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Product Development at Facebook

A retrospective look inside the mind of Mark Zuckerberg, and one of the great product developers of our time!
184 reviews
  • Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook, a networking tool used by college students to meet people, reconnect with old friends and arrange events. The company just redesigned its Web site and received venture capital.

    Founded as Thefacebook in February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, Chris Hughes, and Dustin Moskovitz at Harvard, the website spread across campus and, within a few weeks, over half the undergraduate population had registered. The website then expanded to allow students from Columbia, Stanford, and then other Ivy League colleges to register. It became something of a network phenomenon, spreading rapidly to other schools, despite some competition from similar, local websites.

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Product Development at Facebook

A retrospective look inside the mind of Mark Zuckerberg, and one of the great product developers of our time!
184 reviews


In this Stanford series lecture Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, shares his thoughts on product development strategy and user experience. Mark's product development lessons are very valuable and still valid in today's business.

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  • SECTION 1:
    My First Section
  • 1
    Product Development at Facebook
    Mark Zuckerberg, founder of TheFacebook, gives an example to demonstrate product development and experience at Facebook and talks about how their product has evolved with the company.
  • 2
    Team Dynamics
    Zuckerberg discusses the evolution of Facebook's founding team from a bunch of college friends to a large team of several engineers, its changing dynamics and his role as a leader in the company.
  • 3
    Hiring the Right People
    Zuckerberg reveals the skills and the balance of experience he looks for when recruiting college graduates while building and evolving his company going forward.
  • 4
    Generating Revenue
    An early interview with Mark Zuckerberg at the dawn of Facebook's popularity unveils the opportunities that surface from a mammoth amount of page views and sticky user loyalty. A hot web property can reel in millions in ad revenue alone.
  • 5
    Entrepreneurial Skills Learned
    Zuckerberg talks about the entrepreneurial skills he acquired in college that led him to building Facebook.
  • 6
    Listening Skills in an Entrepreneur
    Amongst his different entrepreneurial talents, Jim Breyer, Managing Partner of Accel Partners, talks about the importance of Zuckerberg's listening skills that have helped him effectively lead Facebook to success.
  • 7
    Investing in New Ideas
    Breyer discusses why Accel Partners decided to invest in Facebook and what they look for in new ideas before they convert them into ventures.
  • 8
    Free Time Fosters Free Thinking
    People can't be forced to be friends, notes Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, but innovative entrepreneurs can facilitate a friendly work environment. He attributes part of his enterprise's success to casual, unstructured communication woven into the work day. His hope? To create the space for co-workers to freely associate ideas and stretch their imagination.
  • 9
    Challenges Going Forward
    Zuckerberg and Breyer discuss the ongoing challenges they face and the tradeoffs they have to make as Facebook continues to grow and evolve.


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  • Lila AK
    Just enough information to keep me captivated

    Great job!

  • Melks Aurélio
    Por favor digite o título de seu comentário aqui

    Por favor, digite seu comentário aqui

  • Asier Pérez

    It is interesting, but I wouldn't call it a course... Is more an interview. Even so, is good to know a bit more from people with so much success and theirs methods

  • Rushabh Shah
    Interesting thoughts

    Being an entrepreneur, I have always appreciated Mr. Zuckerberg's vision and ideas. This is one of the best interviews I have heard. Just wished there were still more videos in this course on udemy.

  • Mr. Umar Yusuf
    It is an eye opener!

    Good for start ups, It is an eye opener!

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