Breakthrough to Exam Excellence
4.9 (15 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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Breakthrough to Exam Excellence

Hot Exam Tips for Better Results and an Opportunity to Earn Money as a Udemy Affiliate Promoting The Course to Students
4.9 (15 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
218 students enrolled
Created by Patrick Sherratt
Last updated 4/2013
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What Will I Learn?
  • By the end of this course, you will be able to prepare for your exams much more effectively and efficiently.
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Breakthrough to Exam Excellence provides a simple 5-step approach to prepare for any exam - high school, university/college or career exam. 

Using a synthesis of the latest meta-cognitive (learning how to learn), knowledge and performance psychology (thinking strategies), you will receive many strategies that provide solutions to all the common exam-preparation challenges -  saving you serious study time in the process! 

Improve your motivation, reduce procrastination, overcome stress, enhance your memory retention... and much, much more will be included in a series of 30 video, audio and pdf lectures.  

AND - if you join the Udemy Affiliate Program you can make money promoting this course on Facebook to your student friends!  

Who is the target audience?
  • All students currently sitting any kind of examination
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Curriculum For This Course
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Course Overview
2 Lectures 07:06
In less than two hours, you can learn the latest researched-based strategies to help you prepare more effectively for your exams!
Patrick Sherratt gives an insight into this course and how it will help you breakthrough to better exam results.
Preview 04:09

A short overview of the five-steps to Breakthrough to Exam Excellence. 

Preview 02:57
STEP 1: Releasing Your Potential
4 Lectures 19:50

A brief insight into the latest research of what happens in your brain when you are learning or revising for exams. All learning is about brain  functioning, so understanding this stuff gives you clues to what you can do to improve your learning, exam preparation and ultimately your results!

Preview 04:07

Discover the four key principles that activate your brain-cells to learn and store information quickly. These principles alone will save your hours of study time! 

Preview 05:16

Just for fun: a short explanation of how learning to ride a bike can offer an insight into how you could learn anything, if you practice enough!

Preview 00:50

Your brain can get tired very easily. It is called neural system fatigue. There are a lot of useful tips to maintain it - simple things you can do to help improve your concentration and mental alertness while preparing for exams. These can have a big impact on the time you spend revising and your overall performance!

Preview 09:37
8 Lectures 49:57

You can discover how your brain is most dominantly wired to learn and then match the way you study to this insight. In theory, (there are mixed professional opinions on this), you should be able to retain information more quickly because you are working with the way you brain prefers to receive, process and communicate information.

Preview 06:05

This questionnaire gives you a better insight into the preferential patterns of how your brain likes to receive, process and communicate information. When you know your learning style strengths, you can match the way you rehearse your understanding and recall of exam content. You can also see where your weaknesses are and work to strengthen those neural networks by rehearsing your weaker styles with your dominant styles. This develops more whole-brain learning preferences and ultimately saves you time when you do come to revise because you find you can review and retain information easily.
Preview 6 pages

Knowing your ideal learning styles and different learning states to study can be really helpful towards saving you time. Further tips include: how to prepare your study space; remove distractions; and match your bio-rhythms with your best times to study. 
More Hot Study Tips
7 pages

Your brain has an amazing ability to screen out information to prevent sensory overload. The problem is, this happens at times when we are trying to learn or revise for exams. Stuff just does not get through! There is a way to get your RAS working for you so that you can learn and revise much more effectively - and save you time!

Switching On Attention - Switching Off Distractions

It is useful to think of an exam as a performance. It is all about the preparation before-hand that will determine how well you do on the day. One way to develop a performance mindset that leads to exam excellence is to use an upcoming exam as an opportunity to do better than you have ever done before - to help extend the ideas you hold of how good you are. Then as you see yourself becoming better, your self-belief improves and you start raising your aspirations. Before you know it, you are breaking through to exam excellence!

