Abstracts: Peel Painting 1 - Setup Basics

Hack Your Way Into Easy Acrylic Abstract Painting Fast with Press and Peel Methods for the Non-Artist
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About This Course

Published 11/2015 English

Course Description

~ Updated April 3, 2016 ~

A Peel Painting is paint squeezed between 2 surfaces then pulled apart to reveal fascinating texture lines. It's a painting made fast, takes no skill, great results happen, and creates duplication. If you start with thick paint, you can keep pressing to get up to 4 paintings.

Artists are always complaining about having blocks, not being able to draw, confidence issues, being good enough, no time, no ideas, have shaky hands, takes too long and is too hard to learn, and not being able to make enough paintings fast enough. This all changes now with Peel Painting.

How this will change your life:

  • Non-artists will be able to make sophisticated paintings easily
  • Get paintings created fast even if you have no time
  • You feel you have no talent but want to create fun art easy
  • You won't have to learn how to draw!
  • Paint now even if you have shaky hands
  • Exercises will get you through Artist's Block or being in a "slump"
  • Be able to create many works in a fast amount of time
  • No need for photos to copy now or copyright hassles, by creating from your imagination
  • Paint looser now & more free form
  • Decorate your home for cheap in a unique way
  • Knowing how to transfer a peel will make no waste of paint
  • Find an escape that is productive & rewarding
  • Peel painting texture can cover mistakes in old paintings

This course is the first in a series about how even a non-artist can set up for creating easy Peel Paintings, and is laid out to help you get set up to manage multiple paintings and how to make each clone look different from the other. By the end of the course you will know about what supplies, paints, and canvas deals to get, how to pick the best colors, how to set up a cheap drying and storage solution, how to transfer a peel to waste absolutely no paint, and have gone through a few exercises to making fascinating paintings. Peel Paintings course 2 and 3 will be about what tools and techniques can be used to enhance your peels. They are not made yet.

This course would be great taken internationally, as acrylic paints are more readily available than just thicker paints I normally speak of from the USA.

Benefits & Skills you will gain:

  • Hack your way into painting an easy way
  • Be creative & paint from your imagination instead of relying on copying a picture
  • Have more fun when you create
  • Paint without having to draw!
  • No time? Get paintings done fast now!
  • Be prolific and learn how to make many good works in a fast amount of time
  • For most any age, profession, artist or non-artist, anyone wanting to learn abstract art

Then you will be set up for Peel Painting Course 2 in the making, which will be all demonstrations and exercises you can do with tools and various pressing surfaces.

What are the requirements?

  • Prepare yourself mentally to set up a space to work in
  • Printer for color wheel templates could be useful
  • Get the free Acrobat reader to open digital handouts & clickable links to supplies

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Make abstract paintings with 3-dimension
  • Know what supplies to get
  • Know different peel looks to get
  • Be creative & paint from your imagination instead of relying on copying a picture
  • Liberate your tight realism to be more free-flowing
  • Make each peel painting unique

Who is the target audience?

  • Those who have next to no talent but want to create fun art easy
  • Those who have shaky hands
  • Those who can't draw very well
  • Those who don't know what to paint next
  • Those with Artist's Block or in a "slump" and need a new change
  • Those who want to do something different
  • Those who have no time and want to paint fast
  • Those who want to create many works in a fast amount of time
  • Those who want to paint looser & more free form
  • Those who want to decorate their home for cheap in a unique way
  • Those who don't mind things a little messy
  • This is NOT for those who want to paint abstract portraits. This veiny line styles would make a person look old.

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Introduction - How it Works

Welcome to Peel Painting 1 where you will learn the basic setup to drying and storing peeled paintings and in volume. It is for the non-artist, beginner artist, and seasoned artists that want to loosen up their style. It is for those with artist blocks, those who want to build inventory fast and know how to do it without a single drop of paint wasted. Learn how to be prolific, and gain management from controlling a whole system of drying, storage, and setup of makeing peel paintings.


