Beast Android Development: Advanced Android UI
3.8 (112 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
3,115 students enrolled
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Beast Android Development: Advanced Android UI

Master Android Design, Google APIs, and Different Android Libraries. Learn to implement Firebase as your apps back-end.
3.8 (112 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
3,115 students enrolled
Last updated 12/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Build advanced reycler-views
  • Understand a variety of android libraries such as ottobus and butter-knife
  • Implement popular Google APIs
  • Add flavors into android projects
  • Publish an app into google play with the necessary certifications.
  • Use Googles Firebase to store data
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  • Be comfortable with Java, Object-oriented Programming

This is an android development course designed to take someone who is comfortable with Android to a higher grade! I The advanced topics covered include complex recycler-views, Google APIs, flavors, an event bus, view pagers, and most importantly a back-end service called Firebase. This is one of the few courses on Udemy that covers this important tool!

We dive into all of these topics by building just one app from the very beginning. You as the student will code alongside the instructor lesson by lesson. The lessons build on top of each other as each lesson adds more to the app until completion. At the very end, we will see how to get the appropriate certifications and publish the app into the Google Play Store.    

This course can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks to compete. In this short time span, you can greatly increase your abilities! In addition, the instructor will answer any and all android questions you may have that can be relevant or irrelevant to the course. In addition, you will also get the information of a beast graphic designer to help you make your app logos! If you want to become a better/beast android developer, this is the course for you!  

Intro Credit: 

Animation:Blender 2D Templete

Song:P-Holla - Do it for Love

Who is the target audience?
  • Students who wish to advance their android development
  • Students who are comfortable with Java and wish to begin android development
  • If you are complete beginner in java or don't know java then this is not the course for you
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Curriculum For This Course
53 Lectures
Introduction/Setting Up Our Environment
3 Lectures 28:39

Here is the structure of the course and also the finished product.

Preview 09:22

For anyone joining us who isn't already familiar with android. We will download and install Android Studios and get the necessary SDK packages.

Preview 07:23

In case some don't have an actual device or just want a better emulator, we will be downloading my favorite, Nox. 

Nox Emulator
View-Pager Activity/Image Recycler-View
5 Lectures 01:12:11

Our main activity is going to be a view-pager with 3 fragments. We will prepare by making these fragments.

Preview 17:36

Now that the fragments are done, all that is left is to first make an adapter and then hook everything up to the UI. 

Preview 13:15

We will prepare to make our first recycler-view by first defining all the necessary layouts. 

Preview 17:30

The next step is to define an adapter for our image recycler-view. This adapter is the simplest in the course but will serve as a good foundation for the advanced ones to come. 

Preview 08:43

The final step is to add data and display the list into our UI. We will accomplish this and you will be capable of implementing a simple recycer-view that displays images.  

Preview 15:07
3 Lectures 29:52

We will take a break in this section from the UI to implement an effective project structure. In this lecture, I will explain what flavors are and show you how to use them.

Adding Flavors

Using an event Bus is necessary to become a better android developer. We will learn what an event bus is and how to implement it into our project. 

Using an Event Bus Pt.1

To finish off our project structure, we will use the event bus to hold our data for this app.

Using an Event Bus Pt. 2
Activity Dialog/Recycler-View Swipe
4 Lectures 59:29

Right now, our beautiful image recycler-view is boring since clicking on an element doesn't do much. We will change that by adding an activity dialog. This lecture focuses on the layouts needed to accomplish this. 

Activity Dialog Pt. 1

Our activity dialog is going to host a fragment as about 90% of our activity's will host fragments in this project. We will be making the fragment as well as the activity to host the fragment in this lecture. 

Activity Dialog Pt. 2

We will focus on getting our activity dialog up and running by finishing the necessary java code.

Activity Dialog Pt.3

Our activity dialog is up and running but this is not good enough for us! I will show you have to swipe through each of the elements in our recycler-view and that will finish our first bench mark in the course. 

