Introducción a los controles de DevExpress para Blazor

Aprende como implementar y personalizar los controles de DevExpress para Blazor. Version 20.1 Completamente Gratis.
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Como usar los controles de DevExpress para Blazor


  • Familiaridad con C# y Blazor


En este curso introductorio de los controles de DevExpress en Blazor, aprenderemos como ser mas productivos usando los componentes mas comunes en todas las aplicaciones web. Todos los estudiantes registrados antes del 31 de Diciembre del 2020 tendrán acceso gratis a la version 20.1 de los componentes de DevExpress de por vida.

Entre los componentes que se cubren en el curso se encuentran:

  • DataGrid

  • Charts

  • Scheduler

  • ComboBox

  • Editores de Datos

  • ¡Entre muchos más!

¿Por que reinventar la rueda, creando componentes de zero?

¿Listos? Nos vemos adentro :)

Who this course is for:

  • Desarrolladores .NET que quieran utilizar C# para frontend

Course content

6 sections19 lectures42m total length
  • Introducción
  • Que necesito saber para tomar este curso?
  • Configurando nuestra primera aplicación de Blazor Server Side
  • Configurando nuestra primera aplicación de Blazor Web Assembly


DevExpress MVP
Jose Javier Columbie
  • 4.5 Instructor Rating
  • 81 Reviews
  • 1,932 Students
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Jose is a Master of Electrical Engineering turned .NET Developer/Architect. Big DevOps advocate and Xamarin Certified. Jose spends most of his time on training, consulting and development of Azure based solutions for enterprise customers. Passionate about performance, data access, application design and DevExpress products, specially XAF and XPO. There is no project where he does not include XAF in one way or another. From mobile, windows to web applications his goal is to have XPO and XAF security everywhere. He is also a tech speaker, blogger and is always pushing to grow the community. Blazor is his new crush.

DevExpress MVP
Jose Manuel Ojeda
  • 4.5 Instructor Rating
  • 81 Reviews
  • 1,932 Students
  • 1 Course

Hello, my name is Jose Manuel Ojeda, but I am usually known as Joche Ojeda, my academic career is computer management, but I think my true training started when I started my working life.

My job at that company was to help unify the many flavors of software and reports that existed within the 9 branches around the world, also to unify all new developments in new .NET technology in 2003.

I eventually managed to ascend to the position of main programmer and my work changed to having to evaluate the different options on controls and frameworks of third parties.

I develop software for offices in the United States, Canada, Chile, United Kingdom, Australia and China. One of the last tasks I had as a lead developer was to evaluate frameworks for creating a unified ERP for the company.

In 2008, I resigned from job to be an independent consultant, since that time I have worked in different institutions in the role of system architect, technical leader or training of developers.

I currently dedicate 50% of my working hours to training on the XAF platform, for Salvadoran or foreign institutions. And the remaining time I dedicate it to the development of projects especially the mixture of the platforms XAF and XAMARIN that is c # for mobile operating systems