Learn what a peel painting is, how to get different thin or thick looks, and how this style multiplies really fast to make yet more paintings of fascinating texture, all that anyone without skill can do in a quick amount of time.


Welcome to the course and see how to take part in the course community.

3 pages

Prolific Definition:

Present in large numbers or quantities; plentiful.

Producing abundant works or results; producing constant or successful results.

There is a really good article on being prolific written no better than Clay Collins who gave me permission to share it with you here. In it, read the:

7 Common Characteristics of Prolific People
7 Tips for Developing a Prolific Life


Video by Ruth Collis showing several ways of how to make cloned Peel Paintings look different from each other to have a unique look each.


Text doc with several ways listed to make cloned peel paintings look different from each other to have a unique look each, and link to a special swirly paper mentioned.

8 pages

Quick easy slides of 7 main steps to making a Peel Painting

Section 2: Supplies

Intro to supplies is about canvases, backup, how to start without getting overwhelmed, and planning for the unanticipated.


Learn a big secret to saving even the paint off peels used from paper that are just too neat to throw away, by using this special easy-to-get paper that lets you peel the paint all right off.


How to plan on the bigger picture of fitting your artwork to the right size canvas and planning for your canvas size to fit the drying setup ahead.

Learn how to store peels on paper you haven't transferred to canvas yet and how to prevent unsuspecting hazards from sticking to them and keep them from getting smashed by their own weight.

Learn one of the biggest secrets in how to transfer a peel from paper to a canvas to save many more paintings, and what glue will be archival to protect it.

1 question

Test your knowledge on how to transfer a peel from paper to a canvas support.


Welcome to the canvas section that explains how to view the different canvas types.

10 pages

Reference material to learn the differences between canvas types to get, some of their benefits and drawbacks depending on what you want to accomplish, and how to narrow down easy what you might need. If you already have this from being a subscriber, please download again, as I try to keep this copy currently updated.


If thick paint warps your canvas, here is what to do about it to fix it.


Here is a Ruler Measurement Cheat Sheet for easy comparing of canvas thicknesses or other supplies as you order online from one country to another.

1 page

Get the bigger picture to know how to proceed in buying painting surfaces.

2 pages

Download a general list of supplies for Peel Paintings here. Each project will have it's own supply list located there in that section depending on which you want to try.

3 pages

Here's a list of USA chain stores where I have found their secret link to get close to half off supplies for the current date. You can print these coupons out or put a shortcut to these links on your phone and have it show up right away. Sometimes the internet connection takes awhile in a store, so what I do is bring up the coupon link with one tap of the finger and have it load by the time I get my item and go pay.

*These coupons will also be for one item, not 40% off many of the same item, EXCEPT for the first Cheap Joes link. There you can get a deal for many canvases where they encourage you to buy in bulk.

Hope this helps you. This is how I get stuff almost half off a lot of the times. Even though you pay shipping through the internet, they still give you deals that help you save better than in the stores on some things like canvas panels. On other things, it's cheaper to buy in the stores, like paint. The organizing shelf boxes I will especially get several I can of, if there is a good half off deal, and those are only found at Michael's. So now you know a few deal places.


This exercise will get you started in selecting supplies for Peel Painting after now knowing what is out there.


Do not leave yourself in a stuck situation. See how to prepare things to be there right when you need them.

Section 3: Paints to Get

Learn what type of paints to get for Peel Painting, what surfaces they work best on, and the difference between fluid paints, heavy body paints, and gel mediums.

6 pages

Learn what type of paints will work best with what type of peel painting style.

2 pages

Short comparison of cheaper thick paint to get in larger quantities than what is sold in the craft stores.

1 page

Here are some paint colors you can order along with the thicker gel at the bulk paint manufacturer, where you will save money and get more in quantity. This is a digital paint chart for Nova Color's paint colors for you to know better color accuracy of what paint you will be getting before a purchase, than colors shown on their website. This could save some time so you can order ahead of getting their hand-dipped paint chart. If you ask, they will include it with your order for the best color representation.


