Brand Positioning and Marketing Communication

The fundamentals of creating a brand positioning and how it translates into brand communication
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Learn how to create engaging communication based on consumer insights
Learn to how to write a brand concept and develop a brand positioning
Learn to decode ads and understand the marketing strategy behind it.
Learn how to test if your brand concepts have consumer acceptance
Learn how a brand positioning and communication evolves over 2 decades with a practical example


  • There is no experience needed. Even if you're a lay person you would enjoy learning about the strategy behind everyday advertising


This is a short course to introduce you to one of the fundamentals of brand management i.e Brand positioning.
The method used is that of taking real life examples which participants would be familiar with.

We look at how a brand concept is written. The different parts of a brand concept- Insight | Benefit | RTB
How to ensure that we write brand concepts that translate into engaging communications.

Through the course we'll identify why some brands are able to make consistently good communication and others are not.
The course will make you understand that marketers need consumer centricity and insights to develop engaging communication and do not have to rely on creative genius.

We'll also look at how to test brand concepts with consumers.
Lastly we would look at the journey of a brand over 2 decades and how its positioning and communication have evolved.

The course is industry agnostic and the principles can be applied to brands in any category.
Though the examples used are those of the Indian market, the principles remain the same across markets.
The course provides you with the fundamental strategy of developing communication regardless of the media vehicle, whether it's TV, Print, Radio or digital medium.

At the end of this course you would learn to look at advertising from a marketers lens and decode the marketing strategy behind it.

Who this course is for:

  • Students or aspirant to a marketing or brand management role
  • Sales professionals who aspire to be in a marketing role
  • Sales professionals who intend to understand the marketing system better


Marketing Manager at Marico Ltd.
Mohammed Shahbaaz
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Mohammed Shahbaaz has nearly a decade of experience in creating and managing million dollar consumer brands. He has a degree in Marketing and Strategy from the prestigious Indian Institute of Management.

While managing new recruits at his organization, he saw the gap between industry and academia in Brand Management.

Unfortunately, while, there are innumerable courses on how to run a Facebook, google or Instagram ad, there is not much that talks about the science and strategy in marketing.

This often leads to three common misconceptions. Either people believe marketing is about running algorithmic ads or about creating ads or worse, it’s just common sense.

This is his attempt to challenge the status quo. To democratize knowledge and to give you an opportunity to stand out from the competition.

While his work experience is primarily in the Indian FMCG industry and hence the examples used are from the same, the principles apply to a brand management role in any consumer facing industry.

So, if you want to be a Brand Manager, lets start, because you are already at the right place.

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