Break Into Software Sales - Land Your First Interview
4.8 (10 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
27 students enrolled
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Break Into Software Sales - Land Your First Interview

Learn an uncommon shortcut and the basic sales skills needed to easily land entry level software sales interviews
4.8 (10 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
27 students enrolled
Created by Darius Tan
Last updated 7/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • How to land an entry level sales interview with a tech/software company.
  • The basic sales skills you would learn in a sales internship to prove you're worth an interview.
  • Why you rarely hear back when you apply via career and company websites, and how to get a much higher response and interview rate.
  • What hiring managers are looking for in an ideal candidate, and how to give them exactly what they want.
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  • You should be a college graduate and have a strong grasp of written and verbal English.

It can be hard to land an interview in the tech world. Especially if your resume isn't "relevant" by conventional means. If you have a low GPA, no sales internships, or heck, any sales experience, it can seem downright  impossible to get a call back after submitting 1947 resumes through job sites. That's why I created this course. 

In it, you'll learn basic sales skills commonly used at tech companies. Skills that would be taught to you in an internship, but never in a college class. You'll also learn how someone hiring for salespeople thinks and how to give it to them on a silver platter. I have a history of being a top performing salesperson and hiring was very important to me so I know exactly what hiring managers are looking for. 

You should be able to land an interview in 1-2 weeks if you watch all the videos and apply all the concepts and exercises.

This course will teach you:

  • Why sending in your resume is a terrible way to get an interview, and how to take a little known shortcut. 
  • Basic sales skills. Having these skills will get you a better chance of interviewing than Ivy League candidates with no experience.
  • How to frame your limited experience in a way that gets managers excited to give you an interview.

You'll be able to get an interview for an entry level sales position at a tech company after completion of this course. No experience necessary.

Who this course is for:

  • Smart and hard working people who want to take the first step towards earning six figures a year as salesmen. (I earned $300,000+ in 2016) 
  • People who are looking to switch professions/industries into the lucrative technology field. Success in previous roles a big plus but not necessary. Experience dealing with customers a plus but again, not necessary.
  • Recent graduates who have been involved with extracurricular activities. Clubs, meetups, sports teams, running a small side business, etc.
  • Non-tech salespeople looking to break in to tech.

Who this course is NOT for:

  • People who do not have a strong grasp of written and spoken English. Communication in sales is very important and it's out of my realm of expertise to teach it to you.
  • Recent graduates who literally just went to class, partied, and watched YouTube videos. You gotta give me something to work with on your resume, even if it's just a hobby or a organizing a meetup group.
  • People who have been unemployed for 1.5+ years. Resume gaps are hard for me to help with. This is workable if the gap was intentional, ie: kid, traveling, etc. but not if you've just been totally unemployable. 
  • Lazy people. There is homework involved in this course and you must do the work to succeed.
Who is the target audience?
  • Someone who is hard working and driven, but might not have the most applicable experience or strong GPA.
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Curriculum For This Course
22 Lectures
An Overview of Entry Level Sales
2 Lectures 11:51

0:36 - Responsibilities of an entry level salesperson
1:15 - Environments entry level salespeople work in

Preview 04:05

1:47 - SDR salary 
2:40 - Entry level closer salaries (SMB)
4:19 - Experienced sales salaries (Enterprise) 
6:10 - My journey


  • $80k and $110k was ~3.5 years ago, not 5. I misspoke.
  • When I mention I expect a couple years below $200k at 7:23, I would estimate that it would be around $180k - $190k. Nothing substantially below $200k. 
Preview 07:46
How Recruiting Works and How to Shortcut The Process
2 Lectures 06:21

0:30 - Why we should reach out to the hiring manager directly
0:45 - Warning about this shortcut
1:35 - Benefit #2 of reaching out to a hiring manager
2:25 - How we're going to impress the hiring manager 

Preview 04:43
Writing a Perfect Email to the Hiring Manager
7 Lectures 33:05

0:03 - Why subject lines are important
0:18 - Guideline - be bold
1:06 - Guideline: Be relevant subject lines
1:18 - Guideline: Be Informal
1:48 - Examples

Subject lines

1:20 - Example of personalization
3:00 - Results of personalization
4:47 - Tips on personalization
6:18 - Places to do research on personalization


0:28 - How to write clearly and concisely
2:07 - Crappy email example
2:59 - Looking at the email through the mindset of a hiring manager
5:08 - Questions you should ask to make the email more exciting

Notes:  - At 0:36, when I talk about only writing what would get the hiring manager excited. Anything that shows the hiring manager you'll be a good entry level salesperson will get him excited.

