Develop Your Self-Awareness And Think Clearly

A quick guide into how your mind works and quick tools for clear thinking
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Change the perspective of your life story
Raise your level of self awareness and self acceptance
Let go of mental pressure by practicing the art of allowing and acceptance
Find the wisdom hidden in silence
Calm your mind with a guided meditation (and by hearing my voice)
Reconnect to your self, to your inner guide, more precisely
Come into your vibrational alignment


  • You are self-help oriented
  • You have love for personal growth
  • You have an open mind


This course is for you if:

  • You are tired of so much resistance and friction in your life
  • The internal struggle has drained you
  • You have decided once and for all - enough is enough!
  • You are juggling way too many things on your daily plate 
  • You struggle to find time for passions but work and other people steal your focus away
  • You miss that state of sharp awareness only an empty but clear mind brings. 

You know, that state of no thoughts, but at the same time feeling intensely alive and present.

You have tried the beaten path, the social script, but it has failed you.

Now you want to try a different way of thinking, so you can finally stand your ground and think for yourself.

If this is you, then you are in the right place, my friend!

You are about to reconnect with your Personal Guiding System - your one and only Intuition.

My job is to point you in the right direction with the proper set of Perceptual Tools.

To move towards inner silence and release stress, you must consciously move your attention away from the energy of stress and towards the energy of inner silence.

Easier said than done, right?

I know... Well, I can tell you, it doesn't come naturally, I know.

But with some practice, lots of patience and gentleness towards yourself, you will discover

  • how to let go of stress
  • how to let go of mental pressure 
  • allow the world to be as it is, but
  • still find joy in your day to day life

It's all there, you just have to see it, I will show you how.

Does this sound good to you?

You will start moving towards being a more balanced human being.

All of this will happen after you connect with Intuition, Inner Silence and Stillness.

Who this course is for:

  • You are willing to listen to and try out different perspectives
  • You are willing and ready to do some inner work
  • You believe in the importance of self-knowledge and introspection
  • You are ready to actually follow up and take action on the ideas you will be exposed to

Course content

1 section7 lectures33m total length
  • Introduction - The strong principle of personal responsibility
  • The Power Of Focus (Part 1)
  • The Power Of Focus (Part 2)
  • Foundation concepts self-checking quiz
    3 questions
  • Meet your Gut Feeling
  • Practice Allowing to find Inner Peace
  • Guided Meditation to invite Silence into your life
  • Allowing practice self-assessment
    2 questions
  • Appreciation Tool - The Reversed gap


Dan Munteanu
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Hi, I am Dan Munteanu, and I consider myself to be:

➜ podcaster

➜ self-help afficionado

➜ former programmer (C++ and SQL mainly)

My main areas of mastery and expertise include:

➜ MeditationSelf Awareness and Introspection (I can teach you a lot about inner calm)

➜ Self HelpPersonal Development (I know how to push the reset button for your mind)

➜ Law of Attraction

➜ Computer Programming (this was a previous passion of mine and I have a lot of expertise in this area)

I have a degree in computer science from a well-known University in Cluj Napoca, Romania.

But in the past years, in my spare time, I learned as much as I could about self-help and personal development, because I had to and I also loved to do it.

I started applying what I learned in real life. And I started getting results. Then, I started teaching others how to do the same. 

I can help you with restoring your self confidence, raising your level of awareness and self knowledge.

My Mission:

Through my courses, I want to help you deepen your awareness and to get the results you seek as soon as possible. 

You see, I have invested thousands of hours into the topics I loved learning. 

Because of this, I have the expertise required to make your learning journey much, much shorter.

I want to bring out the best in yourself.

I am eager to help you reach a deeper level of understanding of your own psychology and, why not, to motivate you to become the best version of yourself.

Are you ready to start learning with me?