Bliss Every Day
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1,031 students enrolled
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Bliss Every Day

The path to awakening.
5.0 (1 rating)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,031 students enrolled
Created by Deborah Fairfull
Last updated 10/2013
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What Will I Learn?
  • Tune into your body to create life long health and happiness.
  • Create vibrant health to enjoy doing things with the people you love.
  • Develop presence so you can enjoy your life, right now.
  • Feel empowered so you feel confident and secure.
  • Feel calm and centred so that you can make the right decisions for you.
  • Know your true purpose so you can joyously create.
  • Connect meaningfully with others to experience the joy of relationships.
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  • Print out your handouts before you begin each lecture so that you are ready to complete the exercises as the course progresses.
  • Allow about one hour for each lecture at the same time each week. This will give you plenty of time to listen to the material and complete the exercises.
  • Keep a journal throughout the six week couse as it will help to process emotions and write down thoughts as you progress.


Bliss Every Day brings practical skills and ideas to allow you to live in an awakened state. An awakened state is where you are no longer subject to unconscious patterns of behavior, that can create instability and stress. An awakened state is when you live in a surrendered, flowing way, co-creating with the Universe, creating a magnificent life from your true power source.

We would never ever create a life we are unhappy with consciously. This type of life is created unconsciously. This course is about the magnificence and empowerment of living life in a conscious way.

Bliss Every Day shares with you wonderful, life changing skills allowing you to not only feel more peaceful and empowered within yourself, but to enjoy fulfilling and meaningful relationships. 

Course Structure

The course is taught online as a series of six lectures. There is a video file for each of the following topics:

  1. Tune into your body: for vibrant health
  2. Make peace with the past: to enjoy the present
  3. Respond rather than react: to be empowered
  4. Make your mind your friend: for mental resilience and peace
  5. Let your intuition be your guide: create your best life
  6. The joy of conscious relationships: create a joyful life

Each lecture stands alone but also builds on the skills taught in the previous lecture. Ideally each lecture would be taken a week apart, at roughly the same time, giving you time to practice and integrate the skills in between lecture times.


A series of handouts has been developed for each lecture with comprehensive notes and exercises that you will be required to do throughout the course. This personalizes and deepens your experience.

The handout for each lecture is located under "Lecture Files" on the right hand side column at the beginning of each lecture. You are required to print out the handouts, so that you can refer to them and complete the handwritten exercises as you go along. You may like to complement this process by keeping a journal that you write down any reflections you may have during the week in between lectures.

Time Required

Allow about 45 minutes each week as each lecture goes for about 20 minutes and this will give you plenty of time to do the written activities.


Bliss Every Day is designed to help you to grow and evolve as an individual. The course will help you feel more calm, loving and centred, like the "real" you—able to express your gifts and talents and engage in the world in a fulfilling and meaningful way.

Instructor availability

Just write any questions in the questions box accessed by the questions tab in the upper right hand corner of each lecture. Deborah will get back to you within 24 hours (just to allow for the international time differences).

Who is the target audience?
  • For anyone who wants to move through blocks or challenges, to flowingly manifest the life they desire, in an expanded and conscious way.
  • For those who wish to live their life to their full potential.
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Curriculum For This Course
6 Lectures
Introduction and Tune into your body
1 Lecture 37:18

Explore the possibilities of achieving bliss consistently in your life. Look at what an awakened state is and the positive effects of drawing this energy into your life. Discover practical ways to transcend fear and suffering and return to the "real" you, living life from choice, peace and with a sense of freedom. Challenging times and everyday experiences can sometimes be “gifts in strange wrapping paper” allowing you to transform and reconnect yourself to life’s true and inherent joy.

Bliss Every Day has six 40 minute sessions that can be spaced out over six weeks or taken in quick succession to suit your time frame. The course has many diagrams to explain concepts simply (a picture says a thousand words) to enhance and deepen your experience. Every lecture has handouts with exercises to allow skills to be personalised facilitating energetic shifts and growth.

Move through the obstacles and areas in your life where you feel stuck. Learn how to transcend  thoughts and emotions that can create instability and unrest in your life. Learn how to reconnect to true, everlasting and rock-solid happiness and peace, regardless of external circumstances.

Nobody consciously creates a life of struggle and pain, ending up in situations that they do not desire, this type of life is created unconsciously. Awaken to living consciously—in a fully expanded and aware state—able to live in an unlimited, full and complete way.

Lets get started on this wonderful and life changing journey.

Lecture 1

Tune into your body and learn how to tap into the body's wisdom. The body is constantly giving you messages to keep you well, happy and in a vibrant state of health. Sometimes signals of the body are over-ridden and disease and ill-health can result. Connect to the most amazing super computer you will ever find, whose purpose is to keep you well and happy.

Learn how to:

  • infuse your life with vibrant energy,
  • understand the language of your body,
  • reverse disease,
  • create emotional stability.
Your body is designed to age gracefully and tuning into your body's wisdom is essential in this process. Maintain your well-being and vitality so you have the energy to do the things you enjoy, with the people you love.
Preview 37:18
Make peace with your past
1 Lecture 22:57
Making peace with the past assists you to move through areas where you feel stuck, as any former issues that may have been holding you back, are resolved. Let go of past energies and enjoy your life now.

Learn how to:

  • tap into your courage and power,
  • feel peaceful and flowing on a consistent basis,
  • transcend behavioral patterns that do not support you,
  • transform discomfort into peace.

