advocate series lectures // the mifi device

the mifi device is a way of connecting to celluar networks while mobile, this is my simple course on everything mifi.
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About This Course

Published 10/2015 English

Course Description

this is the first of my free advocate series lectures.

the mifi device

this course has been designed to give you a broader awareness about a mifi device, how it works, how to setup the majority of devices and how to get the most out it even when things go wrong.

i believe that being an advocate requires more than just having the tools for the job from the right brand i believe you need to know what to do when a piece of equipment or piece of software goes wrong and being prepared to adapt.

you will find an extensive overview of the mifi broken down into lots of talking head videos, screencasts and haiku deck presentations. you should be able to quickly absorb this information quickly and feel more confident about your mifi abilities and knowledge by the end of this course.

i do hope you will take this and my other free courses and think about investing in the paid ones later on. if your are intending to become a full time blogger, social media intern or just eyes and ears 'ontheground' at an event then this course is a useful primer into the world of the technology behind the scenes you need to becoming a mobile content creating machine.

enjoy the course, please leave feedback and suggest any lecture you might need if you find yourself wanting more information.

phil x

What are the requirements?

  • some level of internet knowledge of connection and connecting to the internet would be useful
  • understanding the difference from wifi and mifi
  • useful to purchase a mifi to use to learn from while taking the course.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • setup an unboxed brand new mifi with similar setup instructions
  • understand where to place the device for best reception
  • correct issues with overheating with a few simply hacks
  • navigate around a web admin setting up the features of a mifi
  • pick out and select sim cards and data plans that are fit for services (mainly european networks)

Who is the target audience?

  • brand advocate wanting to be location agnostic
  • if you have an interest in mobile hardware and mobile connectivity
  • those wishing to feel confident about understanding how a mifi works and how to fault find issues

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

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Section 1: welcome to the advocate series

the advocate series are a bunch of mini lectures about specific hardware and software you will use in as a brand advocate, they are to be used in conjunction with my bigger lecture about becoming an epic digital brand advocate.

Section 2: introductions & mifi device!

you will learn what a mifi device is, how you use it and when. we will look at one up to date model but most mifi devices work in a similar fashion. i hope to cover

we look at why you would even need a mifi device and when you might use it and in what situation is best to use a mifi device over a fixed wifi internet connection that runs too slow for you to use effectively.

i'll try and explain in as clear english as possible how the mifi device works in operation hopefully without all the jargon that normally goes along with technology.

3 questions

so i've been talking about the mifi device itself in this section so i thought it would be a good idea to have a quick quiz about things you have learned.

Section 3: setup, usage, capacity

in this section we will setup a mifi device, we will be using the 4g tp-link lte-advanced m7350 mifi as an example but most are similar in usage.


ok let's get this badboy (or girl) going. luckily mifi devices are often super easy to get setup and often times all you really need to do is charge it up, drop in a sim card, rename the ssid wifi network name, set a new admin password and put it in a high location to get a good signal. this one time step is easy and i'll set through it with you.

08:35 -- there is no place like home (geeks) will understand.

gonna have a look around the web admin panel (local address) once connected to the wifi network you should be given a local address so you can see this panel. your mifi login may be different to your device, check your instructions that come with your mifi.


hard to get this in one lecture but i'm sure gonna try. always buy an unlocked mifi device so that you can use it anywhere, check how many bands it's has and check that band is supported in the country your going too. sim cards can vary across the board and not all 4g sim cards are the same, same can be said as data packages. if you have your mifi device on you but no sim for that country always ask at the tills in the airport if they carry any data sim cards, do a bit of research before you travel to find out what's a reliable network that people use and why they have that preference.

4 questions

seems sensible to drop this in right here, i wanna know what you learned in my course! :)

Section 4: real world environments

quick breakdown of what you will be learning in this section, bringing your own internet in the form of your portable dedicated mifi device giving you a wifi signal, things to consider when live video streaming, limitations you might face sharing your connecting, place of the wifi device and potential signal issues, keeping the wifi alive, backup batteries and solar panels, super twitter SSID life hack for getting noticed at conferences and finally security good practice with mifi passwords.


let's be honest, on a scale from one to ten how often has the wifi totally sucked at a conference. slow speeds, dropouts, issues with portal pages. horrible. annoying, slows you down, lifeline cut off. time to switch back to drinking. AM I RIGHT? - bringing your own little part of the internet in your pocket will, i promise be the single most awesome thing you do for yourself in terms of being connected while others struggle to get a tweet out.


video streaming, latency, dropping frames and keeping an awesome stream going at a busy conference with lots of other iphones trying to use the same network/wifi can be hard. having multiple sim card providers that are not popular but work at the venue in question is a good way of making sure you can stream. news crews often have a dedicated provider of satellite outside in a van and brought into the venue for key people to use. now you can do the same to a certain degree.


