Key2bFit - Toning for Women

A comprehensive guide to increasing muscle tone, and improving your level of fitness with toning workouts for women
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  • Corey Dee Williams Fitness Lifestyle Coach

    Corey Dee has a lifetime of experience helping others improve their health, and has worked as a trainer to Hollywood actors, celebrities, and world renowned fitness professionals. His distinctive approach and positive methodology contribute to his success as a Fitness Lifestyle Coach.

    In 1991 Corey Dee came up with the unique concept to create personal exercise programs based on Body Type or genetic makeup. Over the next several years, other very complex programs with similar ideas were released. The effectiveness of this approach became apparent, and he began to look for ways to simplify his original concept.

    While recovering from heart surgery for tachycardia in 1998, Corey went to work on the production of a no-nonsense total fitness program for the purpose of providing people with simple solutions. He began by painstakingly documenting all of the key factors that contributed to the success of his clients. He would then combine that information with a lifetime of fitness training experience to create a "keep it simple" approach to fitness, weight loss, and health called Key2bFit. Over 19 years went into the development of this extraordinary program, which is now available in online courses here on Udemy.

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Key2bFit - Toning for Women

A comprehensive guide to increasing muscle tone, and improving your level of fitness with toning workouts for women
0 reviews


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A comprehensive guide to increasing muscle tone, and improving your level of fitness.

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  • 1
    Key2bFit Introduction

    A brief description of the Key2bFit program.

  • SECTION 1:
    Important Tone Up Tips
  • 2
    A Brief Summary

    An introduction to weight training for women.

  • 3
    Weight Vs Form

    The key to a safe and successful weight training program, is knowing how much resistance to use. Here are a few guidelines...

  • 4
    Cardio Tips

    Secrets that will help maximise the effectivness of your cardio activity.

  • 5
    Fitness Tips
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  • SECTION 2:
    Healthy Eating Principles
  • 6
    Creating Balance

    About nutritional balance, and creating longterm good eating habits.

  • 7
    Protein, Carbs, and Fat

    A simple explanation of the three major nutrients, and their pupose.

  • 8
    Calorie Percentages

    One of the most important aspects of a balanced diet.

  • 9
    Food Labels

    Tips for reading food labels, and making healthy choices when grocery shopping.

  • SECTION 3:
    Leg Toning and Butt Firming
  • 10
    Squats - Using a Smith Machine

    One of the top rated exercises for thigh toning and butt firming. Smith machines can be found at most gyms, and can be a safer and more effective way to squats.

  • 11
    Split Lunges - Using a Smith Machine

    Lunges are one of the most effective exercise for firming your hips, and butt. Using a Smith Machine allows you to add resistence as you progress.

  • 12
    Split Lunges - Using a Bodybar

    Split lunges are highly effective at toning your thighs, and butt. Using a bodybar or barbell, they can be done at home or in the gym.

  • 13
    Step Lunges - Using Dumbbells

    Step lunges can be done at home or in the gym using basic equipment, a step and a pair of dumbbells.

  • SECTION 4:
    Arm Toning
  • 14
    Front Raise - Alternating

    Front raises using dumbbells, are a great basic exercise for shaping your shoulders, they can be done at home or in the gym.

  • 15
    Shoulder Press - Using Dumbbells

    The shoulder press using dumbbells, is a great exercise for overall toning of your shoulder. It is particularly effective because it forces you to use each arn independently.

  • 16
    Bicep Curls - Using a Bodybar

    When done with proper form, bicep curls are a great basic exercise that can be done with a bodybar at home, or using a barbell in the gym.

  • 17
    Bicep Curls - 21's

    A highly effective arm toning exercise, that will help you achive rapid results.

  • 18
    Bicep Curls - Using Dumbbells

    Dumbbells are a convenient way to tone your arms, because they are relativly inexpensive, and can be used anywhere.

  • 19
    Tricep Extensions - Using a V Handle

    The tricep Extension is one of the most effective ways to target the back of your arms.

  • 20
    Tricep Extensions Overhead - Using a Dumbbell

    A very convenient exercise for toning the back of your arm, that can be done anywhere with the use of a bumbbell.

  • 21
    Tricep Dips - Using a Bench

    Tricep dips are a great arm toner for the back of your arms, and can be done anywhere using a bench or chair.

  • SECTION 5:
    Total Body
  • 22
    20 Min Home Routine

    A 20 minute total body toning program that can be done at home with basic equipment.

  • 23
    20 Min Gym Routine

    A 20 minute total body toning routine for use in a commercial gym, home gym, hotel gym, or apartment gym.


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