We all have a past. However the energy we carry and the perspective we have towards our past, can affect our ability to be present and live in a truly awakened state. By employing simple strategies you can create energetic alchemy, as you release the past and discover the true joy of now.

Make peace with your past

Review and consolidate the key concepts in making peace with the past.
Make peace with your past
8 questions
Respond rather than react
1 Lecture 22:57
Go beyond your reactive nature and discover peace. Many people live in "survival" as they struggle with emotional, financial, health and relationship issues. This is when you feel overwhelmed, stressed and find it difficult to cope with life's challenges. Survival, causes fight or flight reactions, rather than you being able to respond in a way you would choose.

Fight is when you aggressively say things that you later regret, in the "heat of the moment". Flight is when you withdraw from a situation that you perceive as stressful, unable to speak or act, as you would like, as though you are "frozen" in the moment. Both of these reactions take us away from our empowered state.

Fortunately, it is possible to learn the skills to transcend these energies, so that you can act from your empowered self, even in the most challenging situations.

Learn how to:

  • recognize the survival signals so you can be proactive,
  • master your emotions rather than them mastering you,
  • manage your energy so you are empowered and in control,
  • use your reactions to grow to an awakened state.

Your reactive nature is a gift when you know how to transform its energy. Your reactions can assist you to connect to compassion, empathy and unconditional love. Once you have learned to embrace, love and respect all parts of yourself, including your reactive nature, you will accept and love others as they are. This is a wonderful bonus when you learn the skills.

This lecture in deepens the love that is your birthright, your true nature, within and without.

Respond rather than react
Make your mind your friend
1 Lecture 27:39
Work with your mind to achieve clarity and stillness. When your mind is restless and agitated it disconnects you from your heart, your true power source. Keep the pathway to your heart open so you can remain consistently empowered, traveling through life with ease and grace.

You would never consciously create pain and suffering for yourself or anyone else. This type of life is created unconsciously. Jesus said, when on the cross, “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do." Master your conscious state so that you can create a life of joy for yourself and those around you.

Learn how to:

  • consciously create your life from choice,
  • feel relaxed and calm on a consistent basis,
  • transcend instability to feel confident and secure,
  • tap into your inner wisdom.

When you work with your mind and make it your friend, you are able to transcend pain and suffering and tap into your loving, expanded state. From this place you have the ability to create a world that is loving and meaningful to you.
Make your mind your friend
Let your intuitiion be your guide
1 Lecture 23:11
Your intuition is your inbuilt system that is designed to look after you throughout your life. It is never, ever wrong. Unfortunately in a busy world you can become disconnected from your intuition and no longer hear what it is telling you.

Luckily is never too late to reconnect to this wise voice within. It is possible to learn the practical steps to ensure that your intuition is the guiding light in your life.

Learn how to:

  • create an oasis of peace amongst chaos,
  • act in your best interests with confidence,
  • release negativity and tune into grace,
  • distinguish your intuition from “other” voices within,
  • joyously expressing your creativity and true purpose.

Trust and act on your intuition, allowing you to build a life on a solid foundation of love. Tap into it to feel the power of its wisdom.
Let your intuitiion be your guide
The joy of conscious relationships
1 Lecture 25:08
Relationships can create the greatest pain or the greatest joy. When you are aware of your behaviors it is easier to create the relationships you want. Relationships can evolve and remain fresh and alive when you have the skills to move through any challenges you may face.

Learn how to:

  • prevent conflict by tuning into the warning signs,
  • move from victim to powerful creator,
  • develop trust and growth in your relationships,
  • communicate in a way that you are heard,
  • create lasting and meaningful connections.

When we are able to create an inner world that is peaceful and loving that is the energy that we bring to our relationships. Loving families and friendships are the foundation of loving communities. This is our future, the way forward for humanity—to evolve and connect based on a solid foundation of love.
The joy of conscious relationships

Learn how to bring more love and freedom into your relationships creating greater connection and joy.

The joy of conscious relationships
8 questions
About the Instructor
Deborah Fairfull
5.0 Average rating
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1,031 Students
1 Course
Spiritual Teacher

Deborah Fairfull (Dip HK) has spent the past 25 years studying and teaching the skills for emotional well-being and enhanced relationships. Deborah is a fully qualified kinesiologist specialising in emotional wellness with a private practice in Mosman. She has also studied counselling, Human Resources, Lifeline and Eastern and Western philosophy intensively over the past 25 years. This has given Deborah very broad and practical experience in the many different aspects of emotional well-being. She now shares her skills with people to make their life easier and happier.

Deborah Fairfull brings to people simple, practical and powerful ideas to enhance their every day lives. She has written the book “Bliss Every Day”, runs courses with the same name, is a trained kinesiologist with a background in counselling and psychology. Deborah’s work is empowering as she teaches us HOW to transform any fear, create new patterns and move forward in our life with a sense of flow and freedom.

Deborah is committed to the ongoing improvement of the world we live in. Her simple, succinct, and practical approach to raising the awareness of individuals allows them connect to true peace and happiness. Fairfull shares skill and techniques to help people to  awaken to living fully and consciously able to manifest the life they desire.

Along with being a skillful businesswoman and enthusiastic kinesiologist, speaker, and author, Deborah is also a devoted mother. Her three young children are the greatest source of inspiration in her life, and she is passionate about raising children in a positive and conscious way.