Swiping Through Recycler-View Elements
Advanced Recycler-View
7 Lectures 01:45:21

Now that we are all warmed up, it is time to start one of our advanced recycler-views. This recycler-view will display three list and a header. In this lecture, we will focus on creating the layouts needed. 

Advanced Recycler-View: Layouts

Since we are displaying three list and a header, we need five view holders for our list to function correctly. We can't forgot about the view holder for the elements themselves. In this lecture, we will be making these view holders to prepare for the adapter.  

Advanced Recycler-View: View Holders

The adapter need for this recycler-view is complicated. We will take our time making this adapter so there is no confusion. We will start building it in this lecture.

Advanced Recycler-View: Adapter Pt.1

The adapter is not quite yet complete. There are still a few more methods needed to finish and we focus on most of them in this lecture. 

Advanced Recycler-View: Adapter Pt. 2

Finishing up our adapter as well as creating a custom style for our mipmaps. 

Advanced Recycler-View: Adapter Pt.3

With our adapter completed, we are almost finished! In this lecture, we will add data into our event bus for our advanced recycler view to display.

Advanced Recycler-View: Adding Data

Our advanced recycler-view is almost completed! In this lecture we finish it by hooking everything into the UI and compiling our code! 

Advanced Recycler-View: UI Implementation
Youtube API/Picture SlideShow
5 Lectures 01:05:43

Our goal for these next few parts is to create an activity dialog that hosts a picture slide show. We focus on creating all the necessary layouts as well as giving otto some data.    

Picture SlideShow Pt. 1

In this lecture we will start writing the java code for our picture slideshow.

Picture SlideShow Pt. 2

All that is left to complete our slideshow is to start the activity inside the on click. After this, we are done here! 

Picture SlideShow Pt.3

Having a video open up when an element is clicked is our new goal. This is the last feature we need to implement into our advanced recycler-view. In this lecture, the focus is preparing our project to handle the YouTube API.

Preview 11:53

Now that our project can handle the YouTube API, we just need to use it. In this lecture, I will show you have to put a youtube video into the projects. After this lecture, congratulations! We have finished the third bench mark. 

YouTube API Pt.2
Expandable Recycler-View
8 Lectures 02:03:21

We will be starting our final recycler view for the course! We saved the best and hardest for last: an expandable recycler-view. In this lecture, we will focus on making the necessary layouts.     

Expandable Recycler-View: Layouts Pt. 1

In this section, we will finish creating the necessary layouts for our final recycer-view.  

Expandable Recycler-View: Layouts Pt. 2

With the layouts out of the way, we are going to start preparing for our adapter. In this lecture, we will begin creating all of the necessary recylcer-view holders. 

Expandable Recycler-View: View Holder Pt.1

All that is left in preparation for our adapter is the footer view holder. This view holder is special because it contains social media links. By the end of this lecture, you will be able to implement social media links to your own projects.   

Expandable Recycler-View: View Holder Pt.2

The final recycler-view adapter for the course! We will begin filling out the necessary methods in this lecture.  

Expandable Recycler-View: Adapter Pt.1

We will finish the expandable recyler-view in this lecture and you will get an awesome lesson about not being scared to try something new.  

Expandable Recycler-View: Adapter Pt.2

With all the preparations completed, all that is left is to add data into otto and wire the everything to the UI. We will be focusing on the letter in this lecture. 

Expandable Recycler-View: Data

We will focus on wiring everything up into our UI to finally see our expandable recycler-view! After you finish this lecture, congratulations! You now have the abilities to create a very advanced recycler-view and probably impress some future employers as well. 

Expandable Recycler-View: UI
Google Maps API/PDF WebView
4 Lectures 52:56

We only have two more activities until we finish the apps UI! One of these activities involves using a google map to display the location of an event. In this lecture, we will focus on preparing our app to handle google map API.

