30 Days to Learn English Pronunciation

Improve your English learning and English speaking in this fun pronunciation course to increase your confidence
Rating: 4.2 out of 5 (83 ratings)
10,078 students
30 Days to Learn English Pronunciation
Rating: 4.2 out of 5 (84 ratings)
10,078 students
English pronunciation of the difficult "th" sound
English pronunciation of nasal sounds like "n," "l," and "r"
English vowel sounds
English tongue twisters
English sayings and phrases


  • Beginner English

This 30 Days to Learn English challenge is an introduction course taught by me, Sara, a native Canadian speaker. If you want to learn from someone with a neutral accent so you can sound more native-like, then take this course. All you have to do is one lecture every day for 30 days to build great habits in learning English. All of this will get you sounding like a native speaker in no time.

This is an excellent course for practicing pronunciation and improving your English speaking abilities If you want to improve your English, then you can get started here, with me.

Learn English tongue twisters to build your confidence and have fun learning English for a change.

Although we don't cover English grammar or English vocabulary specifically in this course, you may pick up a few things over the 30 days.

The main objective in this course is for you to have fun and improve your English speaking.

Who this course is for:
  • Intermediate to high intermediate English students
1 section • 30 lectures • 1h 50m total length
  • Day 1: TH
  • Day 2: S & SH
  • Day 3: SH & TH
  • Day 4: K, CH, W
  • Day 5: I & i
  • Day 6: I, AE, & U
  • Day 7: A, AE, E
  • Day 8: R
  • Day 9: Sentence Stress
  • Day 10: SH & CH
  • Day 11: Short e
  • Day 12: FR, BR, BL
  • Day 13: AE, U, I
  • Day 14: Diphthong
  • Day 15: ST & SK
  • Day 16
  • Day 17: F & P
  • Day 18: Short I & E
  • Day 19: AI
  • Day 20: Short U & Long U
  • Day 21: Short O & Long O
  • Day 22: CR, CL, GR, GL
  • Day 23: Yoo & OO
  • Day 24: N
  • Day 25: L & N
  • Day 26: L & R
  • Day 27: R & W
  • Day 28: V & W
  • Day 29: V & B
  • Day 30: SWI & SWA

PMP, Owner of Free Mind, Language Coach
Sara Dasko
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Sara Dasko is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), ESL Teacher, and Free Mind Language Coach. She holds other certificates in Teamwork and Team building, Leadership and Influence, Coaching and Mentoring, Personal Success, as well as a Toast Masters Advisor, and a linguistic certification (TIU) from Wycliffe.

She is a remarkable woman with a wide range of experience and talent advocating that education equals freedom. 

Dasko has been in the ESL field since 2004. Her vision is for education and freedom to reach students struggling in school, people hurdling language barriers, as well as victims undergoing the oppression of sex-trafficking. 

Using her love for writing, she was the founder and editor of two newspapers: CCHS and Ambrose University. She has written a few books, and is most well-known for her textbooks: "ESL for Massage Therapy Student Guide" and "ESL for Massage Therapy Teacher Guide."

 Dasko has spoken at various workshops and conferences, most notably the HOPE conference. 

In her free time she puts her vision into practice by working on other creative projects. Much of her spare time involves doing art and making music to share the message that education = freedom.