IMPORTANT: How to Write a Persuasive Pitch (Bad Email Teardown Inside)

Formatting your email

0:15 - Email example
1:16 - Subject line review 
1:48 - EXERCISE. Pause for 30 seconds to analyze the email. Does every sentence make an impact?
2:12 - Personalization
2:55 - The pitch 
3:50 - IMPORTANT: Showing the hiring manager you can do the literal job.  4:33 - Bullet point review

Strong Email Example (Exercise Inside)

0:30 - Characteristics you're showing from reaching out via email. 
1:40 - Work ethic
2:10 - History of excellence
3:39 - Being comfortable with failure or rejection
4:42 - People skills
5:48 - Effective communication skills

Sales Characteristics to Highlight In the Initial Email and Resume
Creating A Perfect Resume
3 Lectures 18:55
What a Good Resume Needs to Do

Resume Basics

1:10 - What the hiring manager sees.
1:57 - Pros of his resume 
2:40 - Ways he can improve the resume 
3:15 - Ways he can improve his resume (Work Experience) 
6:30 - Ways he can improve his resume (Leadership and Extra cirriculers)

If you want to copy the formatting, here's the link to Ryan's resume:

Resume Teardown
Finding a Company to Work For
2 Lectures 06:14

0:28 - How to search Glassdoor
1:00 - What to filter for.
2:34 - Zendesk example
4:07 - Separation of lists

Using Glassdoor

Using LinkedIn
Learn Sales Skills to Impress the Hiring Manager
5 Lectures 15:17
Intro - Why We're Finding Emails

IMPORTANT TIME SAVER: You can re-use contacts that you find from one company for another company that you apply to. For example, if you find multiple companies that are selling to Software Engineering Execs, you can reuse those names.


- You don’t want companies to be very big <5,000 employees because the larger companies have multiple “correct” email formats. This makes finding their emails much harder later. Smaller companies generally have the same syntax for most people, making emails easier to find. 

How to Find the Right Companies and People To Reach Out To

Verify the Email Address - Using This Popular Plugin

Common email formats:

Tip: Once you find the correct email format, you can reuse the format for a different position in a company. For example, if you find a VP of Engineering's email address, you can likely reuse the email format for their VP of Marketing. Two birds, one stone!

Verify the Email Address - Using This Website

0:40 - Who NOT to look for
1:02 - Who to look for at small companies
2:09 - Who to look for at medium size companies
3:57 - Who to look for at large companies

Figuring Out Who the Hiring Manager Is
How Much Time You'll Need to Finish the Course
1 Lecture 03:41

0:10 - Time expectation to get first round of interviews
2:42 - Time expectation to get second round of intervews

Time Expectations to Land An Interview
About the Instructor
Darius Tan
4.8 Average rating
10 Reviews
27 Students
1 Course
Software Sales Professional

I want to share how to get entry level sales jobs because sales has been great to me. The work life balance is great - I work on average 40 hours a week, which gives me time to spend on the ones I love and hobbies.

It also doesn't hurt that in 2016, I made just over $300,000. The money has given me the freedom to support my mom and dad while letting me travel the world with no worries. Moving forward, I see myself conservatively making $200,000/yr. I hope that I can start a couple of you on that path as well. 

Career highlights:
- I've closed enterprise companies like Apple, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Yahoo
- I've closed deals worth over $1,000,000
- At my last 2 large company sales jobs, I was ranked #1/10 and #3/18