How to be confident with resilient mindset

Change your life with developing your mindset to positivity
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How to manage stress and handle the problem
Being resilient to overcome problems
Managing emotions
Having a positive belief
Step by steps of how to move forward
Builiding better relationships
Able to communicate well with handling stress
Building resilience in a workforce environment


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Hello all!

Welcome to this course of how to be more resilient in life.  Have you ever wondered how you can be more resilient in life in difficult situations? Well then maybe it's time for you to find out!

This course is for those who are managing lack of confidence and need to be more resilient in life. This course is to help those who lack confidence and need to grow with learning basic resilience. It is to also help you understand more about your own emotions and how you can manage it better by facing up to problems in areas.  There are so many different topics so go with each one carefully.

The course is to help you to learn the theory of things when you have setbacks in life and how you can pull yourself back up again.

It is for you to learn and understand yourself more how you deal with things.  It is all about how you can keep going and not give up.

In this course you will learn these steps by steps below:

- Introduction

- What is resilience?

- Example video of anxiety and how you can manage it better to move forward

- Why do people turn to drugs to feel good?

- The benefits of resilience

- How does resilience affect mental health?

- What does it mean to have resilience?

- How do you overcome a setback?

- How do you develop resilience?

-  How to learn from your mistakes and failures?

- How can I be resilient in life?

-Steps to building beliefs

-How to train mind to be stronger than feelings

-How to be resilient in a work environment

In these step by steps you will learn different ways to handling resilience and how you can manage it better in your daily life.

It is about learning the steps by steps and using it into your life.

There are also some assignments for you to do and quizzes to learn more about each topic.

After the course kindly please put a review and we really hope you enjoy this course.

Who this course is for:

  • All walks of life

Course content

10 sections14 lectures1h 4m total length
  • Can you think of a situation where you had to handle resilience and how?
    1 question
  • Introduction
  • What is resilience?


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Alex is a high-performance individual who has learned social psychology, performances, behaviors,  various different programs for over ten years. Alex has worked in different sectors of industries from banking, entertainment,  sales, retail, legal associate marketing and event management.   

He has studied a Social Psychology degree also in learning more about human behavior with hours of research and work.

The courses are developed for you to understand more about different things in life.

This research has taken Alex years of research and understanding not just from himself but from mentors who have helped him in terms of building his learning.

These courses will give you more of an understanding how we work as people and how it can help you in the future and then taking action!