Google Maps Pt. 1

We will finish the google map implementation by writing the necessary java code.

Google Maps Pt. 2

We are at our last activity for this app! We will be creating a web view that holds a pdf to display the map of the university campus. We will focus on making the layouts in this lecture.

PDF WebView Pt. 1

We will finish off our final activity by writing the necessary java code. After this lecture give yourself a pat on the back because you have finished the 3rd bench mark.

PDF WebView Pt.2
Googles FireBase
8 Lectures 01:49:44

We have finally reached the firebase section of the course! We will start off by first getting the necessary dependencies for our project to be able to connect to firebase. 

Preparing Our Project For Firebase

In this lecture, we will write our first set of data to firebase. We will input our list of imaginary brothers and do so neatly.

Writing/Reading Data to FireBase: Meet A Bro Fragment Pt.1

We will finish off writing our list of brothers into firebase. After this lecture, you will efficiently be able to write data into firebase and read it as well. 

Writing/Reading Data To FireBase: Meet A Bro Fragment Pt. 2

Just as we did for our meet a bro fragment, we need to input our data into firebase and have our app read it. We will being this process in this lecture.

Writing/Reading Data To FireBase: About Us Fragment Pt. 1

The next part of writing and reading our about us fragments data to firebase.

Writing/Reading Data To FireBase: About Us Fragment Pt. 2

With our about us fragments data completed, we will finish this fragment and be that much closer to finishing our app!

Writing/Reading Data To FireBase: About Us Fragment Pt. 3

In our final reading and writing firebase lecture, all that is left is writing our rush fragments data to firebase. We will start and finish the process in this video. 

Writing/Reading Data To FireBase: Rush Fragment

To finish our section in firebase, I will show you how to make all of our data available offline. After this lecture, congratulate yourself because you have finished the fourth bench mark of the course. You are now capable of using firebase to store your data. 

Making Our Data Available Offline
Styling the App/Publishing
6 Lectures 01:10:59

There is a wrong way and a right way to add a splash screen to an app. After this lecture, you will learn the correct way to do this.

Preview 14:20

The text headers in our app just contain texts. Of course this is okay but we strive for greatness! I will show you how to make beautiful text backgrounds.

Custom Text Headers

Our rush card views do not look the best. We will fix that by adding some serious style to them.

Styling CardViews

Here we will see what the next project is after this one.

Preview 12:27

At the end of the main content for this course, I will show you how to add the necessary google credentials so all of our APIs work. In addition, you will learn how to publish the app into the google play store. This is the final thing we will do and I want to thank you for taking my course! More importantly, remember to give yourself credit! Of course, do not forget to keep coding!

Publishing The App/Thank You!!
About the Instructor
Carlos Valentin
4.2 Average rating
261 Reviews
5,855 Students
4 Courses
Android Developer

I started with android about 2 years ago right after my java course at Arizona State. However since I was in school, I only really focused on practicing and not developing my own apps. Now that school is over, I am a full fledged android developer! I've published one app so far called RushTPO which holds information about my fraternity. 

The main object of my courses is to help you improve as an Android Developer. I believe there are enough beginner android courses on Udemy and I wish to take my students to bigger and higher heights. My courses tackle on subjects such as Firebase, Rxjava, advanced uI designs, and even implementing Node.js into development .

When I am not developing which is rare: you can catch me at the gym chasing a two plate bench, playing clash royale, or reading a good book about success stories. A great fun fact about me is that I was once addicted to playing chess but stopped once I found android development. If you have any questions, feel free to message me here but I will respond faster if you do so on Facebook! 

Beast Android Development
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5,697 Students
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Android Development

Beast Android Development is a brand dedicated to building high end Android Developers.  We achieve this by offering advanced courses that cover topics such as Android Design, APIs, Libraries, and so much more! 

We care immensely about the success of our students and are there to help you through the steep Android learning curve step by step. With our course we can guarantee you will become a beast android developer!