5-Day Mindfulness for Anxiety

Reduce day-to-day worry and enjoy the here and now with this beginner's introduction to mindfulness meditation
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11,216 students
1hr 7min of on-demand video

Reduce day-to-day worrying
Decrease anxiety
Have more control over your thoughts
Enjoy the present moment more


  • This course is suitable for anyone looking to reduce their day-to-day worrying
  • No prior knowledge of mindfulness or mediation is required
  • You will need somewhere quiet to be able to practice the meditations


Is your mind constantly being distracted by unwelcome thoughts and worries? Do you feel like it stops you from enjoying the fun bits of life? Do you wish you had better focus and could enjoy the present more?

If so, this is the course for you.

This short course is perfect for anyone looking to reduce their day-to-day worrying using the scientifically-proven technique of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). You will learn about how it works and complete your first five mindfulness meditations.

Mindfulness is the practice of experiencing the here and now without judgement. We focus on connecting with our experience, rather than worrying about the future, and observe our experiences for what they are, rather than labelling them as good or bad, positive or negative, but simply seeing what life gives us.

Each meditation is delivered via guided audio and takes about 10 minutes.

In addition, the course includes some additional music-based practices to help you feel positive, breathe better and wonder more.

The course is taught by Chris Worfolk, founder of the mental health charity Anxiety Leeds and author of Do More, Worry Less: Small Steps To Reduce Your Anxiety.

If you are ready to invest time in gaining a new skill and improving your wellbeing, hit "Enroll Now" to get started. I look forward to seeing you inside the course!

Who this course is for:

  • This course is anyone who wants a introduction to mindfulness meditation
  • Experienced students could also skip directly to the meditation
  • Perfect for people are short on time: takes only five days to complete


Psychologist and software consultant
Chris Worfolk
  • 4.5 Instructor Rating
  • 12,495 Reviews
  • 96,462 Students
  • 55 Courses

Chris Worfolk is a psychologist and software consultant. He is the author of nine books and has taught over 50,000 students on Udemy. He specialises in software, career coaching, mental health and resilience.

Chris is the founder of the mental health charity Anxiety Leeds and co-founder of the Leeds Anxiety Clinic. He is the author of Do More, Worry Less: Small Steps To Reduce Your Anxiety. He has a degree in psychology from Leeds Beckett University.

Previously, he has spent over ten years working in the IT industry helping companies including Sky, Asda, Capita and the NHS improve the digital products. He is the author of numerous books including How to Exit VIM and the IT Contracting Master Class. He has a degree in computing from the University of Leeds.

In his spare time, he is an ironman triathlete, ultramarathon runner, competitive public speaker. He lives in Leeds with his wife and daughter.

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