Egyptian food : Cook a delicious chicken Shawarma crepe.

Learn how to cook a chicken shawarma crepe recipe step by step using the traditional and healthy method.
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Cook Egyptian cuisine in an easy way.
Discover Egyptian flavors
Cook with a bowl
Learn to cook in a modern, pharaonic way


  • No Knowledge. The ingredient and equipement is available in the course.


Do you have an idea about the Egyptian cuisine? Flavors and ingredients? Do you have the opportunity to sample one of the most popular recipes in

Egypt? Do you think how you can prepare it?

But what is the recipe? Ah, it's the traditional Egyptian crepe

Do you want to learn how to cook a delicious Egyptian crepe recipe in the traditional and healthy way?

Now it is your right place.

The chef does this only by adding the artistic touch to cooking, the method of cooking, in addition to mastery and skill in choosing the contents and ingredients of food, and even the way food is displayed and presented. The concept of cooking differs greatly between ancient and modern times, as in ancient times cooking was only to satisfy hunger, while recently it has become one of the finest arts: it has transformed into a new scientific system that stimulates innovation and creativity.

The Culinary Arts major aims to graduate students who acquire the sufficient skills necessary for the graduate to become a professional chef or chef.

In this course you will discover crepe shawarma.

Kind of crepe shawarma

Method of combining ingredients and

Make a shawarma

In each section, you will take step-by-step to cook the Crepe Shawarma Crepe.

Enjoy healthy food.

Who this course is for:

  • this course is designed for Mam looking for a healthy food to their family. it's not suitable for you if you want fast food
  • this course is destined for chief who want discover new culture and a different way of cooking.
  • this course is directed for people who love the savor of Crepe shawarma and don't know how to prepare it
  • This course is designed for anyone who loves traditional Egyptian cuisine


Culinary instructor, Traditional Cook
Ayman .
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It is impossible to think of Egypt without remembering those delicious dishes made throughout the country, with special spices and flavors unique in the whole world. Ayman is an Egyptian young man who had the opportunity to learn the traditional Egyptian crepe recipe directly from his mother and grandmother, both of whom are cooking. Ayman holds a Bachelor's degree in Petrochemical Engineering, and he has worked in this field for the past 7 years, but his hobby and passion have always been the Egyptian culture, ancient civilizations and traditional Egyptian food, since he was young. Ayman, a very friendly and easy man who has established relationships with people from all over the world, And many advise them to open a course on how to prepare traditional tagine, not only because of the quality of his dish but also because of the clarity in his speech and the ability to teach and share with others in English. Ayman Al-Kreib Shawarma is considered a form of art, from flour to eating what it contains, an art that requires patience, dedication and love. With this course you will learn step by step how to cook crepe shawarma in your kitchen, and feel like you are back in the beloved Egypt, the land of the ancient pharaohs.

The art of cooking in Egypt

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