The Ultimate Learning Mindset

All meaningful and lasting change starts first on the inside and works outward. If you are serious about breaking through to exam excellence, you have to understand the psychology for your success (part 1), and then apply consistent thinking strategies (part 2), that can modify any internal beliefs that are restricting your performance. 
This information is taught to world-class athletes, business people, and movie stars. It is now available to you - enjoy!
The Psychology For Your Success_Part 1

Any beliefs restricting improved performance can be modified through the deliberate use of positive self-talk. Self-talk such as affirmations, (positive statements of intent), can help you visualize yourself overcoming that exam-preparation or on-the-day challenge. With consistent mental rehearsal, your brain rewires itself to help you behave and respond in the desired way. Your imagination is an incredibly powerful tool, but you need to know how to use it correctly. 
The Psychology For Your Success_Part 2

These two short articles give some more useful tips to improve your motivation and concentration when preparing for exams.
Improving Your Motivation and Concentration!
STEP 2: Relaxing Comes First
4 Lectures 01:12:03
When you deliberately relax before any study session, your brain waves slow down to 7-12 cycles per second. This is known as the Alpha range and is regarded as a helpful state that allows your brain to be more receptive to the information you want to retain.  Some strategies of how to relax are offered here as well as some music you can use is available in the next lecture.
Relaxing Comes First

Relaxation music while you study can cause your brain waves to slow down to what is known as the alpha range (7 - 12 cycles/sec). This is helpful because your brain becomes more receptive to absorbing information. 
You can also use this music as background music for mentally rehearsing being more relaxed, or for your ideal exam preparation and performance on the day. The supplementary materials below, provide a written script for you to record your own mental rehearsal scenarios.
Download Relaxing Music Designed to Improve Your Study

The symptoms of stress during exams can be categorized onto two categories: mental / emotional and physical / behavioral. This video offers a range of coping strategies to help you cope with stress and manage your revision time more efficiently.

This video is extracted from a teachers resource kit with lesson plans and handouts produced by my company: Innervate Education in New Zealand. If you are a teacher, please visit  for more details.  
Managing Stress (and Study Time) During Exams

This booklet offers four categories of stress-related symptoms: mental, emotional, physical and behavioral. Once you have identified your symptoms and the triggers that cause them, you can utilize a range of coping-strategies outlined here.
Download Your Own 'Student Stress Management Program'
11 pages
STEP 3: Reviewing and Rewriting Your Notes
4 Lectures 16:11
One of the biggest challenges to preparing for exams is finding a way to get all of your class-notes into a usable format that enables you to rehearse both your understanding and your memory recall. Simply reading class-notes repeatedly is a time-consuming and often ineffective approach. 

This video shows you how to review your class-notes in a way that sets you up to rewrite them into new revision notes. Lots of time-saving tips here and while you are at it, test your reading speed in the supplementary material below!
How to Review Your Class Notes Quickly

One of the most important keys to doing well in exams is to have good revision notes. This lecture shows you how to extract key-words and phrases out of your class-notes and place them into more visual formats. These formats include mind mapping, concept mapping and essay route mapping techniques. 
An outline of how to save yourself hours of time using essay route maps for both assignment and exam essays is included in the next lecture.
Rewrite Your Class Notes into Visual Formats

Essay Route Maps are a planning technique I developed while at university to help me with assignment and exam essays. I found it saved me hours of study time, trying to figure out which content fitted where in my assignment essay and also as a structure to help memorize content for an exam essay.   

This approach was so helpful, I scored many A+ grades for essays and one year got an award for excellence - top of the class. Share it with your friends - its brilliant!
How to Plan and Write Better Essays Using a Route Map
3 pages

This supplementary video gives another illustration of how to condense your class-notes into key words displayed through more visual formats.
Again, if you want to support your friends with exam preparation, this video provides a good overview of this topic and is downloadable so you can share the content on Facebook. .
This video is part of a teaching resource kit containing 28 videos on academic, pastoral and career information. For more details, please visit 
Review and Rewrite Your Notes: (Share Video)
STEP 4: Remember With Pictures and Patterns
4 Lectures 29:54
This short introduction to memory improvement offers six key principles that are critical to your ability to retain information quickly. If you learn how to apply these, you will literally save HOURS of exam preparation time! 