You will have a better idea now what type of paints to get for Peel Painting that will make the thin or thick desired textures you might want to try.

Section 4: Learn How to Pick Good Colors

Video showing what the Color Wheel is, how it works, download and printing of a color wheel and painting the blank template if you want to really gain skill, and learning a secret tool that will help you always pick colors that will be always look good together.

2 pages

Written overview of this section on picking good colors and what some of these templates and color wheel printouts are for.

1 page

Learn a good secret on the color wheel to picking colors that always look great together.

1 page

This is the secret tool that will help show you what secret combination of colors will always look good together.

1 page

A blank color wheel template is added if you'd like to print this out on a printable canvas to do some of your own color mixing. Learn how to keep the printer ink from mixing with your paint for this method.

1 page

Print Primary and Secondary color wheel if you like.

1 page

Print a blank Primary and Secondary color wheel if you'd like to seal and paint it in yourself.

Section 5: Drying Setup

Discover a secret to drying and storing a multitude of paintings in an inexpensive way.


Here is where to get the largest rolling racks ever made for a whopping low price. These can store your drying shelves quite well and make them manageable.


This video will show you how to go about getting larger cheap shelving to hold larger peel paintings, and some nicer storage options.


Walk-through of what supplies to get for this drying solution for a multitude of paintings, and how to put them together easy.


Upload a photo of your Drying Shelf Boxes setup to the Discussion are here. See my drying shelf box setup there and follow along!

1 page

Learn what a varnish is real quick. Learn about removable and non-removable varnish and how to pick an easy varnish for these 3D type of abstract paintings.

Section 6: EXERCISE

This is a quick exercise to see how to make a heart mask, add paint, make a fun Heart Peel effect, and shows how to boost the quality of a small piece with a simple step. Also learn a sneaky trick to flattening out a cheap canvas board again that may have warped on you.

Section 7: Conclusion

Conclusion, congratulations, and continued learning more thick painting styles.

3 pages

Congratulations, get your certificate, cover what you've learned, review, and continue your learning with the fun of Thick Painting.

Section 8: Retired Lectures

For those who live in the USA: Get in this course to participate in this bucket of thick paint GIVEAWAY that makes all this fun stuff, at an envied GALLON size! Post your drying shelf picture in the discussions to get in the drawing of a name taken out of my hat! You must post your pic in the discussion before Dec 15, 2015.


See who won the paint giveaway and what giveaway comes next.

Section 9: Bonus Videos from Peel Courses Ahead

This video shows my excitement at one of these early Peel Painting discoveries and how you can press a cafeteria tray to get these cool Stiff Surface peels.


Get an inside look to making the most dramatic veiny texture peel lines yet, combined with pipe coral sculptures made out of dried palette paint, to make an impressive dimensional piece.

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Instructor Biography

Ruth Collis, 3D Sculptural Painting Artist, Author, & Instructor

*You may like some special offers I have on my website!

I have explored what many mediums can do, painting my whole life and starting these fun textures before 1998. See examples of how these sculptural paintings have developed at my website that I also graphically designed. This "Thick Painting" style is made from using cool tools you might already have in your kitchen, & I have some pretty outrageous techniques to share so you can get fun effects. More about my experience:

  • Murals
  • Commissions
  • Certificate in Computer Graphics
  • AS degree
  • First painting as a business, was an international sale to Bristol, England
  • Developed drying on separate layers process for the fine art world.
  • .
  • Invented:
  • *3D Milky Way meteors (Aug 2016)
  • *Template designs to download, print out, and paint on - 2008
  • *"Braided Paint" - April 15, 2013
  • *First "Solid Round Ball Shape" from literal paint - April 28, 2013
  • *Developed "Peel Paintings" more in depth - March 14, 2015
  • *"Impasto Pieces" of paint you just glue on to a painting easy like a puzzle - July 8, 2015
  • *3D petal Rose with soft, no-poke thorns - Sept 9, 2015
  • *First ever free-standing coral sculpture that stays up without falling over, made entirely of thick acrylic paint. - Feb 29, 2016

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