Finding Your Happiness

How to increase your happiness and build a world class life
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Understand happiness and what drives it in human beings.
Be able to start building a truly world class life.
Know what you need to do to become truly happy.


  • A willingness to be truthful with yourself.
  • A desire to improve and become happier.
  • A willingness to apply work, effort and discipline into changing your life.


Finding Your Happiness is for anyone not feeling incredibly happy in their lives and themselves.  It’s for those who want to build a world class life of true happiness.

In this course you will learn exactly what I mean by “happy” and “happiness”, how and why TRUE success is to be happy, and the 10 powerful principles to understand and implement in order to maximise your happiness.

My ultimate aim is not to leave you feeling “OK”, or “content” or “pretty happy”, but to give you the tools and knowledge needed to be insanely happy with yourself and your life!  Understand however that it WILL take work, effort and discipline to achieve this level of happiness, so please only take this course if you are prepared to apply those.  There are no “magic bullets” to achieving unbelievable levels of happiness.

If happiness was a currency, I’d be a billionaire, and now I want to share my “wealth”, AKA what has made me this happy, with as many people as possible.  If you would like to learn, please enroll now.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is not 100% incredibly happy with their life right now.
  • Anyone who wants to begin to learn the principles behind building a world class life.
  • Anyone who wants to improve and increase their happiness.


Powered by positivity and perspective
James Hill
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My driving aim is very simple: to develop and live a world-class life of incredible happiness, and to help and inspire as many others as possible to do the same.

My life so far has been one of extreme highs and crushing lows.  For example, in my twenties I ran four marathons across four different cities, traveled all over the globe staying in 5-star hotels, I got a Degree in Agriculture, I went to a Royal World Premier of a Bond movie, and so on.

Since then I have been through a divorce, suffered various business, investment and financial failures, and it was only a few years ago when I was even sleeping in my car and £70,000 in debt!

Fast forward to today and I now live in a nice house in Huddersfield (UK).  I’m debt-free.  I have the best job I have ever had and more importantly, I’m enjoying it.  I am also continuing to pursue my wider ambitions and vision, and loving the process of doing so.

I am fit and healthy with world-class physical and mental health, the foundation of which has been my morning routine.  I have built good habits in multiple areas of my life.  I have written two books, continue to make courses, and I'm continuing to develop as a public speaker.  I go on lots of mini-adventures such as hikes in the countryside and walks in the woods, and I’ve filled my life with many other things I love doing such as reading, making weird and wonderful videos, dancing, spending time with quality friends and family, and foraging for wild food in the woods and countryside.

I tell you all this not to brag but to show just how much has changed and what’s possible when you knuckle down and focus with the right attitude and work ethic.

Most importantly, from everything I’ve been through and everything I’ve learned along the way, I’m now living a life that I love.  In other words, I’m incredibly happy.  I’m living my own life and being who I really am.

Through all of this – the very good and the very bad and everything in between – I’ve gained knowledge, insights, and skills that have allowed me to reach a whole new level of happiness and a position of wanting to help others achieve the same.

In short, I've done enough right to make a success of life, and I've done enough wrong to make me a great teacher.

The ultimate goal?

For both myself and anyone who cares to listen to me, a life of meaning and purpose where you feel alive and fulfilled, are able to be your true self unshackled from the judgements and opinions of other people and society in general, no regrets, excellent mental health and happiness, and a legacy and life you can be proud of.

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