beginner Fiddle Primer.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside and teaching you how to be a beginning fiddle player. 

Chuck Millar         
Lesson Pros

Fiddle Beginner Starter Course - Learn a few Basics
Primer - Beginner Fiddle Course - Start the Fiddle - Online Beginner Fiddle Course - Fiddle Primer to start

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for a beginner
  • This is a short course designed to get you started with the A Minor Pentatonic Scale
  • All ages - I once had a 96 year old man who wanting to take lessons. His goal was to learn 5 songs so he could die a happy man. He did exactly that and died a happy man. So if you are telling yourself you are to old, seriously it is never too late.
  • For anyone looking to meet new people. Playing the fiddle is a great way to make new friends. I have met my closest friends playing music. There is a huge community of like-minded people playing music in every part of the world.
  • For the beginner - This is a great starting point - you will get the fiddle Am Pentatonic basics broke down

Course content

13 sections24 lectures1h 22m total length
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They have won many competitions for their music and teaching, including Chuck’s countless 1st place titles in fiddling and trick fiddling, Chuck and Sandi's band No Grass Limit have won awards, here are some of the most recent ones: Songwriter of the Year - Sandi Millar, Album of the Year -“Originals” – No Grass Limit – Universe Unlimited, Guitar Performer of the Year - Clint Birtzer (Guitar Player for NGL), Mandolin Performer of the Year - Chuck Millar, Bluegrass Band of the Year (Contemporary) - No Grass Limit and Vocal Group of the Year - No Grass Limit.

After spending most of their lives on the concert stage, Chuck and Sandi felt a strong need to give back to people of all ages. In 2002, they came up with an idea to start a lesson program. Chuck’s multi-instrumental talent and experience teaching, and Sandi’s innate business sense made them a perfect fit to create a wonderful lesson program.

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