Get Your Crowdfunding Superpowers On!
4.0 (13 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Get Your Crowdfunding Superpowers On!

When you finish the course, your campaign is ready to launch... and you'll have the power to materialize money!
4.0 (13 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
1,224 students enrolled
Created by Kimberlee Hayward
Last updated 6/2014
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What you'll learn
  • You'll Get Your Crowdfunding Campaign Done...100% Ready to Launch!
  • You'll Have Set Realistic Expectations About What it Takes to Get Your Campaign Funded So You Don't Fail
  • You'll Learn What Tools Are Out There That Will Save You Tons of Time & Money and Make Your Campaign The Strongest and Best Possible!
  • You'll get templates you can use to contact influencers and other potential funders... easy peasy!
  • You'll execute both phases of your Soft Launch as you put your campaign together... building an audience of eager backers before yu even launch!
  • You'll Have a Customized Brilliant Crowdfunding Campaign Marketing Plan That Will Be Ready to Execute - Step-by-Step At The End of This Course
  • Internet connection
  • Computer
  • A motivation to do what it takes to get your project funded!


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"This is something to celebrate! I learned more in this course than I did at an Ivy League Business School - Thank you!"

Rosaria Landona, Economist and Operations Specialist, Washington D.C.

GET YOUR CROWDFUNDING SUPERPOWERS ON - How to Create A Brilliant Crowdfunding Campaign That Gets Fully Funded. This is the first, best, and only course that takes you by the hand and walks you through everything you need to know - and do - to create a brilliant crowdfunding campaign and a brilliant campaign marketing plan too! (Did you know that crowdfunding campaigns with a day-to-day marketing plan get 180% more funding?)

Crowdfunding courses, even good ones, typically give you ideas and general information or advice for creating a campaign. Books and blogs do the same. This course is different. It sets a whole new standard.

When you finish this course, if you do the coursework, you will be 100% ready to launch your crowdfunding campaign on whatever crowdfunding platform you decide. This means you'll be ready to launch your campaign and execute the campaign marketing plan you customize as a part of this course. On top of that, your entire soft-launch will already be in full swing, building an interested audience of targeted funders!

This amazing course is “linear” and it takes you step-by-step, at your pace, through every part of creating and executing a truly brilliant crowdfunding campaign. You don’t just learn what to do…you learn how to do it AND you DO IT as you go through the course!

As you can see by the curriculum below, this is seriously comprehensive and covers every phase and activity included in creating and executing a crowdfunding campaign. This curriculum is based on the highly successful Brilliant Marketing Methodology, a step-by-step program that has helped thousands of successful companies across the globe learn how to best market their products and services...and it's been customized to help you market your idea to crowdfunders.

There are over 30 videos and hands-on exercises, examples, and fantastic supporting materials…all relevant and focused to help you understand and develop those things that will make your campaign a stand-out, funded one!

Your instructor for this course is Kimberlee Hayward, the original author and developer of the Brilliant Marketing Methodology. She presents the information you really need to know and does so in a way that keeps you engaged, excited, and motivated to get your campaign created, launched, and funded! The video lessons are short and sweet (well, most of them anyway); they tell you what you need to do and then send you off with hands-on exercises for creating your campaign. You'll learn the tools you need to use to find funders and those to get your campaign ready and rolling; there's also a host of templates you can use to connect with influencers and other potential funders along the way.

Kimberlee has worked in marketing and training for over 20 years, authored numerous published articles and Amazon e-books (some using a ghost name). She has trained thousands of small businesses to market successfully. She has also taught many businesses, organizations, and students how to create their own websites.

She has a B.S. in Natural Health, magna cum laude. She is certified by the Direct Marketing Association and has consulted with many Fortune 100 and 500 companies as well as with thousands of start-ups and "mom and pop" shops. Her "one true thing" is guiding others to achieve their dreams; that certainly explains her dedication to helping you get your crowdfunding campaign funded! :D


Who this course is for:
  • Everyone interested in crowdfunding their idea, dream, or project
  • Organizations and corporations interested in pre-selling their newest product...even before it's been developed
  • Companies interested in using crowd funding as a market research tactic
Course content
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31 lectures 05:09:29

This 30 minute class gives you an overview of crowdfunding in general and then does a deep-dive into the 12 things every successful crowdfunding campaign includes. The hallmark of this course is it's "no hype, no BS" approach. You learn what you need to know to succeed.

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How many people does it take to make a crowdfunding team successful? Find out here!

There's Strength in Numbers!
Getting Off to a Super Start

What you THINK you are crowdfunding when you start your campaign, may turn out to be something entirely different by then time you complete this lesson and the accompanying exercises. :D Getting funded is all all about your potential donor's perception....

What Are You Really Crowdfunding?

Knowing exactly who your best potential funders are is key. This lesson guides you through the process of getting clear on that important aspect of every successful crowdfunding campaign.

Who Are Your Best Potential Funders?

Branding your campaign to create an emotional connection with potential funders is vital. Learn how to use fonts, colors, graphics, words, and more to organically attract the "who" to the "what".