The supplementary materials below show how memory retention drops off over time and how you can use this knowledge for more effective and efficient study sessions.
The Six Principles For Making Your Memory Great

We know that repetition is one principle of memory because it strengthens brain-cell communication that upgrades information into longer-term memory. But there are a number of other principles that if used, will dramatically increase your memory retention and save you hours of study time in the process! 
Again, if you want to support your friends with exam preparation, this video provides an overview of this topic and is downloadable so you can share the content on Facebook. 
This video is part of a teaching resource kit containing 28 videos on academic, pastoral and career information. For more details, please visit 
Remember with Pictures and Patterns: (Share Video)

One of the techniques that uses the six principles of memory is known as the Location Method (or method of Loci). It is designed to help you memorize information by using visual association and sequencing. 

This video asks you to undertake a memory test, so get a pen and paper ready! With an understanding of how this technique can be applied to memorizing your class-notes, you will surprise yourself at how good your memory is and how little time it takes to memorize lots of information. Have fun!
Memorizing Using Pictures: A Memory Test for You!

Rewriting your notes into visual formats creates a pattern that is a more easily remembered sequence of information than just boring lines on a page. 
This video offers some suggestions of how to organize your class-notes into patterns that with a little repetition, may be enough to help you have great recall in an exam.
Memorizing Using Patterns: More Hot Tips!
STEP 5: Rehearse for Recall and Performance
4 Lectures 07:29
This video offers some useful (hopefully time-saving), tips based on the latest research of how to practice rehearsing your memory recall for an upcoming exam.
Rehearsing Your Recall To Build Self-Confidence

This document offers suggestions of how to manage your study time more effectively when you revise. 

There are also two planners you can print and use to schedule each subject three times over a two week period prior to any exam. 
Scheduling Your Time to Revise
2 pages

This printable poster is used as a reminder to stay focused on the task to prepare for your next exams. Use this as an affirmation to keep you motivated!
Stay on Purpose!
1 page

A powerful tool for preparing a positive mental and emotional response that you want in the lead up to exams is to use mental rehearsal to visualize your ideal exam situation. This video offers some tips on how to engage your imagination to train your brain to relax, overcome nervousness and eliminate memory block! 

Some  mental rehearsal scripts are provided in the supplementary materials so that you can record your own scripts for particular issues you may have. If you need more professional coaching, simply email me at: 
Mentally Rehearsing Your Performance to Stretch You Comfort Zone
THE NEXT STEP: Apply what you have learned
1 Lecture 01:01
Thanks for taking this course. Please leave a review and if you are interested in using this course to make money while you study, please sign up to the Udemy affiliate program.    Go well!
Thanks and Go Well
About the Instructor
Patrick Sherratt
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Author, Speaker and Trainer (MEd, BA Psych)

Patrick Sherratt works as an author, speaker and trainer offering a specialized knowledge in personal leadership, learning, and exam preparation.

Since 2004, Patrick’s work has become highly sought after. He presents this information in seminars to thousands of students, teachers and parents across the Asia Pacific region every year and he has been a guest presenter at many international educational conferences including the New Zealand Association of Deputy and Assistant Principals Conference (2011), the Australian Council for Educational Leaders Conference(2012) and the International Conference on Thinking (2013).

His best-selling e-book and CD, How to Pass Exams (, and Passing Exams for Dummies ( and ), have helped thousands of students improve their exam preparation. His multi-media resources for teachers, Inform Mentoring Kit, uses video clips to present academic, pastoral and career information to secondary students in class. go to distributors / Innervate Education.

Patrick is recognized as an expert in this field and has been interviewed many times in newspapers, radio and television. For more information about Patrick’s work, please visit and