sure your connection should be able to allow 15 people on but i probably would'nt try it. lots of video applications are very bandwidth intensive and you'll soon find a 4g lte connection die under the load of a few users doing so. if your in a group of people just doing status updates on twitter and facebook then chances are you will be good to go. remember the killers of mifi devices are power, heat and eating up all that 4g bandwidth.


where the mifi device is placed can be crucial for your signal strength and getting a decent 3g/4g cellular connection to the web. on the odd occasion that you have placed it in the wrong place you can find that your internet can drop from 4g to 3g and not try to get back to 4g - have backup sim cards to jump too are crucial as well.

some mifi devices are fantastic that they will last for hours on end but under heavy usage, hot weather and in areas where signal strength is constantly making the device 'hunt' for a celullar signal this can really effect the power on the unit. it's always a good idea to have a dedicated battery backup for your mifi and you can even go as far as packing some small/medium sized solar panels if you know your going to be in a location for a number of hours. make sure both panel and mifi are safe and secure however.

a cool little hack (kinda) i like to do on a mifi device (even when i'm not using it for internet) is to rename the wifi name to be my twitter name (@philcampbell) that way when people are nearby to me in a conference or bar or pub they can see my wifi name if they go searching for an open wifi and know that i'm nearby, i've even had people tweet me asking for my wifi password! - a good way to start a conversation at a networking event.


having a password on your mifi that is not easy to crack is crucial for you not to run out of data or bandwidth quickly. always lock it down, change it regularly and if your giving it out remember that people can get on that device whenever you power it up. try and change every event. it only takes a few minutes in the admin panel to do.

Section 5: travelling

data and roaming are super expensive and often a crappy experience. squash that by getting local sims that will work with your unlocked mifi device to the country that your heading too. it can be difficult to get unlimited data plan so double and triple check you are really getting unlimited data. some places are better than others. please let us know about your experiences!


do not buy anything locked to any network. ever. most devices can be bought from amazon and other places with the same chipset as your network providers branded ones but unlocked to any network making moving sim providers easy. if your a data hog like me doing this prove an easy transition when you want to swap.


seems a crazy compromise but i've been in this situation before. do i use super fast 4g access but limited by a bandwidth cap or unlimited 3g data for thirty days. i run a number of sims and have found very often that the 3g internet is perfectly acceptable for low bandwidth hungry applications like twitter, vine and instagram meaning that you don't have to worry about bandwidth quotas and post as much as you like. my 4g experience has often been better for when i really needed to get something on youtube or stream live video to the web. use them wisely, and always check the quotas.

Section 6: considerations
some mifi devices now come with the awesome feature of using external aerials to pull in the signal even more. i highly recommend getting the addition equipment to make the mifi 'have better hearing' when it comes to cellular strength and signal. more signal, more speed. simples.
overheating and lockup hacks to keep online
Section 7: team humble, more courses

team humble is a collective that met on blab - a video chat site that allows four people at once to video chat. it's been a really humbling experience to find people in six weeks that were like minded and wanted to work together on projects as a bunch of rag tag creatives. we are an empowerment engine with the intention of helping each get to where each other needs to go.


i'll be releasing a number of small courses like this regarding blocks of hardware - cameras, audio, web applications and other things that a brand advocate uses on their travels so you can truly get to know the equipment and services that we tend to use when media making.


purchasing this course has a profound effect on the instructor. it has taken me well over a year of planning and curation to finally put these course together and every bit of money for the course goes into bringing my dreams together of building apiary haus. a space for fabrication by creators both adult and children. you can be sure that any courses bought on udemy that the funds are put into projects that empower others.

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Instructor Biography

Mr Philip Campbell, digital nomad | youtuber | udemy instructor

I love playing with technology and making it easier for others to understand.

My journey has taken many paths in the last twenty years and currently i'm living in Derbyshire, England from the icanhazvan project.

I've Worked with Digital Agencies over the years as a Video Brand Advocate and Blogger with 1000heads (Nokia) and Crayon (watchtv/verisign) learning the art of Transmedia Storytelling.

My intention is to push to be living off-grid (with on-grid internet!) teaching my daughter about all things sustainable in the process and teaching her and others about data.

Sold the domain name 'medm' to Evan Williams of Twitter fame during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games for a five figure sum and helped out a Tornado hit town with the same name (Phil Campbell, Alabama) with Social Media and awareness to help get the coverage it deserved as part of the 'im with phil' project and documentary.

My courses are priced for everyone to afford. Purchasing my courses allows me to live out my dream of working digitally from revenue i make from my creative works.

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