Branding Your Campaign

Ironically, the most effective strategy for getting your campaign funded isn't the one being widely promoted! Why? Beats me...probably because most courses on crowdfunding aren't developed by marketing professionals; they're all just kinda following what everyone else is teaching instead of really diving deep into what works best. I can't really speak for others, but I we can do is speak for us... and we're teaching this "secret, effective" strategy because it works! Learn all about it in this lesson and star working in all lessons that follow.

The BIG Crowdfunding Secret No One Else is Telling You

Influence marketing... what is it and why is it the key to crowdfunding success? At the end of this lesson you'll know the answers to these questions well enough to actually teach the lesson yourself!

Influence Marketing 101

In the last lesson you began the process of identifying where to find the connectors and influencers in your campaign's niche. In this lesson you'll intensive that search. Typically not the most fun you'll have working on your project, but it's the foundation for your success- so give it everything ya got!

Finding the Best Influencers

In this "BONUS" lesson you'll use additional tools for finding additional influencers...but only if it's the "right" thing for you to be doing. How do you know? You'll find that out too!

BONUS: Finding the Best Influencers

In the last lesson you created a list of influencers in your niche. In this lesson you'll do some analysis and and narrow down that list to only those that you'll be focused on establishing relationships with as your campaign continues.

Influencer Analysis

You know who your influencers are and you know where to find them. The trick now is getting them to care about your campaign. In this lesson you'll be executing on those tasks to make that happen.

Influencing Influencers

Crowdfunding Superheroes know there's an efficient... and a not so efficient way to use social media to activate your campaign and generate buzz. In this lesson, you'll learn what they know!

Activating Your Campaign & Creating Buzz With Social Media

Either you love it or you hate it, but the fact is that your friends and family are a very important part of your crowdfunding campaign. Learn how to engage them in a way that doesn't feel opportunistic but rather empowering (for everyone involved!)

How to Use the Crowdfunding "F" Words

Your campaign will need a way to communicate with people before your project is live; this lesson focuses on creating easy landing pages.

A Smooth Landing

Most certainly, the length and intensity of your campaign's Soft Launch is the number one thing to make or break most any campaign. In this lesson you'll learn what a Soft Launch is, why it's vital to your success, and you'll get your's launched! :D

It's Time: Soft Launch Phase I

The title of your campaign is the first opportunity you have to start connecting with potential funders. It's also the way search engines will find your campaign during AND after your project. Crafting a strong campaign title isn't as hard as you might think if you follow the simple guidelines you'll learn in this lesson.

Crafting a Killer Campaign Title

Graphics (including those in your video) are the number one factor for creating the "feel" and emotional connection of your campaign. In this lesson you'll learn all about using graphics in your campaign and about the best resources for creating them.

Get Your Graphics On!

Potential funders need to have confidence in your ability to do what it is you say you're going to do in your crowdfunding campaign. In this lesson you'll create a bio that will blow them away and get them reaching for their wallet as fast as a speeding bullet!

It's All About Credibility!

In this lesson you'll identify the great social good associated with your project and you'll get it written up and ready to be included in your campaign narrative.

The Greater Social Good

Easily, as a crowdfunding consultant, the most common question I'm asked is "How much can I ask for?" This lesson addresses all your funding questions and you'll have answers and be ready to roll with it when you finish this lesson.

How Much is Too Much?

Ohhh the video; many a crowdfunder's nemesis. The good news is, however, there a lots of option that make creating a fab video do-able regardless of your budget and/or experience (or lack there-of!) This lesson walks you through those things that make a good video and introduces you to tools and resources to get yours done! (And done right!) :D

Crowdfunding Kryptonite & The Video Xanax Antidote

Perks, rewards, incentives, thankyous... whatever you can them, them are CRITICAL to campaign success. This lesson teaches you exactly what you need to know about perks and at the conclusion of the exercise, you're perks will be defined and ready to promote!

Perk Up!

Getting funders, especially those that don't personally know you, to donate is all about minimizing their perceived risk. After all, who wants to back a project and potentially lose money on it (a real scenario for backers on flex-funding projects). Addressing, minimizing, and mitigating perceived risks is an important part of any campaign.

Risky Business!

In this lesson you'll gather up all of the work you've done so far, merge it with some additional narrative description you'll write in this lesson, and you're campaign will be 100% ready to launch the crowdfunding platform of your choice! CONGRATULATIONS!

Your Powerful Campaign Description

You're almost there... launch time. But before you put the cart before the horse, you need to finish up some very important Soft Launch tasks. This lesson has you doing them

Soft Launch Phase II

Campaigns that update get far more funding than those that don't. In this lesson you'll pre-plan your updates to make your campaign easier and more successful!

Updates: Not an Option

Campaigns that follow a day to day marketing plane earn over 100% more funds. (Notice I used the work "earn" not "get"!) :D This lesson provides you with a proven day to day campaign; you'll do the work to customize it to your campaign and be well on your way to success!

Your Brilliant Campaign Marketing Plan

Ok... it's all you now! :D Launch date!

Official Campaign Launch

Whether you're on the fast track to funding or not...there are a few things you need to do to revise your campaign just prior to it ending. In this lesson you'll learn the 411 on all that.

48 Hours Before Your Campaign Ends

Successfully funded? BRAVO? Not successful? No worries... you just learned a ton and are ready to run at it again. Either way, there are a few things ya gotta do now to succeed and keep the monkeys off your back!

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility